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September 18, 2021 | Trading Desk Notes For September 18, 2021

  Stock indices ended a choppy week right on their lows The major American stock indices are down ~2.5% from their All-Time Highs, with the S+P closing Friday just a hair under the 50 DMA, for only the 3rd time since the Pfizer vaccine announcement on November 9, 2020. Is it time to Buy The […]

September 17, 2021 | The Biggest Manipulators in the Nation

YOUGHAL, IRELAND – This week, we’re exploring the idea of “truth.” What about crypto? What is true about it? What is false? At first, cryptos were thought to be new forms of money. Then, they were “assets,” a whole new “asset class” that was making people rich. And now the crypto riches are spilling out […]

September 17, 2021 | Revolving Door Project: Trading Fed Governors Must be Put on Leave

Today, Revolving Door Project Executive Director Jeff Hauser called on Federal Reserve Board of Governors Chair Jerome Powell to place Boston and Dallas bank presidents Eric Rosengren and Robert Kaplan on administrative leave while the Federal Reserve investigates possible insider trading. Read Hauser’s letter to Powell here.  Hauser also issued this statement about Fed Chair Powell: […]

September 17, 2021 | Creeping Fascism – September 17, 2021

Let’s start with this video clip in which an Alberta, Canada official informs the unvaccinated that they’re no longer allowed to have a cup of coffee with their next-door neighbor. From there, let’s move south to the US, where the Bill of Rights apparently no longer includes freedom of speech: Elizabeth Warren Demands Amazon Censor […]

September 17, 2021 | Did The Global Markets Rollover In April/May 2021? What Next? Part I

This research article is designed to answer a few questions related to the current market contraction and the news related to the potential US Fed tightening of monetary policy while it appears China may be experiencing a credit/debt crisis in the early stages. Many traders/investors are contacting us asking our opinions of the current market […]

September 16, 2021 | Crypto Conundrum

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – New ideas come at you, whether you want them or not. Sometimes, they are as easy to understand as a Post-It Note. But sometimes, you don’t know what to make of them. Useful? Silly? Valuable? Time waster? The powers-that-be generally resist them. They fear the powers-that-will-be if they let things evolve freely. […]

September 16, 2021 | Decelerating Global Economy Strained by Rising Greenback

As the global economy continues to decelerate, the US dollar is rising and key commodities (priced in dollars) are tumbling.  Iron ore, silver and lumber are all back to where they were before COVID-19 vaccines spurred reopening euphoria in November 2020. As shown below in my partner Cory Venable’s chart, the commodity-centric Canadian dollar (FXC) […]

September 15, 2021 | What a Collapse of China’s Evergrande Would Mean

Property development has been a huge factor in China’s economic growth. It accounts for 28% of GDP. And much of it has been funded by debt, including dollar-debt, and much of it is now blowing up. Foreign investors piled into the property sector over the years, buying hundreds of billions of dollars in bonds, including […]

September 15, 2021 | Boris Johnson Poster Child for Morally Corrupt Politicians?

QUESTION: You refused to advise Boris Johnson. Do you think that was a mistake? WJ ANSWER: No. You have to understand that there are meetings where people are seriously interested in talking about options. Then there are people where you are simply there as window-dressing so they can pretend that they listened to experts. All […]

September 15, 2021 | Former SEC Prosecutor on Why Law Enforcement has Failed in Finance

This 2019 speech should help to provoke a new regulatory enforcement regime, not just in America.  Until we, the people, insist, nothing is going to change. James Kidney explains how the SEC and the Department of Justice fumbled the prosecutions of Wall Street bankers after the crash of 2008 and explains how the SEC and […]

September 15, 2021 | The Saretsky Report August 2021

Suffice to say, the housing market remains front and center of most discussions. After surging to unprecedented levels during the height of the pandemic, it has taken a much needed breather this summer. However, this story is far from over.

September 14, 2021 | The Public is Growing Tired of COVID – Window is Closing

There are members of the press that are starting to question this narrative in different parts of the world from Germany to Australia. I was in a store and the girl did not have a mask on. I said great. Glad to do business with you. She replied she has had enough of masks and […]

September 14, 2021 | Certificates of Confiscation

The Bank of Canada provided guidance for how it plans to eventually remove stimulus, saying it will first raise interest rates before curbing its holdings of government bonds. The Bank has been using two major policies for suppressing interest rates, first by leaving its overnight policy rate near zero, and secondly by purchasing hundreds of […]

September 14, 2021 | After Moderate Selling US Stock Markets Rebound Higher – How Long Will This Trend Continue?

