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November 24, 2020 | Financial Sector ETF Shows Unique Island Setup – What Next?

One would think the Financial Sector would be doing quite well related to the booming housing market and a decline in overall consumer debt and delinquency levels.  Historically, the XLF chart shows that $32 is very close to the 2007 peak levels before the collapse that started in late 2007.  Currently, the February 2020 highs […]

November 21, 2020 | SPY/SPX Island Setups Warn Of A Potential Reversal In This Uptrend

My researchers and I want to highlight a Weekly chart pattern that is warning of a potential Top/Reversal in the SPY & SPX.  Although the current trend is Bullish and the markets are looking forward to the new year, new policies, and probably new stimulus which normally prompts some type of upward price rally in […]

November 17, 2020 | Dow Jones E-Mini Futures Tag 30k Twice – Setting Up A Double Top

Sometimes the markets telegraph a key level or future target level in pre-market or post-market trading.  Other times these telegraphed price targets happen during regular trading hours.  Recently, the Dow Jones E-Mini Futures Contracts (YM) generated two unique high price levels near $30,000 over the span of about 6 trading days. My research team and […]

November 15, 2020 | Gold’s Momentous Rally From 2000 Compared To SPY & QQQ – Part II

In Part I of this research article I highlighted the incredible rally in Gold related to a 2020 Anchor point and how that rally in Gold compared to the QQQ and SPY.  In this second Part I am going to highlight the price appreciation in the QQQ and SPY in comparison to Gold since 2009.  […]

November 13, 2020 | Gold’s Momentous Rally From 2000 Compared To SPY & QQQ – Part I

My research team and I went off on a wild tangent trying to identify how the markets could react to the recent spike in price activity on Monday, November 9, 2020.  This is the day that Pfizer announced a 90% effective rate with its new COVID-19 vaccine, causing the US stock market to skyrocket higher […]

November 8, 2020 | Options Trading Specialist Shares his Story and Strategies

Hi everyone, it’s Chris Vermeulen here. Over the years, I have covered a lot about investing, swing trading, and technical analysis in these articles. Today I have exciting news and fresh trading content you are going to love. Many of you trade options around the free trades and setup articles I post, and today options […]

November 3, 2020 | SPY Channeling Lower Ahead of November 3 – Watch for this Support Level today

From a simple technical standpoint, we’ve seen a number of recent breakdowns in the SPY related to Fibonacci Price Theory and Price Gap Theory.  One of the most critical components of the recent 60+ days price activity in the SPY is the failed new high on October 12.  This failed attempt to rally above the […]

November 2, 2020 | Silver Junior Miners Reach Flag Apex Just Before US Elections

Heading into what will likely become one of the biggest events in American political history on November 3, the US stock markets are holding up quite well on Monday, November 2.  My team and I have published a number of articles recently suggesting we believe wild price swings and increased volatility is to be expected […]

November 1, 2020 | Market Breakdown May Extend Deeper If Support Is Broken

The breakdown in the markets last week may have caught some traders off guard and resulted in a few stressful days.  As much as we want to tell you the selling is over, my researchers and I believe the selling may continue for a bit longer as the election and uncertainty related to COVID-19, global […]

October 27, 2020 | Precious Metals Prepare For Another Price Advance

As we continue to near the November 3rd election day, Precious Metals have continued to trade within a narrow range suggesting price support is staying strong. It is my belief that potential downside risks for Gold and Silver will be relatively short-lived after the election.  We believe the broad market decline witnessed on October 26, […]

October 20, 2020 | A Wall of Worry Provides a Great Buying Opportunity for NFLX and SNAP

For a bull trend to perpetuate it occasionally needs to climb a wall of worry. Bearish investors are always on the lookout for a theme that will provide them with an opportunity to short a stock or sector. If prices rise, investors who shorted-shares will need to cover, perpetuating the bull-trend rally. This concept has […]

October 18, 2020 | Doji Clusters Show Clear Support Ranges On The S&P500

Clusters of Doji shaped candles have, for centuries, illustrated very clear levels of support/resistance in price action.  Whenever multiple Doji candles appear in a cluster-like formation, traders should pay attention to these levels as future support/resistance ranges for price action.  In the case of the S&P500 E-Mini Futures Daily Chart, we can clearly see three […]

October 15, 2020 | Crude Oil Stalls In Resistance Zone

CLEAR PRICE CHANNEL MAY PROMPT BIG BREAKOUT OR BREAKDOWN MOVE IN OIL In this report, I discuss the recent price action in crude oil and how economic conditions and the pennant flag chart pattern is indicating a big price move is about to take place over the next few weeks.  While some of you may […]

