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Martin Arthur Armstrong is the former chairman of Princeton Economics International Ltd. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

Armstrong Economics -   Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that the Democrats would have stooped to such a low position as they have by indicting Trump. This is so in-your-face political and I can GUARANTEE that Trump will be convicted and the facts will NEVER matter. New York is the MOST corrupt legal system […]

April 6th, 2023 | Who is Funding Ukraine

Armstrong Economics - Every week, there is a new announcement of the US pledging additional aid to Ukraine. Biden has provided Zelensky with a blank check to fund this war while his own country’s infrastructure crumbles. The Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative led by the Department of Defense is providing Ukraine with another $2.1 billion for funding. The announcement […]

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: How can one, specifically Trump be charged with covering up an unproven mystery crime that by definition he is innocent of (innocent until proven guilty)? And why does no one mention this. MC ANSWER: This entire thing is doing nothing but bringing down the respect of the entire legal system. I knew the New […]

Armstrong Economics - Free speech no longer exists. People are now scared to speak out against their government as if they were in the old USSR. Emmanuel Macron is an absolute tyrant and the French people have had enough. The protests in France over pension reforms receive little news coverage by design. The elite do not want the […]

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Hi, Have you come across a period in history that at the end of the sixth wave, after the political system dies, during the next six waves, human mankind learned from its past errors and corrected it? ANSWER: Actually, the answer is NO. The fall of the Minoan Civilization brought in a dark age […]

Armstrong Economics - The evidence of the coming global war is overwhelming. In a move that will prompt a direct response from China, the US announced that it would deliver 400 Javelin man-portable anti-tank systems to Taiwan. The delivery is strategically planned to begin during the second half of this year into 2024. Reports claim that this deal […]

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Governments create their own sovereign fiat currency, to facilitate trade, among other reasons. So counterfeit is punishable, in some countries, by death, & at minimum, incarceration. Currency is supposed to be sacrosanct, created under the most exacting conditions. So what to do when your own gov’t engages in what is essentially officially endorsed counterfeit? […]

April 1st, 2023 | Trump v DeSantis

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: I thought you were supporting DeSantis. Are you switching to Trump? SH ANSWER: This is not about Trump even as an individual. A lot of people hate him for being arrogant. Put personal issues aside. If we are civilized, we do not condemn a person because we do not like him. All of that is absurd. […]

Armstrong Economics - Trump will now find himself silenced and whatever Free Speech he once had, will now be stripped away from him like the rest of his constitutional and human rights. We are about to witness just how corrupt our legal system truly is. This is George Soros’s puppet. Alan Bragg will now show the entire world […]

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION #1: Martin, Since Trump was already not guilty of having the affair (to which Stormy Daniels admitted never took place), does that mean that the New York Court has indicted him on the charges of “being blackmailed”? DB QUESTION #2: Bill Clinton committed perjury. That was legal grounds to indict him and remove him […]

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Hello Martin, Been reading your writings with keen interest for over 15 years now since while you were incarcerated. My question is: The way you paint a picture of the past economies going back hundreds and thousands of years through the discovery of coinage hoards is brilliant. How will a future “Martin Armstrong” from say […]

Armstrong Economics - Tyrant Justin Trudeau gave the green light to the Western world to begin de-banking citizens based on political beliefs. New text messages emerged that show the Liberal government pressured banks to freeze accounts long before the Emergencies Act (EA) was invoked amid the Freedom Convoy (also known as the Trucker Convoy). Trudeau invoked the Emergencies […]

Armstrong Economics - Politics has no place in science. I mentioned the publication Nature in my article on Fauci’s failed door to door vaccine campaign, and how it claimed that incentivizing vaccinations did not have negative consequences. I am already skeptical about most scientific studies since I always follow the money. A reader pointed out that Nature, like […]

Armstrong Economics - NATO has effectively declared war on Russia hiding behind Ukrainian surrogates. Ukraine launched new versions of their marine drones in an attempt to sink the Russian Fleet base in Sevastopol. They were blown up just before hitting Russian ships as the Russians managed to intercept them. The Russians know that these attacks are carried out […]

Armstrong Economics - COMMENT: Marty, I began following you in 1985. That is when everyone was using the Kondratieff Wave and admitted it averaged 45 to 60 years. They were all predicting another Great Depression. You were the only one right back then as well. I remember your advertisement in the Economist saying a new Private Wave was […]

Armstrong Economics - COMMENT: Marty, You have a bigger readership than CNN. They dropped to 80,000 primetime. I think you are well beyond 600,000 these days. Maybe put in an offer to buy CNN for $1.49 and hire all new staff and Socrates should get his own show. WL REPLY: That is just amazing. I think the price […]

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Marty there are a lot of people who seem to be trying to create a panic. Some are claiming the stock market will plunge by 50%. Others are saying nothing will survive other than gold. It seems like none of these people have any sense of what is really unfolding. They were saying the […]

March 22nd, 2023 | The Fed Does Not Back Down

Armstrong Economics -   COMMENT: Marty, it’s refreshing to have Socrates that is totally unbiased. It projected continued rising rates into next year and the Fed just prove its point. It is not backing down. Thank you. Socrates is very enlightening. GS ANSWER: I know there were a lot of talks that surely the Fed had to lower rates and […]

Armstrong Economics - Alvan Bragg in his vendetta against Donald Trump is clearly not just abusing his power, but he is attempting to interfere in the presidential election of 2024 by harassing Trump and trying to make him so toxic that nobody will donate to him. While I personally thought that Trump had fallen too far to be […]

Armstrong Economics - President Biden’s decision earlier on Monday to veto a bill that would have killed a Labor Department rule on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing, has effectively seized your pension and expropriated it directing it to invest in this failed green agenda. That is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and there needs to be an immediate class action suit […]

Armstrong Economics - COMMENT: Hi Marty, Seems to me the Democrats are following the time honored practice South American governments have resorted to in recent years when one party displaces another in a national election. In Brasil, the current president, Lula, spent 3 years in jail for charges of corruption. His successor was later removed from office. Now Bolsonaro has fled […]

Armstrong Economics - Economics is the ONLY field where cycles are denied. Moreover, people do not even comprehend how COMPLEXITY emerges. Alan Turing was a brilliant mathematician who is probably the father of computers for he built the really first computer to break the German Enigma Machine. The man was Alan Turing. He invented the computer and broke […]

Armstrong Economics -  We have a serious problem here. Depositors in a bank are NOT risking their money as an investor in a hedge fund. They expect honesty and stability. If the bank is trading and doubles its money, it belongs to the shareholders – not the depositors. Likewise, a loss belongs to the shareholders and that means 100% […]

March 16th, 2023 | Cash Not Accepted

Armstrong Economics - There once was a time when cash was the undisputed king. Merchants preferred cash payments over credit, and there were often incentives for paying with paper. I recall receiving lower gas prices when paying with cash, for example. It is increasingly common to see “no cash accepted” signs at establishments as the world moves toward […]

Armstrong Economics - They censored social media to prevent the public from learning the truth about COVID, vaccines, and accompanying mandates. They censored social media to prevent the public from learning about Hunter Biden’s laptop before his dad could be installed at the POTUS. They censored anyone who questioned the election or Biden’s crime family and deliberately leaked Republican voter information. The extreme […]
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