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January 16, 2018 | BC Case Reveals 7 Scams That Have Pumped Up Canada’s Real Estate Bubble

A B.C. Supreme Court case that pitted two rich families from China against each other provides grim revelations about the kind of migration, tax, and real-estate scams regularly occurring in Metro Vancouver and beyond. “This case provides unusually candid insight into what those who would abuse our immigration and real-estate systems really think in their own […]

January 16, 2018 | The Trigger

One more sleep until the nobs at the central bank take back another bit of stimulus. With the BoC rate increasing a quarter point this week, that’s three increases in a handful of months, with more on the way. The implications could be epic, especially if you borrowed against your house to buy Bitcoins. But […]

January 16, 2018 | The Last Great Silver Buy

In the annals of silver in the modern age, there have been two well-known instances of very large investor accumulations of the metal. First came the purchase by the Hunt Brothers and their associates in early 1980, followed by the purchase by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, 17 years later. The Hunts were said to control […]

January 16, 2018 | So That’s What Volatility Looks Like

2017 was literally the smoothest stretch of highway that US stocks have ever traveled. Rising almost every day and seldom falling hard, they made it virtually impossible for investors to lose money. Here’s the Dow Jones Industrial Average over the past two years. Note how unnaturally smooth the recent action was. As a result, measures […]

January 15, 2018 | Trading Desk Notes – Jan 13th

Markets are in a speculative blow-off phase right now with stock markets around the world surging higher while the US Dollar has been falling like a stone. My gut instinct is to fade this price action…but my risk management override says wait…it could get even crazier! Stocks: The S+P 500 has closed higher every day this […]

January 15, 2018 | THINK: Money = Math; Value = Emotion!

The world of finance and economics reveals insanity at the highest level IMO. For those of us who live in the NOW, the world of money and value reveals human ‘insanity’ and ‘mental illness’ at an extreme level. Let’s explore this ‘insanity’ further. Where is money (in reality)? In reality, there is no such ‘thing’ as […]

January 15, 2018 | Drastic Pension Cuts Will Hit California, Kentucky, Other States

The CA Supreme Court will rule on pension cuts. Curiously, the court’s ruling will be irrelevant in case of bankruptcy. Please consider California’s Brown Raises Prospect Of Pension Cuts In Downturn. California Governor Jerry Brown said legal rulings may clear the way for making cuts to public pension benefits, which would go against long-standing assumptions […]

January 15, 2018 | Carefully

Jamie has a problem. Actually it’s his MIL’s issue. But being a husband, son-in-law plus a dude,  it’s on him to solve. “She is 63,” he says, “with no savings at all and has struggled through her life. Likely won’t qualify for much CPP. She was nannying her son’s children for a number of years […]

January 15, 2018 | Our Modest Contribution to “Sh*thole Theory”

BALTIMORE – We recently had our DNA checked. Unsurprisingly, it showed that we are what we thought we were – Irish, English, and Scottish. But we are something more. In addition to the Irish riffraff, English aristocracy, and Scottish bagpipers nesting in our family tree, there are, apparently, some Moors in there, too. “North African” […]

January 15, 2018 | How Will Interest Rates Double in Europe from Here

QUESTION: Marty  Thanks for all your guidance and help in navigating these markets. You mention rates are going up soon in Europe but how can the ECB achieve this when they are still implementing QE. I work in the European HY market and the technicals are horrible as so much money is flooding in chasing […]

January 14, 2018 | Money, Money, Money – Where is it?

The paper note (called ‘dollar’) is NOT money. What about the ‘number’ or ‘word’ printed thereon? Can anyone locate a ‘word’ within our greater universe? Who can find this ‘thing’ called Money on planet Earth or within our greater material universe? Where is money located? What does the word ‘money refer to? Is there such […]

January 14, 2018 | Emotion

Fear and greed move markets. Emotions stronger than sex. Or blog addiction. Greed made people buy Bitcoin when it approached twenty thousand. That was stupid. Fear made people sell stocks in 2009. Utterly dumb. Greed spurred big sales of ‘investment’ condos that lose money. Fear of missing out propelled houses last spring. Regret now. Lately […]

January 14, 2018 | Ford Promises All Electric “Mach 1” SUV in 2020, 40 Vehicles by 2022

Ford says it will spend $11 billion producing electric vehicles by 2022. One dubbed the “Mach 1” will be ready in 2020. Ford is doubling down on electric vehicles as noted by an announcement of an All-Electric ‘Mach 1’ SUV coming in 2020. In an announcement at the North American International Auto Show on Detroit, […]

January 14, 2018 | How To Know if This Rally wil Continue for Two More Months?