The recent bout of selling in the US markets prompted traders/investors to rethink their longer-term strategies.  But our interpretation of this rotation was consistent with moderate price rotation that we’ve seen nearly every 20 to 30 days, on average, for almost the past year or longer.  The markets need to really break away from this […]

September 14, 2021 | A Gold Whale Surfaces

Compelling data in recent Commitments of Traders (COT) reports point to the emergence of a very large buyer in COMEX gold futures. The last four COT reports, starting with the report for positions held as of August 10, show a dramatic increase on the long side in gold for the 4 largest traders (not to […]

September 14, 2021 | Who Gives a Damn?

Disclosures report that at least two of the US Federal Reserve’s 12 regional bank presidents (Kaplan and Rosengren) used inside knowledge of central bank policy decisions to enrich themselves through millions of dollars in individual stock trades since 2020.  The profits were on top of the $183,000 average annual salary received (2019 number). After public […]

September 13, 2021 | Truth: A Total Fantasy

YOUGHAL, IRELAND – Last week was a delight… at least from a cynical perspective. On Thursday, the U.S. president went on TV to announce that henceforth, people who work for businesses with more than 100 employees would be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19. CNN was on the story: “We’ve been patient, but our patience […]

September 13, 2021 | Police, Paramedics, Firefighters, Doctors, and Nurses Protest Vaccines

In Canada, police officers, firefighters, and paramedics have all joined together at Queen’s Park, Toronto, for a silent protest against mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations. In the United States, reports are coming in that hospital staff have simply not shown up to work in protest of the mandatory vaccines. In New York, some hospitals will no longer […]

September 12, 2021 | The Next US Civil War

    COMMENT: Marty, You have been right about everything! This nightmare has unfolded exactly as you said it would globally not just here in the USA and nobody listened. I have attended many WEC’s and I’m so grateful for you and your staff. This feels hopeless. Is it time to leave the US? Where […]

September 12, 2021 | “Grandfather Tree” on the Chopping Block? No, it is in a Protected Area

The large cedar tree, located near a major forestry road west of Victoria, B.C., was affectionately dubbed Grandfather Tree by individuals trying to block access to a large swathe of the working forest. Stewart Muir provides the facts. A large western red cedar tree located in the Fairy Creek area where blockaders have spent the […]

September 12, 2021 | The Return of Stagflation

I have been writing this letter for 22 years. Sometimes I look into the future and other times merely try to explain the present. Today I’m going to look at several possible futures. There are forces at work in both Congress and the Federal Reserve that could take us down radically different paths. There are […]

September 11, 2021 | The Short Position in SLV Jumps Almost 20 Percent

11 September 2021 — Saturday Yesterday in Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium The gold price began to struggle higher starting minutes after 10 a.m. China Standard Time on their Friday morning — and that rally attempt was capped and turned lower minutes before 2 p.m. CST — and for the final time at the London […]

September 11, 2021 | Trading Desk Notes For September 11, 2021

Stock indices trended lower all week to end the week right on their lows. Option Vol spiked higher In late August, my primary trading view was that the summer’s complacent, pro-risk market sentiment was due for a correction. “Everybody” was a buyer. Stock index option Vol was at the rock-bottom lows of the past few […]

September 10, 2021 | The Cost of Living Crisis

Statistics Canada has revised the latest reading on GDP, highlighting a contraction of 1.1% at an annualized rate in the second quarter, well below the 2.5% expansion forecasted in a Bloomberg survey of economists. It’s a big miss, and one that does not bode well for the Trudeau Government as we head to the polls […]

September 10, 2021 | Australia Bans Doctors from Prescribing Ivermectin

Australian General Practitioners have also been banned from prescribing Ivermectin to Covid-19 patients. Let us make something very clear. They have NOTHING to treat symptoms. They are effectively banning doctors from treating people with COVID-19. Politicians, I believe, have been bribed by these people to restrict treatment to only the vaccines. They are now deliberately killing people. […]

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