October 13, 2020 | This Week’s Melt-Up Triggered a Short Squeeze In The NASDAQ and a Utilities Breakout

Rather quickly in trading late Sunday night, the NQ (NASDAQ E-Mini Futures) began to move higher quite consistently.  By the time the markets opened in London on Monday, the rally was ON.  We believe this is related to two underlying factors: A.  Short positions were getting squeezed after the end of week rally in the […]

October 12, 2020 | Gold and Silver Ready For Another Rally Attempt

After nearly three weeks of sideways/downward price action in Gold and Silver, our researchers believe both metals have already set up another breakout/rally attempt after breaching downward resistance (shown as the downward sloping CYAN line). This could be another huge opportunity for precious metals traders as the next move higher should prompt a rally above […]

October 9, 2020 | SPY Retesting Critical Resistance From Fibonacci Price Amplitude Arc

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: We continue to monitor the $339.50 level as a key resistance level. Our weekly SPY chart is showing that the Fibonacci Price Amplitude Arc resistance level is acting as a ceiling for price and a downward trend in the Momentum indicator. The current rally in price may simply be another Bull-Trap set up […]

October 8, 2020 | COVID-19 Has Pushed Various Sectors Into Positive Recovery Trends

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: InfoTech has been the hottest sector in the past 30 days, although it is 11% off from September 21, 2020 highs. Consumer Discretionary and Healthcare are the #2 and #3 hottest sectors. The Energy, Internet, Banks, and Insurance sectors have been weaker in the past 30 days. Volatility, which is almost twice as […]

October 7, 2020 | Stick With the Winners Like Clean Energy

If I put the pandemic aside and ignore the current jobs picture there are many reasons that I am bullish stocks.  Housing continues to remain upbeat with sales near all-time highs and consumer confidence is rising, which means investors’ sentiment will continue to trend higher. What is most important is that stocks that have outperformed […]

October 6, 2020 | Spy ETF Testing March Price Peak – What Do the Charts Say?

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: The SPY has been trading below its previous peak resistance level from March for more than two weeks and has begun to retest this level. If the SPY can clear this level on moderately strong volume, we believe the US stock market may enter another “melt-up” phase. If not, then we may see […]

October 5, 2020 | Long Term Cycles Suggest A Stock Price Reversion Is Pending & Gold Is About To Explode Higher

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: In the early 1900s, multiple events prompted a rising commodity price level and a decline in the Stocks to Commodities ratio. We expect commodities may begin to appreciate and where stock price levels may stall or decline. We also believe we are currently nearing the end of a rising cycle in both Stocks […]

October 2, 2020 | Massive Dark Cloud Cover Pattern Is Above Critical Support – Will It Hold?

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: A Dark Cloud Cover pattern is a Japanese Candlestick Pattern that is typically associated with major top setups. Critical Support on the SPY highlighted by multiple technical analysis strategies suggests 335~335.25 is acting as a major support level. If price stays below the $339.95 level, then we interpret the trend as being Bearish. […]

September 30, 2020 | Gold And Silver Follow Up & Future Predictions For 2020 & 2021 – Part II

This second part of our research post on super-cycles and precious metals will present our expectations going forward for 6 to 24+ months.  In Part I of this research post, I linked a number of our previous research articles we recommended to readers to review for context and continuity. If you have not read Part […]

September 28, 2020 | Gold And Silver Follow Up & Future Predictions For 2020 & 2021 – Part I

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: Uncertainty and cycle events will likely lead to continued Gold and Silver price appreciation until the cycle events end (likely in 2024 or 2025). The gold/silver ratio chart shows very clear levels of support and resistance. With the next targets $2,000-$2,250, $3,200 then $5,500+. Extended basing may continue for the next 2 to […]

September 27, 2020 | Is The Transportation Index Setting up a Topping Pattern?

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: The Transportation Index, has been unusually aligned with the S&P 500 over the past 8+ months. Classic Japanese Candlestick top/sell reversal “Three Rivers Evening Star topping pattern” setting up. We may see a much bigger downside price move where price attempts to find support near 9,800 or 9,200. The Transportation Index, which typically […]

September 23, 2020 | Gold Setting Up Just Like Before The COVID-19 Breakdown – Get Ready

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS: Gold rebounded quickly and broke to higher prices after the COVID deep selling. Our Fibonacci support levels for Gold are resting near $1,885, $1,815 & $1,790. More downside pressure on price is possible, but if support is maintained at $1,885 then we could see a big upside recovery trend take Gold to $2,250. […]

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