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November 30, 2022 | The Battle for Investment Survival

“It takes five years to learn how to make money … and twenty-five to learn how not to lose it.”  – Nassim Taleb Whether a person realizes it or not, any body who earns more more than he spends is automatically an investor. The objective of investment is basically to store once’s excess purchasing power for future […]

November 30, 2022 | Instability Breeds Opportunity in 2023

A lucid macro overview in this discussion. Worth a mull. Michael Green, portfolio manager & chief strategist at Simplify Asset Management.  Here is a direct video link. Portfolio manager Michael Green returns for Part 2 of our interview with him to explain why he does not expect a “soft landing” for the economy and predicts stocks […]

November 30, 2022 | China & the Future

COMMENT: Hello Marty !! It looks like the ” China as a parking lot for cash has already begun. FXI going to the moon of late in spite of Xi & Co. cutting off their own economic foot to hide behind their troubles and blame it on the darn protestors to the folly, by golly. […]

November 29, 2022 | In Demand

The retail and wholesale markets in silver and gold are hot. Particularly in silver, the retail market is, quite literally, on fire.  The fact that premiums exist on virtually all forms of retail silver (along with delivery delays), something never seen this pronounced before, means that the creation of new 1,000-ounce bars is necessarily being […]

November 29, 2022 | Dutch Farming Crisis

This is one of those unbelievable stories of who Climate Change is being taken to such an extreme, we will unleash a serious wave of deaths from both starvation and coming freezing temperatures without fuel. The Dutch government actually is planning to buy out and close as many as 3,000 farms in the country, which […]

November 29, 2022 | One Fell Swoop of The Pen

Last week we highlighted some recent data from Desjardins which noted that nearly every borrower who took out a fixed payment variable rate mortgage during the pandemic now owes more in interest than their original fixed payment. Trigger rates galore. It appears the Bank of Canada is finally coming around to the same conclusion. In a research […]

November 29, 2022 | Cyclical Foresight and Patience Pay

After 12 years of ultra-low interest rates, generous government support, and unprecedented liquidity injections from central banks, the global real estate market is in the midst of a much-deserved contraction cycle. As the Financial Times put it this month, The Global Housing Market is Heading for a brutal downturn, and bubble prices and household debt make […]

November 28, 2022 | Trudeau Justifies Invoking Martial Law

Trudeau changed the world’s entire perception of Canada after his mishandling of the Freedom Convoy protest. Hard-working Canadian men and women demanded medical freedom and protested the vaccine mandates. The Canadian media was not permitted to question the COVID agenda, and dissenting voices were muffled. The Canadian trucker’s convoy (aka the Freedom Convoy) sparked the […]

November 27, 2022 | The Case for a Merely Choppy 2023

Early in October, it lifted my spirits to be able to bloviate about how a too-widely-anticipated October crash seemed as likely as a Martian invasion. One lunar calendar-based prediction in particular had October 21 as the crash date, although the forecast went squishy at sundown that day when dark clouds failed to materialize over Wall […]

November 27, 2022 | An Interview with Keith Fitz-Gerald

Last week, I introduced you to my friend of 20+ years, Keith Fitz-Gerald of Keith Fitz-Gerald Research. As I mentioned, I recently signed up for his Morning! 5 With Fitz free research email, and I’m enjoying it immensely. This week, around my trip to a far-too-cold Denver, then to Dallas, and ultimately Tulsa to spend the Thanksgiving holiday […]

November 27, 2022 | Why I Look at the Dow First

COMMENT: Why do you focus on the Dow over the S&P 500 and others? ANSWER: New analysts claim that the S&P 500 provides a better picture of the markets compared to the Dow. Although the S&P 500 obviously has a larger catalog, the Dow is a direct reflection of international capital flows. Look toward the […]

November 26, 2022 | Trading Desk Notes For November 26, 2022

The DJIA closed at a seven-month high this week The DJIA closed higher for seven of the last eight weeks. It rallied ~5,600 points (19%) from its two-year lows on October 13 and is now only ~7% below its January All-Time Highs. All of the stock indices had a terrific rally from the March 2020 Covid […]

November 26, 2022 | Danielle on CBC Weekend Business Panel

Danielle was a guest with Elmer Kim and Hillary Johnstone on the CBC Weekend Business Panel. You can watch an audio clip of the segment here.

November 26, 2022 | This Week in Money

November 25, 2022 | Pension Deficits Growing and Widely Understated

I have been writing for years about the train wreck unfolding in pension funds and individual retirement accounts that have migrated towards riskier holdings, leverage, “alternative,” and private equity allocations over the last 12 years of ultra-loose financial conditions. Needless to say, the cost of all this is not yet “marked to market.” The segment […]

November 25, 2022 | Canada’s Central Bank Downplays The Risks of a Financial Crisis

Canada’s private sector debt problem keeps growing larger. With private sector debt at about 230 percent of GDP, Canada has no room for error. And rising interest rates could force large numbers of mortgage borrowers into default, which could create a financial crisis. But the Bank of Canada is not worried. Bank of Canada staff […]

November 25, 2022 | G20 To Impose COVID Vaccine to Restrictions on International Travel

The world masters dictating to us, the scum of the earth, have adopted under the pretense of the COVID vaccine the means to shut down migration and travel internationally. This will naturally further restrict global economic growth, and everywhere we turn, these people claiming to be world leaders are leading us into a cliff on […]

November 25, 2022 | RecycLiCo™ CEO Zarko Meseldzija – Building an Advanced and Efficient Battery Recycling Technology for Long-Term Integration

New website and company update video. Video  – The demonstration plant for the RecycLiCo™ Patented Process is now operational in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Read Benchmark Minerals Article – “Why Manganese Could Be The Next Battery Supply Chain Headache“. Read Reuters Article – “LG Chem To Invest Over $3 Billion to Build U.S. Battery Cathode […]

November 24, 2022 | Further Downside For Risk Markets

On today’s edition of “Boiler Room,” Alfonso Peccatiello is joined by Eric Basmajian for a discussion on the rising risks of recession into 2023. With a focus on the cyclical & secular forces driving the global economy, Eric shares his framework for assessing the risks of recession in Q1 of 2023. Using both real-time and […]

November 24, 2022 | Bank of Canada Loses Money – First Time Ever

Are Pension funds going to announce big losses?

November 24, 2022 | China Slowdown and Crude Oil

Possible US rail strike and supply shortages

November 24, 2022 | Climate Reparations

The United Nations proposed a new method to funnel money out of developed nations during the COP27 meeting – climate reparations. The United Nations is still negotiating who will pay what, but rest assured, the US will likely pay the most. President Biden fully supports the idea in addition to the $1 billion he was […]

November 23, 2022 | Paid Promoters Hired To Lure The Unsuspecting

I, and others, have written for years about the charlatan that is Kevin O’Leary. You can see some of my past articles here and here. The latest FTX scam is just another installment. The story of Sam Bankman Fried & FTX is far from over and it has become wilder and wilder the more I dig. But I […]

November 23, 2022 | Died Suddenly

The question is why are those in government acting so recklessly? They need money that bad?

November 23, 2022 | Stock Market Rise vs. Crypto Collapse

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