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June 22, 2019 | Confidence Now Collapsing Globally! What Does This Mean?

The up and down of financial confidence! It’s a fragile internal concept of our mind! Our real markets (production of goods) is starting to collapse and decline. This is evident in Europe and also globally. Fear is developing within the halls of our central planners. The talk is now about sustaining the bull market in […]

June 21, 2019 | Will Algo’s Slam Silver/Gold or Could Demand Overwhelm?

Our Treasury department via their proxies (the Exchange Stabilization Fund and the Plunge Protection Team) desire that silver/gold prices remain suppressed. This is natural as these authorities desire to promote our digital/virtual currencies for everyone. Virtual money is desired and physical money is passe. All historical monies must be gradually eliminated from our markets so that […]

June 19, 2019 | My Take on Jay Powell’s Decision to Not Change Rate Policy!

America’s Fed Chairman, Jr. Jerome Powell, has decided to wait on changing the Fed Funds Rate for now. This rate will remain at 2.25% to 2.50%. Most pundits seemed to expect a rate reduction as our economy seems to be slowing. Mr. Powell, however, has concluded that consumer spending is solid and that demand is steady […]

June 18, 2019 | Gold and Silver Capped Until the Crash!

Silver is controlled by an algorithm which caps the spot price (currently under $15). Gold is also controlled by an algorithm and it’s price is capped. Our corrupt authorities at the Treasury can use the Exchange Stabilization Fund and the Plunge Protection Team to cap these prices so as to deceive the markets on what should […]

June 12, 2019 | Is Hyper-Inflation Likely? Let’s Think!

John Williams, economist/pundit, believes that the U.S. economy will evolve into hyper-inflation down the road. John Williams is a well known critic of our Keynesian monetary system and I do follow some of his logic. Yet what I sense is just the opposite. The dollar markets IMO are much different from most fiat currencies. Hyper-inflation […]

June 11, 2019 | Who Will Determine Fed Policy Going Forward? Trump or Powell?

Does Jay Powell bow to the Trump tweets and his mental pressure? Mr. Trump desires that our Fed inaugurate a new QE program (what I call official counterfeiting of our dollar) and then also lower interest rates by 1%. Mr. Trump continues with the mantra that our Fed must expand credit/debt and lower interest rates […]

June 10, 2019 | Are Central Planners Aware that our Money is Imaginary?

As I watch our central banks manipulate our electronic markets in real-time, I must ask the question: Do the insiders (trading our markets) understand what they are doing? Do they discern that our money is ‘inner’ and ‘subjective’? Why do we now have ‘imaginary’ money?   Do our manipulators recognize that ‘inner’ money units (mere […]

June 4, 2019 | As Economy Weakens, Manipulators Become Aggressive!

Today’s Dow Index was up over 512 points and this is understandable for those of us who recognize how our system works. Our markets have no tie to our real economy so our central planners can manipulate the markets in an attempt to create positive sentiment.   Negative events do not affect an algorithm which trades […]

June 3, 2019 | Psychology is Changing towards Gold! Why?

The last couple of weeks has resulted in a change in psychology for our precious metals.This seems obvious to me as I watch what our pundits and investors are saying publicly. Gold has been in the doldrums for years (since 2011) and its psychology has been negative since 2011. But all is changing as I […]

May 30, 2019 | Capitalism Ended (2008), Agenda 2030 is the Blueprint Now (2016)!

Who is aware of what our world has become since the death of Capitalism in 2008. With the financial crisis of 2008, our system changed from private control of our economy to Central Bankism (control of all economies by our Central Banks). This then evolved into this Agenda 2030 system with the approval of all nations […]

May 27, 2019 | Fragmentation in Europe – Meaning?

The elections over in Europe have resulted in division and fragmentation. This means that our political and economic decision-making will be difficult going forward for 2019 and 2020. The current slowdown in our global economy is likely to grow as there is no consensus of views on the difficult issues. Group-think is less likely going forward. […]

May 24, 2019 | Economic Slow-down Evident! What are the Issues?

The global slow-down is now obvious and the trends suggest more of the same going forward. Delinquencies of auto debt are now at 19 year highs. Student loan debt and delinquencies are at new highs. Existing home sales are down. Retail lay-offs up. Interest rates continue to go down indicating that the slow-down is continuing to […]

May 21, 2019 | Is China Suppressing/Manipulating the Gold Price? Check out the above link which covers the issue of Gold Manipulation and Suppression.   James Rickards says that China may be manipulating the gold price. This seems somewhat plausible as China is a huge buyer of gold. Rickards says that China may want to suppress the price as they desire to increase their […]

May 19, 2019 | The Church(es) of Central Planning! Who does the Planning for each Economy?

