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June 14, 2023 | So What Comes Between Now & 2032?

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

With regard to your recent blog post – [ ]…
… you included the ECM chart depicting the decline and fall of the United States.
You have an encyclopedic understanding of the cyclical rise and fall of empires.
Seeing as how the USA presently constitutes a veritable empire in most respects, are you able to comment on the synergy between an empire and its satellite constituents – ie, do the ECMs for the Five Eyes nations synchronize with the United States, or do they diverge?

The Five Eyes (FVEY) is an intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States demonstrates one thing – the rest of the West is not included. Yet 2032 is more than just the culmination of the current 51.6-year wave of the Economic Confidence Model. It is the subsequent set of 309.6 years waves from the peak in the Roman Empire which all historians draw the line in history as the reign of Marcus Aurelius (161-180AD). That was when Marcus sent an ambassador to the Emperor of China.

If you read Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations, you are left with the feeling that there is nothing new. History repeats because human nature itself has never changed and people will always act in their own self-interest no matter what century. All we have ever witnessed through time in the memorial is fake news steeped in opinion rather than fact.


Our model on NYC also showed that it turned decisively down from 2022. NYC will only get worse now going into 2023. The fascinating aspect is that 2022 was a key turning point on so many issues around the world. Trump’s arrest is just throwing the Rule of Law into the garbage bin because the Neocons are scared to death if he ever regained power, he would strip them of all power.

Even when we look at Russia v Ukraine, that too shifted in 2022. The war is likely to escalate globally by April 2024. The Neocons are desperate and intend to create war involving US troops before the 2024 election. They are counting on the fact that no president has ever lost during time of war. They need their puppet Biden in office and no other.

We see that the last turning point was November 23, 2022. That is when China’s sales of US Treasuries made a new historic low taking out the low of 2010. This will continue to decline as they clearly expect war with the United States going into 2027. By February 2023, the warmonger Neocon Secretary of State Blinken warned China there will be consequences if they aid Russia in the war in Ukraine.

The Neocons have ZERO concern for the US economy or its people. We are secondary to their objectives if we even rank in second place or anywhere in their minds. They could care less about the budget and will print money recklessly to achieve their end goal which is to dominate the world no different than they have claimed China and Russia seek to do. Fools who think inflation will subside make the assumption that we have a normal viable economy. We are living in a midst of a coup that has seized full control of the United States and they have whipped Congress into a war frenzy that is against the people and our own interests.

All their plans and Schwab’s WEF to create this authoritarian world where democracy does not exist on any level as Schwab has always made clear, they want to end our right to even vote. When we elected Trump, democracy suddenly became “populism” which was evil because it was targeted at them and their endless wars with endless corruption.

Populism was then the #1 crisis because they could lose power. They had to stop Trump and now they are actually seeking to imprison him for life where he will no doubt commit suicide like Jeffrey Epstein.

This is the culmination of the Sixth Wave also on the 309.6 Year Cycle. This is the complete collapse of our current form of Republican Government. They know they are losing power. They can kill Trump, but they cannot extinguish human nature. More and more people are awakening. Schwab’s idea of ushering in his version of the Great Reset which I believe he has taken from our 2032 forecast, is his desperate attempt to move to the next stage from Socialism to Authoritarianism. Communism collapsed because it was against human nature. So will this entire scheme to strip us of all our rights and in the end, we will restore our freedom and rid ourselves of these types of people.

If someone like Lindsey Grahm robbed a 711 and took pleasure in killing customers, you would call him a vicious psychopath. What is the difference to take pleasure in killing anyone?

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June 14th, 2023

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  • Thomas Blow says:

    Regarding the meme equating Socialism with Authoritarianism,
    I normally see condemnation of Communism while it appears Socialism gets a pass or is favored because people anticipate getting something for nothing by mere voting, and think Socialism provides a Safety Net, etc. … while, in practice, both are government-by a-shipload-of-pirates, directing money from those who have it toward those who don’t (or just promising to do this) to purchase political support. In this governmental model, government is criminalized — does the bidding of those who want to steal — and provides legislated legality as a shield. Therefore a critical question is, will Socialism continue or be removed? If not removed, even if there are arrests, new socialists will emerge and the struggle against socialism will preoccupy and drain all governments, sapping their energy into internal turmoil. Further, if socialism remains, it regrows.Like weeds, it becomes invulnerable to previous cures. Socialism provides fertile ground for Ponzi schemes, taxation hiding behind volumes and volumes of legislated gobbledegook law, and inflation of the currency that taxes savers. Socialism is a cancer. If you want more about this, see
    I want to see more memes and articles condemning socialism. (Replies to [email protected])

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