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Martin Arthur Armstrong is the former chairman of Princeton Economics International Ltd. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

January 17th, 2019 | Why Silver & Barter

Armstrong Economics -   QUESTION: RE: ….& Coming Barter System. So, are you suggesting that we may see a shift to Silver by private individuals as the only way to sidestep Government stupidity, or will it be even worse, like trading whiskey for toilet paper?? TWE ANSWER: Assuming government attempts to follow the IMF’s advice and create cryptocurrencies to […]

Armstrong Economics - Prime Minister Theresa May now faces a no-confidence vote after her BREXIT plan was defeated to be submitted by opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Nonetheless, our sources there say that she will probably survive as the Conservatives who rejected her plan are not likely to vote for a no-confidence motion realizing that a Corbyn victory […]

Armstrong Economics - The total mismanagement and incompetence of government is just beyond description. The new California Governor Gavin Newsom presented his first state budget during a news conference, last week on January 10th, 2019. While he won bashing Trump over the illegal aliens because he care so much for families, he could care less about how much […]

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Marty you recently said that “the entire problem of lowering interest rates to ‘stimulate’ the economy demonstrates that central banks cannot really manage anything.” Is this statement really true? BG ANSWER: Absolutely. There is a basic presumption in all human activity that somehow we possess the power to do anything be it end Global […]

January 11th, 2019 | Cancelling Euros

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Dear Martin, you are very right that govs intend to terminate high denomination euros. In Germany it has been impossible to pay cash with a €500 note for quite some time now – at least at most of the shops I usually go to on a weekly basis. At the end of last year […]

Armstrong Economics - The reaction from the Democrats and the mainstream media against Trump is really absurd. VOXwrote that he should not even be allowed to address the nation. They wrote: “After watching President Trump’s primetime immigration speech Tuesday, my overwhelming impression was this: Why, oh why, did anyone think it was a good idea to air this on […]

Armstrong Economics - We are witnessing the Yellow Vest Movement now also spreading to Australia. We are seeing the rise there and in Canada also against Fake News that the media is desperately fighting Trump on who now label him an idiot in headlines. We are also witnessing a backlash against taking in the Muslim claimed refugees from Syria […]

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Sir, Listening to the WEC 2018 recording this weekend, Mike Campbell made an interesting sideline comment. He stated that pension funds were heavily invested in real estate. Is this just Canada or the US as well? If taxes go up will this further push the pension funds over as well as the emerging markets? If […]

Armstrong Economics - I have warned that all the talk behind the curtain I was hearing when the Democrats won the House was that as soon as they go in, they would be looking at raising taxes to where they use to be back before Reagan. Well it did not take long. The new Congresswoman from New York […]

Armstrong Economics -   President Donald Trump on Friday said he has considered using emergency powers to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. The press has been saying that he could declare a national emergency to redirect money from the Defense Department or other sources to fund the wall. However, Obama used funding that was granted by Congress […]

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: What about what China did by buying stocks a few years ago to stop the hang sang from dropping LW ANSWER: Do not confuse attempts to support a market from actually being able to do so. This is the same as Keynesian economics that government could prevent recessions. Larry Summers admitted the government cannot even forecast […]

Armstrong Economics -   While the BitCoin people have hated me for not agreeing with them that a private currency could displace the currencies of all nations and BitCoin would be the new “reserve currency” killing the dollar, to me they are in serious need of help. They have ZERO comprehension of governmental power and ZERO understanding of what […]

Armstrong Economics - COMMENT: I really get annoyed by people who say well it has been warm here so what happens elsewhere is irrelevant. They are idiots and cannot see the whole and just want to blame humans for everything. I can see how our situation is hopeless when it comes to climate change. All the best JS ANSWER: […]

Armstrong Economics - Posted Dec 31, 2018 by Martin Armstrong   I went to go watch VICE – the story about how Dick Cheney took over the government with the aid of his wife – Lynne Cheney. Vice is a film that seeks to bring complicated information about the inner corruption in Washington and transform it into a digestible and entertaining […]

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Merkel has come out and said that “Nation states must today be prepared to give up their sovereignty.” This is what you have been saying that the agenda is to federalize Europe. Would you care to elaborate on her latest statement? Thank you from Berlin PH ANSWER: Merkel has stepped down as leader of the […]

Armstrong Economics - The major influential German news weekly, Der Spiegel, has suspended two of its senior editors following the scandal involving a reporter Claas Relotius admitted faking stories for years. Relotius, who is 33, resigned after admitting that he had made up stories and invented protagonists in more than a dozen articles in the magazine’s print and […]

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Hello Mr Armstrong I would like first to thank u for all the good information u give to us i have just a question : why do u write the fed need to increase rates to save the us pensionneers Not realy clear for me ( and maybe a lot of people) Thanks again and […]

December 28th, 2018 | Why do Cycles Work?

Armstrong Economics - ANSWER: That is a question I get often and it seems to me to be up there with is there God and what is the meaning of life? All I can say is the foundation of EVERYTHING is a cycle. Here is how sound travels known as the Doppler effect. Sunlight also travels in waves. Change the frequency and you […]

Armstrong Economics - Eli Christman / Flickr Calls for a Universal Basic Income (UBI) have been increasing, most recently as part of the “Green New Deal” introduced by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and supported in the last month by at least 40 members of Congress. A UBI is a monthly payment to all adults with no strings attached, […]

Armstrong Economics -   The total global debt hit a record $184 trillion, which is the equivalent to more than $86,000 per person. That is actually more than double the average per-capita income. People ask me will our solution work? Can we really just end government debt and convert it to cash restricted to investing in domestic companies? […]

Armstrong Economics -   Taxes have begun to cross the point of no return in New York City. New York City is losing its middle class faster than at any time since the Great Depression. While the rich get richer from investments and the poor get richer from increased social benefits, the loser is always the middle class. The […]

Armstrong Economics - The commentary that has appeared in Forbes calls for the only solution is to outlaw pensions. This is actually what will happen. Because there is no resolution, the government pensions will demand to raise taxes and then there is never any reform in government so the end game is one major economic confrontation – the […]

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Hello, Since the Fed ‘created’ ‘money’ after 2008 that was then deposited back at the Fed by the recipient banks ( say,75% of it), it is not easy to see why the Fed is to blame for the credit explosion since 2008- nor for the very slow ( like a paralytic centipede) hike in Fed […]

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong: I have watched in amazement how you connect all these elements. Everyone I spoke to agreed this was your best WEC ever. You have said the Fed needed to raise rates because of the pension crisis and it would have nothing to do with inflation but it has to normalize rates to help […]

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Hi Mr. Armstrong, Quick question for you, as someone who grew up in Quebec in the 90’s, when Quebec was voting to separate. And now living in Alberta, and seeing the sheer anger here towards Canada, is there a legitimate chance Alberta moves towards the path of separation and actually brings it to a vote? […]
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