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July 8, 2021 | Biden Going Door-to-Door To Push Gates’ Vaccines

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is the former chairman of Princeton Economics International Ltd. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.



I really have to wonder what is truly going on behind these vaccinations. The death toll keeps rising because there is no verification whatsoever with these vaccines. A 13-year-old boy died in his sleep after being vaccinated. With any medicine, they tell you do not take this if you are taking something else. None of that has taken place. This is the most irresponsible vaccination in human history. In Europe, over 12,000 have died from vaccines.

During the election, Biden blamed all deaths on Trump and said “one death” was too much. Now, he could care less if 100,000 dies from his vaccine. Whenever he says he is “not making this up” he always is doing precisely that. I suppose we can then say all the deaths by the vaccine are on Biden’s hands. We are the great unwashed – unworthy of the truth or really any consideration whatsoever.


There has been no testing in advance because it is only for emergency use and there is no emergency. Every medicine has a warning of interactions with other drugs or conditions. Not this one! A friend whose wife was pregnant in Philadelphia got COVID and the doctor told her to abort because the child may be deformed! They did not and left that hospital. My neighbor was pregnant and had COVID and the baby is fine. The misinformation is outrageous and they call anyone who questions them a conspiracy theorist when they refuse to offer any testing or explanation as to why people should even get these experimental vaccines.

Most politicians are clueless. They are not in on some plot. Many have shown that they are incompetent to represent anyone, for they have bought into the whole agenda with no questions ever even asked. The upper levels of government, I believe, have been bribed. This just makes no sense. Why would you do this to the world’s population without some testing? The very models that predicted doom and gloom were funded by Gates and were all wrong. There is a line forming to see if the government will ever pay for damages caused by the vaccine.

Some believe that the Delta variant is a cover-up for the death by the vaccine. This is the problem. They will immediately call it a “conspiracy theory” but there is no proof either way BECAUSE there is no investigation into why people are dying from the vaccine, to begin with.

Biden is going door-to-door to boost shots as the Delta variant sweeps the US, for in some states the vaccination rates are as low as 34%. If they show up at my door, I will threaten them with a big hug unless they get off my property. Israel has tested Pfizer’s vaccine and found it to be less effective at protecting against infections caused by the Delta variant. So why is Biden sending people door-to-door claiming this will protect them from the Delta version?

Sweden was keeping track of side effects that impacted more than 30,000 people. There are others trying to figure out what are the suspected adverse drug reactions. Even the CDC back in March was reporting almost 2,000 deaths after vaccination. A postmortem of a man who died after being vaccinated confirmed that the vaccines do not even prevent death. Others have been tracking the deaths after vaccination and they report it has exceeded 5,000.

Meanwhile, research has found that some people are naturally immune to COVID. All of this research is being ignored by governments! Why? This is not in the interest of the people, but their personal pockets.


Gates has become the new world dictator and he has used his money to push his personal view of life and his agenda. Malinda may leave the Foundation within two years. We will see if she is as demented as her husband. People pretending to get vaccinations are easy. We have no idea if it is just water.

I seriously doubt Bill has taken this vaccine no matter what he says. This just does not smell right. Personally, I prefer death over living in this future world Gates and Schwab have been cooking up. I think Gates took Star Wars as his role model from a kid. Gates was opposed to the growing number of studies indicating the potential efficacy of ivermectin, as well as some evidence that fluvoxamine was showing promise. Gates was interested in selling his vaccines. Pfizer is charging the U.S. $19.50 per dose. They intend to up the charge to $150 per shot. That is a ton of money, and where there is that much money, there are ALWAYS kickbacks and bribes. Giving away 500 million doses is worth $9,750,000,000 is more than enough to spread the wealth in Washington.

Gates and his pretend foundation to help humanity has deliberately instilled a global panic using his funded fake models that weather forecasters are far better at than his nonsense. Gates has propelled this coronavirus has generated more blind fear than perhaps any other event in recorded history. This fear is so blind because it ignores easily calculated probabilities where the death rate is less than 1%. This is like telling everyone a meteorite is coming, and will possibly kill everyone, so prepare now and lock yourself in an underground bunker.

There are far more dangerous diseases out there and this is no more lethal than the flu, which also impacts most of the elderly. That is just life. As Louis XIV said on his death bed:

“Why do you weep? Did you think I was immortal?”

Haiti’s government imposed a nightly curfew and other restrictions under a “health emergency” meant to curb the spread of the coronavirus. All outdoor activity was banned from 10 p.m. until 5 a.m. under the decree issued by President Jovenel Moise. He has been the first head of state to be assassinated because of his COVID policies which have devastated the economy.

The amount of money on the table for Gates is unimaginable. He will become unstoppable at $150 per person on the planet ordered to take his vaccines. He will emerge as the emperor of the world. He has become the largest farmland holder in the United States and then the politicians were told to pay farmers NOT to grow food. This is to ensure we have a food shortage and no more hamburgers? Bill Gates is now buying farmland to create a human famine? Only time will tell. We should see shortages become severe by 2023.

PS: The claims that Schwab’s wife is a Rothschild are fake. That is someone else with the same name entirely. She is Swiss.

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July 8th, 2021

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