Money rules over our planet and those who control the money and its circulation can govern our planet. Capitalism is now mostly over and a new form of Socialism is emerging for our planet. Central planning is at the core of Socialism. A key characteristic of Socialism is this concept called top/down decision-making. Select elites who […]

May 17, 2019 | Monetary History Made Simple!

At my recent visit to Las Vegas and the Money Show, there were two experts who attempted to give the attendees a history of money. These experts were well known economists with a big audience of listeners. But what I discovered is that these experts did not represent history accurately or completely. They did not […]

May 14, 2019 | Las Vegas Money Show – My Observations!

Today, I am attending the Money Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Some 5,500 attendees are in attendance. The experts are all over the place with their opinions and predictions. A few opinions are as follows: Peter Schiff:  a recession is arriving but the Fed will use low interest rates and QE4 to keep the borrowing going. […]

May 13, 2019 | Psychological Markets React to Trump Tariff Policies and Tweets!

Mr. Trump says that tariffs are paid for by China. But his adviser, Mr. Kudlow, says the opposite. Who pays for the tariffs on China’s products? I would suggest that the company importing Chinese goods will pay the tariff and then this increase will likely be passed on to the consumer. So who pays? Ultimately […]

May 11, 2019 | Trade War With China – Can It Improve with Trump Tariffs?

  Currently, the Trump administration is negotiating with China to lower the U.S. trade deficit (goods) and this may help temporarily but not over the longer-term. Why? The big issue with trade is the currency exchange rate. As trade slows with the U.S. (currently happening) the Yuan tends to increase (get weaker). This policy of letting the […]

May 6, 2019 | Can Capitalism be Saved?

The article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “I’m Running to Save Capitalism” by John Hickenlooper was interesting. Mr. Hickenlooper is from Colorado and is a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. His article seems to imply that Capitalism is in serious trouble and needs to be saved. I, personally, would suggest that Capitalism is over. Capitalism […]

May 3, 2019 | Time and Money: Two ‘concepts’ which we can Eliminate!

Today, at the clubhouse, my two philosopher friends and I talked about two concepts which have lost their meaning and which we can eliminate from our real-time reality going forward. The two concepts are TIME and MONEY. Let’s think about these two concepts and try to comprehend why they can be eliminated from our real-time view […]

May 2, 2019 | Watch: Fed Will Lower Interest Rates At Next Meeting (June)!

Our Fed Chairman has kept interest rates on hold (for now) and the markets slide downward. What will happen at the next Fed meeting in June? I predict that Mr. Powell will lower rates. Why? Our economy is slowing and deflation is emerging in real estate and the auto sectors. By June our Fed will […]

April 25, 2019 | Currently – Over 100 Electronic Stock Exchanges (globally)! Amazing!

Our entire planet is now wired for communication. We now have some 100 + electronic stock/bond/derivative exchanges on our planet. Some 16 electronic exchanges trade over $1 trillion (capitalization) daily. What is happening to planet Earth? Who can discern what will emerge for all of us? Change is happening rapidly! Money has transitioned from ‘material’ […]

April 23, 2019 | ATTN: Mr. Trump and Mr. Mnuchin – Close Down The ESF!

The Exchange Stabilization Fund exists mostly to rig and manipulate prices, stocks, bonds, gold/silver, and foreign exchange. It was created way back in 1934, under the FDR administration, and it still exists today. This fund can be shut down by President Trump as it exists at his pleasure. The Treasury Department under Mr. Steven Mnuchin […]

April 19, 2019 | One Final Flurry and Then Implosion!

Our global stock markets may experience ONE final flurry upward and then the snow ball will descend from this mountain top (my view). 2019 has been historic as most of the major stock exchanges have increased from 15 – 20+%. Trade has slowed but the digits which represent our stocks have multiplied upward. Our leaders look […]

April 18, 2019 | The Fed and the Professor Standard! Herman Cain!

Today’s Wall Street Journal had an article by Mr. Herman Cain, Trump’s proposed candidate to join the Fed, on issues of economic policy. Let’s think about this viewpoint of Mr. Cain and his idea that we need a commodity standard to stabilize the American dollar. Does Mr. Cain understand our current real-time marketplace?   Mr. Cain […]

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