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April 24, 2024 | Global Taxation – Proposal to Fight Climate Change and Poverty

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.


Tax Wealth Tax

Finance ministers from France and Brazil are urging the G20 to implement a minimum 2% tax on billionaires in an effort to fight climate change and poverty. Everyone cheers when the suggestion is to tax someone else, but feigns shock when the rules expand and everyone experiences rising taxation. Global collaborative efforts such as war go against the very problems government agencies claim to combatting. They are deliberately increasing the price of living while simultaneously increasing our taxes.

Brazil’s Fernando Haddad and France’s Bruno Le Maire believe that billionaires should see their wealth decline by 2% (at minimum) every year. “In a world where economic activities are increasingly transnational, we have to find new and creative ways to tax these activities [and] thus direct the revenues to common global endeavours such as ending hunger and poverty and fighting climate change,” said Haddad. Le Marie spoke of GLOBAL TAXATION efforts as “a matter of efficiency and a matter of justice.” “Everybody has to pay his fair share of taxation,” he added. Longtime career politician Bernie Sanders of the US is also in full support of the proposal.

Taxing Worldwide Income

Tune in to what they are actually saying. A collective global entity would like to collect funds from citizens of individual nations through taxation. This far surpasses taxation without representation as they are discussing eliminating personal wealth, for then those within the one world order can spend their looted funds as they see fit. And they certainly will spend it as we have seen time and time again. Government spending is the main problem we face today as monetary policy could never keep up with fiscal, and politicians are content on raising taxes until the people have nothing left.

In America, we saw it happen this past year with the Inflation Reduction Act, Ukraine Aid, migrant funding, and countless spending packages. Everyone, be it lower or middle class, saw their taxes drastically rise. Yes, the promise was not to raise taxes on anyone earning under $400,000 annually – guess what? Governments lie.

The mere concept that individuals could finance government spending is absurd. They can raise taxes to 100% and it would still not be enough to crawl out of the sovereign debt crisis.

AOC Tax Rich

China sits at the table and listens to the discussions but does not make the first move. China is skilled at the art of negotiation and winning over one’s opponent. They have not openly dismissed the idea, but they would not implement it for their own people. Chinese representative Lan Fo’An “demonstrated openness,” according to Reuters, but China does not want to join this collective madness. Capitalism thrives off of entrepreneurs and innovators who create new products, companies, job openings, and entire industries. China is not going to discourage its people from capitalistic endeavors through a global taxation rate. Save them a seat at the table so that they can hear what the others plan to do.

Germany’s finance minister, Christian Lindner of the Free Democratic Party, openly rejected the proposal. “We do not think it is suitable,” he said at a press conference alongside Bundesbank President Joachim Nagel in Washington. “We have an appropriate taxation of income.” Individual nations have their tax codes in place – global taxation is permitting the globalists to steal from citizens of their respective nations.

Zucman does not understand economics, but he does understand how to pander to the establishment. He had the audacity to say that if some G20 nations fail to participate, other nations can simply tax them more to compensate. Zucman and others are already discussing the potential of a Donald Trump win this November as they know he is not supporting the Great Reset or globalist agenda. The world needs Trump to fail in order to conquer America politically.


The government found a way to house and feed millions of migrants as soon as they entered the country. They could implement other programs to combat poverty if they chose to do so. The billions funneled to Ukraine, for example, could have been spent elsewhere. Instead we are creating multi-trillion dollar packages to combat naturally occurring weather patterns. It is all a mere game and we are the pawns.

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April 24th, 2024

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