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May 13, 2022 | A Worldwide Food Crisis is Happening

The world is in a food crisis that will affect everyone. The inflation in crop prices is threatening to trigger widespread starvation in some poor countries. Grain producers will benefit from strong prices and increased demand for their exports. Russia, United States, Ukraine, France and Canada are main exporters of wheat in the world. Input […]

May 12, 2022 | Inflation – Recession – Rising Rates Rather Than Lower Rates

COMMENT: Marty, I want to thank you so much for the WEC. Perhaps you will consider doing one that is streamed in the middle of this craziness. I have listened to many analysts. But you are head and shoulders above everyone. Only you called for declining economic growth, rising inflation, and rising interest rates in […]

May 12, 2022 | Kitco: Gold Price on ‘Cusp’ of $2k Rally, Here’s How Not to Miss it

by Anna Golubova on Kitco: After falling 6.5% in the last month, gold is now near a bottom, with the $1,800 an ounce serving as a floor for prices, Bloomberg Intelligence senior commodity strategist Mike McGlone told Kitco News. Investors have been reevaluating their risk-on positions as the Federal Reserve looks to tighten by 50-basis-points […]

May 12, 2022 | Defensive Equities are a Leaky Shelter in Bear Markets

Most financial advisers and managers talk of ‘defensive sectors’ as a place to take shelter in bear markets (because their business model doesn’t want or mandate them to ever leave equities).  Defensive equities and funds work better in theory than in reality because risk assets of all types tend to fall in bear markets. Case […]

May 11, 2022 | Bear Market Legs Lower

As of yesterday, the 27% year-to-date drop in both the tech-heavy Nasdaq and smaller-cap Russell 2000 is the worst start to a year on record.  As shown in the table below, courtesy of Charlie Bilello, the broader-based S&P 500 is -17% from its January 4th high and -16% year-to-date–its second-most negative start to any year […]

May 11, 2022 | Chris Martenson: The Pfizer Documents

The FDA and Pfizer wanted to keep the vaccine trial results hidden for up to 75 years. Now we know why. Here are some quite serious anomalies that are begging for answers…. by Dr. Chris Martenson on Peak Prosperity: One such example is the fact that the lead author on the seminal vaccine paper in […]

May 11, 2022 | Is China Really Still Communist?

QUESTION:  Hello Martin – In today’s “Spread The Love”, you mention at the end that today, neither Russia or China are communist. I think the assertion that Russia is not communist is probably believable and something most of us have heard in one form or another since 1989… But how can you say China is […]

May 10, 2022 | The Saretsky Report – May 2022

Last month we discussed the beginnings of a slowdown, and that theme continues this month. For the first time since 2010, the lowest nationally-available uninsured 5-year fixed rate mortgage is now north of 4%. This means that any buyer opting to make a purchase using a 5 year fixed rate will be stress tested at […]

May 10, 2022 | Inconvenient Truth: Price Matters

Bitcoin is off nearly 55% from its November peak, and 40% of holders are now underwater on their investments, according to new data from Glassnode. That percentage is even higher when you isolate for the short-term holders who got skin in the game in the last six months when the price of bitcoin peaked at around $69,000. […]

May 10, 2022 | Putin’s May 9th Speech – The Full Review

  The West keeps getting Putin wrong mainly because they have taken the Blue Pill and just repeat the propaganda put out by primarily the United States government. They told all journalists that Putin would formally declare war on Ukraine, institute a draft, and call up all reservists. The Western Press continually denies the existence […]

May 9, 2022 | Payment Shock for Some

We need higher rates to moderate demand, including demand in the housing market. Housing price growth is unsustainably strong in Canada. That was the message from senior deputy governor of the Bank of Canada, Carolyn Rogers this past week. Yes, the central banks continues to talk up further rate hikes, with the goal of slowing […]

May 9, 2022 | A Monetary Reset Where the Rich Don’t Own Everything

We have a serious debt problem, but solutions such as the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” are not the future we want. It’s time to think outside the box for some new solutions. In ancient Mesopotamia, it was called a Jubilee. When debts at interest grew too high to be repaid, the slate was wiped […]

May 9, 2022 | Is the Pentagon Planning a False Flag to Start WWIII?

