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Martin Arthur Armstrong is the former chairman of Princeton Economics International Ltd. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Hi Marty, Would it not be better for Putin to follow the American model and invade all of Ukraine vs. using nuclear weapons? There is still time to execute such a strategy. Taking control of all of Ukraine would give Russia control of the borders, hence no more major offensive weapons would cross to […]

February 19th, 2023 | The Bitcoin Delusion

Armstrong Economics - COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, Now with Switzerland outlawing a cashless society, I understand your point that cryptocurrency is really a dead end. Without power, it cannot exist and as you said in times of war, you take down the power grid and they can do that with an EPM pulse. These Bitcoin zealots are clueless about […]

Armstrong Economics - COMMENT: Martin, After several years of reading your blog, I have concluded that Socrates’ prognostications appear to be spot on. I also share your assertion that a study of history supplies an insight into future events due to the constancy of “human nature.” Where we appear to part ways is in the definition of “money.” In […]

February 15th, 2023 | War & Capital Flows

Armstrong Economics - COMMENT: Marty, I attended your coming out WEC in Philadelphia in 2011. Just about everyone I spoke with said the same thing. They all showed up to make sure it was really you and not some government stooge pretending to be you. I must say, when you put up the war cycle, I thought it […]

Armstrong Economics - MiningWatch Canada is estimating that 3 billion tons of mined metals and minerals will be needed to power the energy transition. All of this nonsense for climate change means that mining for minerals will escalate dramatically. There will be an incredible expansion in the mining industry for six critical minerals: lithium, graphite, copper, cobalt, nickel, […]

Armstrong Economics -   Of course, China knows that the Biden Administration wants war. They are increasing their age limits for military service to up to 60 years old. Don’t get upset and think you will be too old for the United States and Europe. You can never be too old to die for your local politician. We […]

February 12th, 2023 | The Coming War

Armstrong Economics - COMMENT: Hi Marty, As it appears the US is marching toward war, what is notable this time, unlike what happened in the run-up to US participation in WW2, was the sense of isolationism in this country. Roosevelt was clearly walking a fine line, knowing there was no stomach for US involvement in Europe. US involvement in […]

Armstrong Economics - I know we have a lot of people expressing their opinion that the dollar will crash because when the government converts it to digital, it will be like spy wear tracking everything we do. Now you have people running around preaching the dollar will crash any day citing Biden’s Executive Order 14067. However, read it […]

Armstrong Economics - Of course, the Goldbugs always misinterpret a rally in gold. The buying coming from China is in preparation for war – not bullish gold for the sake of gold. I have warned that if war was coming, then you will see China start to sell off US Treasuries. You certainly do not fund your adversary’s […]

Armstrong Economics - Seymour Hersch won a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting on the My Lai massacre in Vietnam.  He is one of a dying breed of independent journalists. He has revealed that the United States destroyed Nord Stream Pipeline and this was all part of the Climate Change War where the Neocons are now supporting Nazis to […]

February 6th, 2023 | Can the Future be Altered?

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Good afternoon – Will try to make this one quick. Know you are busy. Have you ever asked Socrates how to “defeat” its predictions? Or to reduce volatility/amplitude of projected events? (Really, you should be recognized alongside Adam Smith, Ricardo, et al. for your discoveries and contributions.) JN ANSWER: Because the entire world is […]

Armstrong Economics - COMMENT: Marty, I know you no longer want to work in Washington. Honestly, your experience is greatly needed. Everything you said that this braindead administration is pushing China and Russia together when Nixon had divided them is coming true. The WSJ has even reported that China is aiding Russia in Ukraine. With all due respect, […]

February 2nd, 2023 | Gold v Digital Fiat & Marxism

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Hi AE…so gov’t “money” (fiat currency) will become just some abstract floating measurement of value, an electronic entry in an electronic account in the cybersphere. As these various so-called gov’ts become less reliable, even between themselves, do you see the possibility of them simply skipping their phony currencies, & trading directly in gold. Russia could […]

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Hi Marty, You’ve taught through many historic examples that politicians drag us to war because they need an external enemy to hide their failures.  Wag the dog.  Have you considered this time around the U.S. will enter ww3 to cover up the reveal of the covid vaccine blunder?  Yes, war will still hide the debt […]

Armstrong Economics - Fox Business is reporting that economic conditions are much worse than you are being told.  Unfortunately, this is the conclusion when you have ZERO understanding of the historical trends and economic conditions. It is true that the shortages of COVID have caused prices to rise faster than economic growth and most incomes.  Therefore, they conclude that […]

Armstrong Economics - While Chancellor Olaf Scholz has been pushing back against demands of Ukraine for fighter jets now after the tanks, there have been those in Germany eager to support Ukraine to destroy Russia. They have filled their heads with such propaganda that Russia will conquer all of Europe if it is not completely destroyed NOW, they […]

Armstrong Economics -   QUESTION: Do you think that Socrates will ever achieve infallibility? KJ ANSWER:  I have only shown our Global Market Watch model at conferences. It is a pattern recognition model that is learning every day. I have pointed out that nothing is infallible but if anything can achieve that, it will be this model. Right […]

Armstrong Economics -   Of course, YuuTube removed it to protect Pfizer. They are part of the media that has been targeting free speech and wants nothing but to sell humanity down the river. Here is the link to Project Veritas off the record with Pfizer. In the video, there is a question if they are engaged in “gain of […]

Armstrong Economics - Some people have written in and said I am just a Republican and I hate California. Sorry, I consider myself in the middle. I disagree with a lot on the Republican side as well. Simply put, the government should NOT be in the business of trying to manipulate society any more than the Investment Banks […]

Armstrong Economics - COMMENT: Hi Marty, I wonder if the downside of the US occupation of Europe since WW2 and US subsidization of military aid has produced a culture of pacifism. Germany’s reluctance to supply tanks to Ukraine suggests other motives. The media focuses more on Russia and internal dissent against Putin. One reads about defections and men trying […]

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Dear Martin Could you please describe more in detail what you are expecting when talking about the breakdown of the monetary system? Will there be differences between countries like Germany and Switzerland for example? Especially regarding pension systems. I assume, there might be big differences between countries. Many thanks and best regards, R. ANSWER: The monetary […]

Armstrong Economics - The debt ceiling has currently hit $31.4 trillion (Pi), representing borrowing that the Treasury undertakes to fund its financial obligations, ranging from safety-net benefits such as Social Security. Is this coincidence, or is the magic number where the government starts to lose control? As Socrates has been forecasting, this is the end of the road for our Republican […]

Armstrong Economics -   Lindsey Graham is the twin brother of John McCain. I had asked John McCain once why he hated Russia so much. He never responded with any reason. It was always the same nonsense he always spread before Putin and after. It has baffled me as to what the difference is between Germany and Russia. […]

January 22nd, 2023 | Soros Owns Mainstream Press?

Armstrong Economics - Posted Jan 23, 2023 by Martin Armstrong Spread the love COMMENT: Marty, As you know I worked for _____________ in NYC. We all know you were innocent back then. I have followed you for probably 30 years. Everyone knew that the bankers told the CFTC that you had to be silenced. Your forecast cost them […]
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