Our research has been “spot on” with regards to the markets for the first few weeks of 2018.  We issued our first trade on Jan 2nd, plus two very detailed research reports near the end of 2017 and early 2018.  We urge you to review these research posts as they tell you exactly what to expect for the first […]

January 14, 2018 | Is This The Long-Awaited Gold Break-Out – Or Just Another Paper Market Head Fake?

That was fun. Since mid-December gold has behaved like a tech stock, jumping from $1,240/oz to $1,337 and carrying a long list of gold mining stocks along for the ride. Now everybody’s asking the same question: Is this finally the start of the long-overdue run at gold’s (and silver’s) 2011 record high, or just a […]

January 13, 2018 | Time, Value, Money and Human Nature!

One of the wisest men from history IMO was Solomon of 900 B.C. His wisdom states that there is a ‘time’ for everything. A ‘time’ for war, a ‘time’ for peace, a ‘time’ for love, and a ‘time’ for hate. We could add that there is a time for prosperity and a time for economic collapse. […]

January 13, 2018 | Privacies You Didn’t Know You Lost

We all know that privacy is a thing of the past, right? Followers of The Corbett Report will see past the metadata lie and the PRISM limited hangout to the underlying reality of the all-pervasive Big Brother surveillance grid. CALEA and the Stellar Wind. The CIA spying on you through your dishwasher. And who can forget the dolls that spy on your […]

January 13, 2018 | In Amazon’s Quest for Global Domination, India is a Success, China Not

Amazon is taking the lead in online orders and delivery in India, but it struggles to compete with Alibaba in China. Jeff Bezos’s message to Amazon executives has been clear: Do whatever it takes and don’t worry about the cost. The Seattle-based giant has invested billions of dollars to woo consumers in India, China and […]

January 13, 2018 | Year of the Octopus, Part 2

Only two weeks in and 2018 is already breaking records – mostly in a good way. But that leaves 50 potentially less enjoyable weeks to go. So rather than focus on promising current events, I think I’d better dip back into my annual forecast bag and share a few more highlights with you. Getty Images […]

January 12, 2018 | TIME is more than Money – It is EVERYTHING

TIME is more than just money; it’s absolutely everything and then some! Personal opinion just utterly fails because we are all human. Markets routinely do what the majority never expects. That is their function. They mutate like a virus always changing its genetic code to defeat medicine, or in this case, traders. This why most […]

January 12, 2018 | Some Shocking Facts about Silver/Gold!

I could buy up all the silver on our planet (the above ground silver) for around $50 billion dollars. There are only some 3 billion ounces of silver on our planet. This means that if we get a normal demand for silver coins and bars from investors, this commodity will explode in price. Our corrupt financial elites […]

January 12, 2018 | The Bond Bear Market Might Have Started in 2016

Some respected bond market gurus are worried that much higher rates are just around the corner, which would have serious implications for markets — both bonds and stocks. Source: St. Louis Fed/FRED Rates bounced from the same low point twice, in 2012 and mid-2016, which could mean a change from bull market to bear market […]

January 12, 2018 | Bonds Are Flashing a Red Alert

BALTIMORE – “Investors Prepare for Inflation,” warned the front page of The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday. “Rising Treasury Yields Ripple Through Markets,” it added on Thursday. “U.S. Treasurys lead bonds sell-off,” the Financial Times piled on, “as investors fear a faster retreat from crisis stimulus. These headlines may herald the biggest financial turnabout in 35 years. Stocks are […]

January 12, 2018 | Traders Ramp Oil Prices as Aramco Underwriting Fees Dangle Ahead

Oil is bouncing again, with the price of a European Brent barrel passing $70 today–more than doubling since 2014, and WTIC above $64 for the first time in more than three years.  Speculators are piling on, spiking volatility and price instability. The Saudis have said they want oil about $60 a barrel to meet their […]

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