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Martin Arthur Armstrong is the former chairman of Princeton Economics International Ltd. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

Armstrong Economics - It has long been known behind the facade of the upstanding media that Bill Gates was not exactly the quiet nerd. The information surrounding his arrest has been scrubbed, so all that remains is the fact that he was arrested for a traffic violation with no other details. It is not likely he was arrested […]

Armstrong Economics - While there are many who fear Biden’s mental capacity, my greatest concern is who is really running the nation? Under Bush, Jr., the president was Dick Cheney, and thank God the Republicans ousted  Liz Cheney. The way politics has evolved, those in charge are never seen. It’s like the European Commission hiding in the shadows […]

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Hello. I know financial gurus are like noses; but I would like to share something I heard. I heard its’ possible the money in our accounts could be exchanged for – lack of better term – Pelosi dollars. The value of these credits could be changed at will. Buying bitcoin will stop this and […]

Armstrong Economics -   QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong. I heard you are the best when it comes to monetary history and systems. I found your comment that it was not the printing of money that created the German hyperinflation but they first confiscated 10% of everyone’s assets. My question is this the only such example? I have listened to […]

Armstrong Economics - COMMENT: Martin, Just by chance, I wanted to look up your small blog again “Europe is under control of world economic forum”. Typed it in google search, your blog didn’t come up on the first 5 pages of results, and I didn’t look beyond that. Typed it in Duck Duck Go, your blog came up […]

Armstrong Economics - Honestly, I am at a loss for how the British politicians are standing by and allowing Boris Johnson to singlehandedly destroy their economy and their future without so much as a whimper from Parliament. Britain has lost all sense of decency and is dangerously marching down the path of tyranny not witnessed since Edward Long […]

Armstrong Economics -   Bill Gates is having a very bad week. On top of his divorce where the real scoop is his wife disagrees with his dominating the world ego, his attempt to keep a monopoly with respect to vaccine patents to milk the world for trillions ran into strong head-winds. Gates’s worse week may come in […]

Armstrong Economics -   QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, You say that wheat fell during the Great Depression during the Dust Bowl when supply would have declined. This makes no sense. Would you address that question? KL ANSWER: Your problem is typical in analysis. It appears that 99% of the people always try to reduce some event to a single […]

Armstrong Economics - The fundamental shift within the economy due to COVID has been unfolding and is illustrated by just looking at the earnings of AMAZON which finished 2020 with $21.3 billion in net income, making it one of the most profitable companies in the world, and in the first quarter of this year, the company posted a bottom-line result […]

Armstrong Economics -   The World Economic Forum recently ran a Livestream with Interpol, Cloudflare, and a cybersecurity firm to discuss the upcoming cyber pandemic agenda, which many believe will be their next step to justify creating a Digital Citizenship to be able to even use the internet. Cloudflare’s COO who is advises on digital identity/citizenship for internet users. […]

Armstrong Economics -   It appears that there may be yet another major cover-up going on because the people dying are alleged to be those who were vaccinated. The people seem to be rising up against those in government imposing vaccines and lockdowns. Meanwhile, CDC in the USA has announced a travel restriction from India.

Armstrong Economics - In the local press, a store owner in John’s Pass, one of the main tourist spots in the Tampa Bay area, wrote: “This closure was the longest amount of time that our family business has been closed in nearly 100 years. Even WWII, even the oil spills, the red tides, the hurricanes, we were closed […]

Armstrong Economics - COMMENT: Marty, It’s one thing to steal an election, create a border crisis(when there was none) and then orchestrate an alleged attack on the Capitol, thus creating the perfect recipe for another attempt at impeachment. But with complications now surfacing with these vaccines(and follow on boosters, which by design are to ensure a continuous feed of […]

Armstrong Economics -       I have said before, we have no idea who is running the country but I believe the ties go directly to Geneva. We also have no idea of what is real or what is fake anymore and the press is out to overthrow everything we thought was guaranteed. The press and Big […]

Armstrong Economics - I have been in political meetings over the weekend. I cannot stress strongly enough that there are cracks appearing in this Great Reset Agenda. While Klaus Schwab’s evil dreams of redesigning the world may be spearheaded by corruption, bribes, and influence, the end goal is really not that distant from the Communist Revolutions and those […]

Armstrong Economics -     The importance of continuing to challenge the election really has nothing to do with reversing the election to remove Biden. That will NEVER happen. The real issue here is that election fraud has reached new levels, and it is not limited to simply presidential candidates. The risk that this will be used in […]

Armstrong Economics -   COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, a close friend of my is a major celebrity in Hollywood. They too follow you and are joining the exodus from California. So many people are leaving it is remarkable. It looks like the buyers of these expensive homes are foreigners, mainly Chinese, who want the prestige of Hollywood but are […]

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: As a programmer and a client of Socrates, I can tell this is not some neural net or deep learning AI program. What you have created goes far beyond that. Do you care to share your design? HS ANSWER: No. I fooled around with neural nets back in the 80s. I could see they […]

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Hi Marty, hope your are doing well. I have some question regarding trading to you. Why is this game mentally and physically so hard to learn… normally every trade has a 50:50 chance but if I enter the market everything is going „different“. Just trade against me and you will become even much richer, its […]

Armstrong Economics -   I will never take a cruise and will avoid any airline that mandates COVID passports.

Armstrong Economics -    Jeff Zucker was named Chairman of WarnerMedia News and Sports in March 2019. He has also served as president of CNN Worldwide since 2013. If I were Zucker, I would hire an army to protect myself and my family. He is engaged in overthrowing the United States and trashing everything generations have fought […]

April 14th, 2021 | Anti-Vax War

Armstrong Economics - COMMENT: You are just a right-wing anti-vaxer. anonymous REPLY: I am glad you believe everything every politician ever has to say if they are on the LEFT. The FDA was supposed to be independent. The government’s role under this social contract is supposed to stand between us and corporate greed. The government has used COVID […]

April 12th, 2021 | The Hunt for Global Taxes

Armstrong Economics - The proposal is to create a global tax rate as world leaders move to create a one-world government. The United Nations, behind the curtain, is preaching that ONLY they can solve the world crisis in climate change, for it requires a single government to control the world. On top of that, Bill Gates has taken […]
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