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Martin Arthur Armstrong is the former chairman of Princeton Economics International Ltd. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

Armstrong Economics - The Democrats have taken control of Virginia and already we see this pervasive move to corrupt the election process in the United States by NOT requiring any photo ID to vote. I have stated before that I had the mandate from Hong Kong to try to negotiate with the Australian government to buy land before […]

Armstrong Economics -   COMMENT: Facing a vicious circle of conflicting demands and priorities, the California Public Employees Retirement System is turning to debt – a risky scheme to borrow billions of dollars in hopes of juicing its investment returns. The California Public Employees Retirement System, the nation’s largest pension trust, benefited greatly from the runup in stocks […]

June 29th, 2020 | Constitutional Convention

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Hi, I am new to Socrates & will try to utilize this wonderful program. A few questions for Mr. Armstrong about the current state of political discourse: 1) Who has the authority to call a Constitution Convention? 2) How does a Constitutional convention work? (What are the rules…etc.) 3) How can we place limits […]

June 26th, 2020 | ECB v Fed

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Martin, You mentioned in a recent blog post that the ECB, unlike the FED, can go bankrupt. Can you explain further? Not sure where you get the time, energy and resources to research and write all that you do buy it is truly amazing. Regards, M ANSWER: The Federal Reserve does not need permission to […]

Armstrong Economics - The polls will be manipulated to show Trump will lose. While our computer shows he should win, caution is necessary because we are also showing this will be the most corrupt election in American history. The computer had also projected that Gore would have won but the Supreme Court handed that to Bush, and later […]

Armstrong Economics -  By the way. BOK stands for Bank of Oklahoma. Here is how a corrupt convention center management team kills attendance at a Trump Rally. I was there and saw most of it first hand, followed by others tonight that never got past the temperature screeners. 1. BOK Center holds at least 19,000. The area outside […]

Armstrong Economics - Bill Gates and Microsoft have been banned in Russia. This is seriously preventing Bill Gates’ dream of vaccinating the entire world so he can track everyone. Russia is going to add Bill Gates to the blacklist along with George Soros and Jacob Rothschild. The entire scheme of Microsoft and the others is to take everything […]

June 22nd, 2020 | Will the Dollar Crash?

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Good morning from Greece Martin!! It will be very interesting to have your comment on Steven’s Roach interview at CNBC about an upcoming dollar collapse due to the ballooning US deficit. My respect for your job, JA ANSWER: This is the typical myopic nonsense. All they ever do is look at the quantity of money […]

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Hi Marty. You mentioned in the blog that all European sovereign debt may end up being converted into perpetual bonds. Will it be through debt mutualization or will each country have each own Consol? Could you please elaborate on how this conversion would affect pension funds, banks, social security and individual investors? Knowing that the […]

Armstrong Economics - In Canada, the Trudeau government is refusing to release carbon tax data, saying it is top secret so that Canadians are unable to see the findings of the report. This is pretty standard for if it supported their agenda, they would be the first to release it to the public. Things become secret like the […]

Armstrong Economics - Both Canada and the EU are listening to Thomas Piketty and the World Economic Forum by pushing this socialist agenda to take over the world economy. There are major difficulties with the imposition of a wealth tax. The question becomes, how do you value a home and an entire family’s wealth or business? How do […]

Armstrong Economics - The rising civil unrest is starting to take notice of Bill Gates and his consortium hell-bent on changing the world economy. They have used the coronavirus as a ploy to shut down the world economy all for their Climate Change Agenda. There is a mountain of circumstantial evidence that points to Fauci funding the creation […]

Armstrong Economics - Bill Gates says his foundation is funding the construction of factories for seven coronavirus vaccine candidates. Europe is embracing his agenda where people will not be able to even leave their house without a digital certificate from Gates to prove they were vaccinated. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair is on board with the Gates agenda. […]

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: What is you opinion sir on default on the debt when the FED is bailing out the world on it debts as fast as possible, including the 15 central banks with the “swap lines” loans to these central banks?? A Excel sheet is on the N.Y. FED web site with the list of the […]

Armstrong Economics - All of the protests making this a racist issue have distorted the real problem which remains immunity created by the Supreme Court. We must look at these protests in their historical context for calling them simply racist rather than abuse of power hides them from the view of these events forming part of a revolutionary […]

June 12th, 2020 | Hong Kong & Sanctions

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Hong Kong is the source for US dollars for China. If Trump imposes serious sanctions, this would actually lead to a shortage of dollars in Asia. What do you see as a possibility in the middle of this madness? HJ ANSWER: The actual composition of the sanction from the United States remains unclear. The […]

Armstrong Economics - Chinese police have frozen several thousand accounts of Bitcoin traders during an extensive crackdown on illicit activities, which includes transferring money out of the country as well as tax evasion. We must realize that the PRESUMPTION that we have free markets and that somehow a cryptocurrency is outside of the government fiat system is all […]

Armstrong Economics - I have received a lot of emails from Britain asking if Boris is the new reason for the collapse of the pound. Fundamentals always emerge to support the projected trend. Boris is approving contact tracing which will undermine the economy dramatically. This is a plot by the socialists to realize their Marxist dreams. The press […]

June 9th, 2020 | Global Unemployment

Armstrong Economics - COMMENT: Dear Mr. Armstrong, According to a survey done by an online HR/recruitment firm (link attached above), 1 in 5 of Malaysians lost their job due to MCO aka lockdown arising from the COVID. This is a stark contrast from what mainstream media reports or official numbers. It looks like things are getting ugly when reality sets in. Stay […]

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Marty, I was there at your 1987 conference on the weekend of the crash. I was amazed, with many others, that you were able to say the futures would drop 10,000bp and bottom with the ECM and then make new highs. I don’t have to say many did not believe that forecast. What is […]

Armstrong Economics -   According to a recent survey conducted by the Institute for Economic Research (Ifo), German companies plan to reduce investments by 50% this year due to the lingering effects of the coronavirus. In fact, 28% of companies reportedly already canceled investments. The manufacturing sector, the heart of the German economy and therefore the entire Eurozone, […]

June 6th, 2020 | Is COVID-19 Over?

Armstrong Economics - It’s incredible how quickly the media can spin the narrative. Two weeks ago, the media labeled anyone who dared to step foot outside as a psychopathic grandmother killer. Now, they’re urging the masses to gather by the thousands to take part in a revolution. Even Joe Biden announced plans to attend the public funeral for […]

Armstrong Economics - George Floyd’s death has sparked civil unrest throughout the world. In Athens, Greece, protestors flung firebombs at the US embassy. In France, President Macron urged citizens not to compare France with the US as he does not feel police brutality, racism, or government control is an issue there. French citizens seem to disagree as 2,500 […]

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: There is a theory that the markets are rising because of the riots as the anarchy makes it more likely that Trump will win re-election. I’m wondering if the Dems remove Biden and replace him with a better candidate if this will cause the markets to tank. SMD ANSWER: I understand that is the fundamental […]

June 3rd, 2020 | Inflation into 2021

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Hi, Martin You have referenced the three different types of inflation in previous posts. Please speak to what we can expect to see manifest from this record money printing/stimulus from the Fed. Thanks, MD ANSWER: This cycle will be on the back of shortages in commodities. This has been what the computer is forecasting […]
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