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April 11, 2024 | Insurance Companies Planning for Climate Lockdowns

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.



Some insurance companies are altering their policies for corporations and business interruptions, which seems to be in anticipation of government lockdowns for climate change under the label “weather events.” The government seems to be preparing for new lockdowns under the pretense of climate change this summer.  It appears that they are preparing to restrict travel starting from early to mid-June.  This appears to be part of the agenda being orchestrated to prevent people from traveling for vacations using climate change as an excuse. This is part of a covert action along with the hyping of bird flu to ramp up restrictions and to force more justification for mail-in ballots as they did using COVID.

2024 Presidential Election by Popular Vote

Our computer has been projecting a Republican victory in 2024. Personally, I cannot see how these Climate Change and Neocons will possibly allow Trump to win. It already appears that they are flooding the nation with 14 million aliens and are counting on them to vote for their free money and free healthcare to return the Democrats to the White House. Throw in this Bird Flu, and now what appears to be climate lockdowns, in addition to trying to seize all of Trump’s properties and sell them to the best Democratic donors for a sing. At the same time, NYC intends to actually send Trump to prison for nonsense that nobody else in history has ever been prosecuted.

2028 Presidential forecast

I do not care if you are pro-Trump or anti-Trump. This is about completely destroying not just the rule of law but the very fabric of the United States all to retain power. The computer is warning that there may not even be a 2028 election. All I can do is report what the computer has been projecting. This is by no means my opinion or desire.

Don’t Forget to Send a Thank You to Klaus Schwab for Destroying your Future.


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April 11th, 2024

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  • Nico says:

    can we get a link to one or more of those insurance who updated their “weather events.” section, so we can judge ourselves?

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