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Martin Arthur Armstrong is the former chairman of Princeton Economics International Ltd. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

Armstrong Economics - There is a price to pay for going against the global elite. I reported how GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy sued the World Economic Forum and won. Shortly after, his plane lost oxygen mid-flight and was forced to make an emergency landing. “Due to an unexpected cabin depressurization issue in his plane, Vivek Ramaswamy was […]

Armstrong Economics - This story has not gained enough attention. GOP presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy took on the globalist elite of the World Economic Forum (WEF) for “creating a false perception” that he was involved in their organization. The WEF attempted to list Ramaswamy as a Young Global Leader but he denied their invitation. After repeatedly asking the […]

Armstrong Economics - World War III continues to heat up as the US Marines have been deployed to the Strait of Hormuz. The military also plans to deploy F-16 and F-35 warplanes and an Amphibious Readiness Group/Marine Expeditionary Unit containing 3,000 troops. France24 says that Iran has attempted, sometimes unsuccessfully, to take control of 20 internationally flagged ships […]

Armstrong Economics - The Democrats sent a letter demanding Alito recuse himself on any such question regarding the power of the Supreme Court. Once again, just as FDR tried to stack the court to turn the United States into his vision of a Marxist Utopia following Stalin after he recognized the Communists as a legitimate government, they are […]

Armstrong Economics - Larry Sanger, one of the founders of Wikipedia, states plainly it is now all propaganda DO NOT DONATE TO WIKIPEDIA

August 4th, 2023 | Trudeau’s Tinder Profile

Armstrong Economics - Must be a quadruple-vaccinated conformist who rejects all freedoms. Open to all genders or non-genders! Must enjoy long plane rides to Davos, the occasional lockdown, and be interested in implementing the New World Order with me and my friends at the World Economic Forum. Absolutely no truckers or family members of truckers — swipe left […]

Armstrong Economics - The Canadian government does not want people sharing news stories online. The government should be the sole source of information. The Online News Act (Bill C-18) would require social media platforms and online sources to compensate Canadian news agencies for sharing news online. A report by Angus Reid found that 85% of Canadians do not […]

Armstrong Economics - @absolutegeniux #viralvideo #trending #tiktokviralvideos #viral #trendingvideo #tiktok #tiktokviral #tiktokviralvideo ♬ original sound – AbsoluteGenius A man attempted to purchase strawberries with cash at an Aldi grocery store in the UK, possibly leading to his arrest. They want us to adjust to the cashless society that will implement globally by the World Economic Forum under its […]

Armstrong Economics - The victor gets to write history, and that is precisely what the LEFT did with FDR and the New Deal. You will never be an accurate analyst unless you accept that you are duty-bound to investigate the truth no matter where it may lead. The myth of the New Deal and its success in dragging […]

Armstrong Economics -  Nicole Schwab, the offspring of World Economic Forum mastermind Klaus Schwab, admitted that COVID was simply a precursor for coming climate lockdowns. In the leaked video above from a June 2020 panel discussion in Switzerland, Nicole comments that COVID proved the world could strongly shift once people felt an extreme threat to their livelihoods. […]

July 28th, 2023 | There is No Rule of Law

Armstrong Economics - Anyone who thinks there is a rule of law in any country is a fool. When the movie The Forecaster came out, and I did a tour of major cities, I was in Frankfurt, and there was a question and answer period after the film. A woman stood up and said this is what is […]

Armstrong Economics - There is no question that the real problem here is that the financial system is collapsing. These morons have been borrowing since World War II with ZERO intention of ever paying off the debt. They are running out of buyers. Attacking Russia and China has divided the world economy, which may be the Neocons’ goal, […]

July 26th, 2023 | The CDBD Crisis of 2025

Armstrong Economics -   QUESTION: 1. Due to the draconian rules the US digital currency shall operate under, would you consider the coming US digital currency to be the worst form of currency—worst store of value—worst asset to hold, and if so would it be better to get entirely out of cash before the US Dollar is canceled […]

Armstrong Economics -   COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, At first, I questioned why you were more pro-Putin than the media. But given your reliable forecasting and being renowned for your sources, I kept an open mind. Whilst it is becoming clear that Putin has been going after the people who wanted to nuke and totally invade Ukraine, the media […]

July 24th, 2023 | Operation Acoustic Kitty

Armstrong Economics - The Central Intelligence Agency has a long history of spying on Americans. People think of the old Soviet Union or North Korea as examples of extreme government surveillance measures, but it happens right here in the Land of the Free. A reader wrote in about this topic, and I can confirm it is not a […]

Armstrong Economics - We have a very serious problem. Banks, Media, and Tech Companies seem to be all pushing for the end of all our civil and human rights. The truth has come out now that the Coutts Bank closed down Nigel Farage’s accounts, and it had NOTHING to do with his finances that they told everyone. That […]

Armstrong Economics - Tunisia is actually criminalizing free speech under the claim that it is spreading “fake news” to end free speech in the country. The problem is this is the trend in the aftermath of COVID. Anything disagreeing with the government narrative is increasingly moving toward criminalization. This was the very same trend that the LEFT took […]

Armstrong Economics - The White House claims that Vice President Kamala Harris made a gaff by saying that the goal was to “reduce population” when she should have said pollution. Of course, the immediate claim is that anyone disagreeing with that statement is engaging in a conspiracy theory. As they say, actions speak louder than words. She actually […]

Armstrong Economics -  Nathaniel Pawlowski delivered a powerful speech to the European Parliament, where he called Justin Trudeau a modern-day Caligula. Pawlowski’s father, Artur Pawlowski, has been arrested numerous times for simply speaking out against the tyrannical Canadian government. Artur Pawlowski was a vocal advocate for medical freedom and continued to speak up for the people despite threats from […]

Armstrong Economics - Some may have seen the viral clip of Tucker Carlson’s interview with Mike Pence. This interview will be remembered as the nail in the coffin for Pence, who could not hide his Neocon agenda. “Every city in the United States have become much worse in the past three years. Drive around – there is not […]

Armstrong Economics - What has come out of this NATO meeting is the West is escalating the war with Russia. They are expanding the “sharing” of nuclear weapons at the request of Poland, which has always been rejected previously. This means that any nation with F35 and F16 will have available to them nuclear weapons. This is why […]

Armstrong Economics -   There are countless videos of President Joe Biden violating the personal space of children. He is constantly sniffing their hair as well, which is all on film and not a conspiracy theory or some smear campaign. The children are visibly upset, and their brain-dead parents allow it to happen. This has been happening for […]

Armstrong Economics - Dr. John Clauser, the co-winner of the 2022 Nobel Physics prize has come out and said the whole nonsense of Climate Change caused exclusively by CO2 is an absolute HOAX. Anyone who has ever studied physics cannot possibly conclude otherwise. There is absolutely NOTHING that can ever be reduced to a single cause and effect […]
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