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April 23, 2019 | ATTN: Mr. Trump and Mr. Mnuchin – Close Down The ESF!

The Exchange Stabilization Fund exists mostly to rig and manipulate prices, stocks, bonds, gold/silver, and foreign exchange. It was created way back in 1934, under the FDR administration, and it still exists today. This fund can be shut down by President Trump as it exists at his pleasure. The Treasury Department under Mr. Steven Mnuchin […]

April 19, 2019 | One Final Flurry and Then Implosion!

Our global stock markets may experience ONE final flurry upward and then the snow ball will descend from this mountain top (my view). 2019 has been historic as most of the major stock exchanges have increased from 15 – 20+%. Trade has slowed but the digits which represent our stocks have multiplied upward. Our leaders look […]

April 18, 2019 | The Fed and the Professor Standard! Herman Cain!

Today’s Wall Street Journal had an article by Mr. Herman Cain, Trump’s proposed candidate to join the Fed, on issues of economic policy. Let’s think about this viewpoint of Mr. Cain and his idea that we need a commodity standard to stabilize the American dollar. Does Mr. Cain understand our current real-time marketplace?   Mr. Cain […]

April 15, 2019 | Do You Know Where Your Money Is? A History to Consider!

Maria Bartiromo, a financial journalist and prior CNBC commentator, used to say “do you know where your money is”. This question raises questions in one’s mind about one’s savings, investments, security, etc. I would like to ask a few deeper questions for each of us to consider in this missive . Is there such a ‘thing’ […]

April 14, 2019 | Human Nature Reveals Itself Daily!

  After some 77 years on this planet I find that human nature is an interesting issue.  I have discovered that most people will generally not pursue hard realities but acquiesce to the easy path (mostly). What do I mean? If you read my prior missive on the six criminal banks, you can discern that […]

April 12, 2019 | Six ‘Criminal’ Banks Finally Identified and Exposed! Why No Media Coverage? New Report:     The Rap Sheet For Wall Streets Biggest Banks Crime Spree Over 350 Different Legal Actions (since 2008), Almost $200 Billion in Fines and Settlements, $8.2 Trillion in Bailouts (and the game continues into 2019), When does justice arrive? Wall Street’s top financial executives from 2008 and after. Why no justice for […]

April 9, 2019 | Blow-back Coming! Why, When, Where?

American policymakers are insane if they think that they can continue to impose stress and control on other countries and expect no ‘blow-back’. Let’s think about what America (Babylon the Great IMO) is doing around our planet: America has economic and various forms of sanctions on some 45 countries. The list grows over time. Who can […]

April 6, 2019 | Trump Wants More QE (official counterfeiting of our dollar)!

Trump wants Fed in start buying assets again (quantitative easing)!   Trump wants Fed to lower interest rates from current levels!   Trump wants Stephen Moore and Herman Cain to serve on Fed Board! Today’s Wall Street Journal states that “President Keeps Up Pressure On Fed”. Trump wants the Fed to cut interest rates and […]

April 2, 2019 | Money: A Transition from Outer to Inner (since 2008)! Where does it all Lead?

Money has been an outer object from nature since its first invention. As humans, we invented money for the purpose of calculating ‘value’ and also to represent ‘value’. I call money a proxy for ‘value’. Value (this concept of exchange) is subjective and inner so we needed some object to represent this inner concept of our […]

April 1, 2019 | Attention Investors: What Does The Word ‘Virtual’ Mean?

My investor friends at the clubhouse lack understanding about our virtual markets. Most claim that our Fed ‘prints’ our money and they do not recognize that our electronic markets are now ‘virtual’ markets! The word ‘virtual’ is not understood. Could this lack of comprehension be prevalent among traders in all our markets? Let’s talk about this […]

March 25, 2019 | Sweden Could Soon Offer The e-Krona (a digital currency to its citizens)! Europe Would Follow!

The Riksbank is the central authority over all of Sweden’s commerce! Ingves: The e-krona and the payments of the future! Stefan says: “It is important to update the money the Riksbank issues to a format that suits the modern economy. We will therefore develop a pilot version of a central bank digital currency – an e-krona. Once we have […]

March 23, 2019 | U.S. Sanctions Could Create Blow-back Soon! U.S. Military is a Global Problem!

The U.S. is imposing sanctions of various types on some 30 nations on our planet (maybe more). Dire sanctions are being imposed on countries like Syria, Russia, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Afghanistan, China, and North Korea. Does America think that they can impose all these sanctions on other countries and there be no blow-back (ever)? This, to […]

March 22, 2019 | Recession, Reset, Jubilee, Tier 1, Trump!