As NATO countries continue to finance Ukraine, Putin has reason to worry. Top Russian advisors are now preparing for “a provocation aimed at accusing the Russian armed forces of using chemical, biological, or tactical nuclear weapons,” Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, the head of the Russian Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Force, stated. The Russians are […]

May 8, 2022 | How High, Interest Rates?

Last week’s commentary asked how high the dollar can climb before it snuffs inflation and the increasingly shrill hysteria that has accompanied it. Inflation is supposed to cheapen the dollar, but that is not what has been happening. Instead, it has been climbing steeply relative to all other currencies. The experts have not been able […]

May 8, 2022 | The Ministry of Truth is Deeply Sinister and Orwellian

It is no secret that other nations see the president of the United States as a joke. In this video, Australian reporters are shocked that Biden openly laughed at a joke about record-high inflation. He is literally laughing AT you — the Great Unwashed. Sky News host Rita Panahi said The Ministry of Truth is […]

May 8, 2022 | Small Business Owner: How Covid Crippled Us but Made Bank for Blackstone

  by Patrick Nelson on Publius: The government response to the Covid-19 pandemic was rough on most of the nation’s seven million businesses. Each year 600,000 businesses close their doors, and in the first year of the lockdown this increased by an extra 200,000 casualties. Some of us struggled more than others to survive. My business, […]

May 8, 2022 | Soft Now, Hard Later

The Strategic Investment Conference is in full swing. This is our 18th consecutive year and the third in an all-online virtual format. In 2020 we had to make that transition quickly, yet somehow the team pulled it off. Now we are getting the hang of it—though I do firmly intend to have an in-person event […]

May 7, 2022 | Schiff Gold: Buckle Up for a Crashing Economy and More Inflation

by Michael Maharrey on Schiff Gold: Jerome Powell began hinting that inflation might be a problem last August. In November, Powell retired the word “transitory.” But here we are in May and the Federal Reserve still hasn’t done anything substantive to address the inflation problem. And now it may be too late. It’s probably time […]

May 7, 2022 | Another Terrific & Bullish COT Report

07 May 2022 — Saturday Yesterday in Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium The gold price was sold quietly lower starting shortly after trading commenced at 6:00 p.m. EDT in New York on Thursday — and the low tick of the day was set around 9:50 a.m. China Standard Time on their Friday morning. Its ensuing rally […]

May 7, 2022 | Trading Desk Notes For May 7, 2022

Stocks are down, interest rates and the US Dollar are up The leading American stock indices closed the week at their lowest levels in over a year. They have closed lower for five consecutive weeks, while investor sentiment has become extremely bearish, which some folks think is a BUY signal. This week’s daily price action […]

May 7, 2022 | Zelensky & World War III

Our computer warned back in 2013 that Ukraine would be the place where World War III would begin. I warned that the ONLY way to prevent that was to split Ukraine based on the language. While the propaganda is that Kyiv is fighting for freedom and democracy, they have refused to allow Donbas to vote […]

May 6, 2022 | State of the American Debt Slaves: Borrowing More to Buy Less due to Raging Inflation

Credit card balances ticked up 1.9% in March from February, not seasonally adjusted, to $1.036 billion, according to the Federal Reserve today. Compared to three years ago, March 2019, the last March before the pandemic, this was up by only 3.0%. In other words, credit card balances are now just 3% higher than there were […]

May 6, 2022 | Negative Carry Properties Increase Downside Risks

Even when we don’t owe a mortgage, personal use real estate is negative-carry–we spend money to maintain it rather than it paying us. As an investment property, real estate is supposed to generate enough cash flow to carry itself.  If it doesn’t, owners are out of pocket to keep it afloat.  This is the definition […]

May 6, 2022 | Don’t Divert Your Attention to Roe v. Wade

A coming Supreme Court ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade was secretly “leaked.” Uncoincidentally, the news came right before the 2022 US midterm elections. Everyone is understandably up in arms after Biden formed a Disinformation Governance Board to become the ultimate authority for what we may believe is true. Most Americans want Biden out of […]

May 5, 2022 | Jim Rickards: The Dollar’s Collapse is Happening Before Our Eyes

by Jim Rickards on The Daily Reckoning: Analysts and authors, myself included, have been warning about the collapse of the dollar as the global reserve currency for years. I described this prospect in my first book, Currency Wars (2011), and in several other books in the years since. This process can take many years. For […]

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