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Martin Arthur Armstrong is the former chairman of Princeton Economics International Ltd. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: There has been talk that Trudeau will use the fires to claim a climate crisis, and that will justify lockdowns again. Is there any truth to these rumors? FS ANSWER: There is definitely the idea of using climate change to justify lockdowns. However, this is really not for climate change but for crowd control. […]

Armstrong Economics -   Fannie Mae admitted their forecast of declining home prices was incorrect. They initially projected that housing would fall by 1.2% in 2023, followed by 2.2% in 2024. Housing prices remain strong because this in an inventory crisis. There are 47% less available single-family houses on the market compared to the start of the COVID […]

Armstrong Economics -   The goldbugs cling to everything they can to promote gold at the destruction of the dollar. They are pushing the idea that China, Russia, and other BRICS countries are developing a dollar alternative. The truth of the matter is that is more fiction. Even India’s foreign minister S. Jaishankar came out and said, “There […]

Armstrong Economics - This story seemed far-fetched when first public, but now we know the extent of Bill Gates’ plan to modify mosquitos. We have seen a resurgence of once dormant viruses at the precise time that Gates’ allowed Oxitec to release diseased mosquitoes into the environment. Russia has repeatedly said it has information that the US is […]

Armstrong Economics - The LEFT is now totally out of control. Fearing that they may lose against Trump and that their BS charges are so obviously political, they are now looking to charge Trump with inside trading to make him a normal type of criminal, even though this is still all politically motivated. In London, they have closed […]

Armstrong Economics - Another conspiracy theory debunked. Alex Jones warned us long ago the government “was making the frogs gay,” and he was correct, but his delivery did not go over well. Robert F. Kennedy brought up atrazine while on the Joe Rogan podcast and explained the very serious matter. Atrazine is a legal herbicide used to kill […]

Armstrong Economics -   I reported that the Pentagon admits that “due to accounting errors,” they LOST $6.2 BILLION! This is nothing new. The Pentagon has NEVER passed even one audit. Money simply vanishes and is often used by the Neocons to undermine geopolitics to further their own agenda. Then there is the sheer price gouging that is mindblowing. There is […]

Armstrong Economics - The border crisis that we have in the United States is part of the cycle of disease that our model has been projecting. In late May, Sarasota County, Florida, health officials confirmed that they had identified a case of locally transmitted malaria. Then a second confirmed case appeared on June 23 rd in Texas, discovered in […]

Armstrong Economics - This is the opening to NATO’s vision for 2030. They recognize that with the passage of time, they are losing relevance. This is behind this entire Ukrainian expansion of war. It is also not just the Neocon’s dream of a lifetime; it is the last-ditch effort to make NATO relevant for the next two generations […]

June 24th, 2023 | Never Again Campaign

Armstrong Economics -    “Never Again” is a new campaign by the Global Health Project. These doctors are now admitting that they broke the Hippocratic Oath by supporting the COVID agenda. They admit that they steered the people wrong, pushed forth dangerous unstudied vaccinations, and lost the public’s trust. It is too little, too late. “Remember that […]

Armstrong Economics -   Klaus Schwab is a control freak in how he runs the World Economic Forum. Make a single mistake and you are in trouble. Schwab seeks perfection and he is taking those ideas and seeking to indoctrinate the entire world. He has his young global leaders infiltrating governments around the world as we saw in […]

June 21st, 2023 | Kennedy Gains Traction

Armstrong Economics -  The Democrats said they would not host a presidential debate, so Robert F. Kennedy is starting his own. All eyes are on Kennedy right now after appearing on Joe Rogan. Rogan was accused of spreading misinformation by having Kennedy on his show, so he offered money to anyone who could disprove what was said. […]

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; It makes no sense for Poland to support Ukraine when they refused to ever apologize for their slaughter of 100,000 of us in their ethnic cleansing under Bandara. The rumor is that Poland had hoped that Russia would defeat Ukraine and take the Donbas and that Poland would retake the Western part […]

Armstrong Economics - We have all seen those videos of Killer Whales playing with their prey before killing it. This is sadly what is taking place with NATO. All these people do is promote war. Russia has no intention of invading Ukraine. It was indeed a special operation to secure the Donbas. NATO knows that but constantly pretends […]

Armstrong Economics - The push for the 15-minute city is underway. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are becoming increasingly popular as cities across the globe are rezoning neighborhoods to permit additional properties to be built on the same land as existing homes. Some are now referring to these units as “backyard homes” as they are becoming a normalized part […]

Armstrong Economics - COMMENT: You are just anti-Democrat and always against Biden. WU REPLY: Sorry, you are so biased you cannot look objectively at anything. When Biden utters the phrase “I’m deviating from the script, and I going to get in trouble” don’t you understand that someone is scolding him if he speaks his own mind? I’m sorry. That is irrefutable evidence […]

Armstrong Economics - Many people have written in and asked how can Trump be charged under the Espionage Act. There is probably no other Act that has been so abused than this statute. It has been responsible for witch hunts and the deliberate execution of people the prosecutors knew were innocent. This Act has silenced people, been used to […]

Armstrong Economics - Ep. 4 Wannabe Dictator — Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) June 15, 2023

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Dear Sir, With regard to your recent blog post – [ ]… … you included the ECM chart depicting the decline and fall of the United States. You have an encyclopedic understanding of the cyclical rise and fall of empires. Seeing as how the USA presently constitutes a veritable empire in most respects, are […]

June 13th, 2023 | Putin Pleas for Peace

Armstrong Economics - The vilification of Putin has been extremely successful, so much so that no one is listening to his words. The Russian leader recently spoke of conflict resolution. That is not something a warmonger hellbent on conquering nations would discuss. And yet, Putin seems to be the only world leader discussing the potential of resolving the […]

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Marty; This seems that the onslaught against Trump is a desperate attempt fearing that he would stop the war and reverse climate change. I have been reading you for years. You have great sources but also a great insight into what is happening in this corrupt world. I used to question your warnings that […]

Armstrong Economics - QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong, could you please explain what happens in technical terms from a capital flow perspective, when confidence is lost and hyperinflation starts to begin? For example Turkey. When Erdogan was elected i think you wrote that ever since the lira started dropping. So confidence in politics is key. Do you think one […]

June 10th, 2023 | Hypocrisy of our Time

Armstrong Economics - COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, Your economic confidence model is too good for the corrupt Noble Prize. I have been following you since 1983. Your research into the shift in confidence between the people and government is so in your face today, I can see why you said the dollar may not last beyond 2029. It is […]

Armstrong Economics - COMMENT: Imagine Canadians bombing Quebec and outlawing the French language and French-speaking people. My guess is Quebec will eventually use this opportunity to separate from Canada! The propaganda is so thick!! Thanks from the Great White North for being a voice of Reason and Truth!! Jim M REPLY: Both of my Ukrainian employees have fled […]
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