Where is our world going in 2019 and after? What is happening? As I have said for months, our real economy is not growing and our digital economy is mostly fake. The up and down of electronic ‘numbers’ within our stock indices does not represent valid economics IMO. We live with much deception, confusion, lies, […]

March 21, 2019 | Will America use its Military to Depose Maduro of Venezuela?

Who will rule Venezuela? Mr. Maduro or Mr. Guaido?  The Venezuelan currency (the Bolivar) has lost 95% of its purchasing power! The economy is in chaos as the money system has been destroyed! America will likely remove Maduro (via a military operation) and install Mr. Guaido as puppet leader over the people of Venezuela!    […]

March 19, 2019 | MMT, Green New Deal, Public Banks, QE!

Can America avoid the world system so as to fund public banks (via QE dollars)? QE emerges from a Central Bank and the units emerge from thin-air! The idea could work for America (but what about all the other nations with weak currencies)? Is money from nothing a concept which would work globally? I don’t […]

March 14, 2019 | The Fed Is a Threat to Growth! Why?

The Eccles building is where our central planners work and decide economic policies for our nation and the world. Our unelected policy-makers think and act within this venue (located within the Eccles building) in Washington D.C.   Today’s Wall Street Journal had an article by Stephen Moore and Louis Woodhill which described our Fed as […]

March 8, 2019 | Digital Money: Divorced from Material/Physical/Tangible Reality

Economics is all about production of material wealth from the land and the consumption of products which derive from the land. The purpose of money is to represent that which is produced and consumed plus to measure its value to determine growth and change. But what happens today is not valid when these issues are considered. […]

March 4, 2019 | The Market Wants to Crash…But??

The Dollar Collapse website ( gives me a list of why our real markets are crashing. I have reviewed the items and agree with the sentiment. Our markets are starting to crash BUT our digital central planners can still manipulate these stock indices UP with the click of a computer mouse. The phony markets are pure […]

March 1, 2019 | Eight Years of Price Suppression yet Few can Comprehend the Issues!

Our silver and gold prices have been manipulated and suppressed since 2011 (now nearly eight years). Market conditions would normally be favorable for silver and gold but algorithmic price suppression in ubiquitous. It continues as I write. Who is behind this scheme and why?   Dr. Paul Craig Roberts educated me on this price suppression scheme […]

February 28, 2019 | Our Future: Universal Digital Identification! And More!

Our world is going digital and this will change everything in time. The next five years are crucial for all these new technologies to emerge.   There are good results to be expected as our world goes digital. All is not negative. Artificial Intelligence, robots, automated production, driverless cars and trucks, remote surgery, etc. are […]

February 27, 2019 | Recession Implied by Powell’s Statements to our Congress!

As of today, no recession is envisioned. But is it emerging? Our Fed Chairman, Mr. Jerome Powell, stated in testimony before Congress that future policy changes will be DATA DEPENDENT. What does this imply going forward? To me, this implies that a recession in on the horizon later in 2019. Why? because our markets are now […]

February 16, 2019 | Our FAKE Economy (called Capitalism) is being Recognized by Many as an Illusion!

There are a number of articles in today’s Barron’s, the Economist, and today’s Wall Street Journal which touch on our ‘fake’ economy and ‘fake’ Capitalism. The headlines reveal the issues: Today’s Barron’s: Avi Tiomkin says “Again, the Fed Seems Oblivious to a Crisis” Peggy Noonan in the WSJ says “Republicans Need to Save Capitalism” Lance Morrow, […]

February 15, 2019 | The Stock-market is NOT the Economy!

In today’s speech to the Nation, our President expressed his view that our economy is booming even as other nations economies have slowed. His view was that the booming stock-market represents our economy. Is this a valid view of economics?   I think our President has a distorted view of our economy and real wealth creation. […]

February 14, 2019 | Venezuela: A Model of What is Emerging for the World!

  Venezuela is heading for a civil war and/or a military solution with the USA playing the key role. The idea that Venezuela will return to a form of non-violent democracy is not realistic. Democracy is nothing more than Mob Rule with the winning mob subverting the will of 50% or more of the people. […]

February 13, 2019 | Capitalism, Socialism, Communism! Key Differences!

  Today the Green New Deal is making headlines all over the planet. This ‘new deal’ outlined by our Socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, from New York (along with a cadre of supporters) will promote a culture where everyone becomes a slave of the State. The State will administer this Green New Deal for the benefit of everyone. […]

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