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November 25, 2021 | Turn off the TV

(Click on image for higher resolution) An image is circulating online that shows how the mainstream media has garnered viewers over the past 20 years. The three pillars of rhetoric are logos (logic), pathos (trust), and ethos (emotions). The media has been using all three of these persuasion tactics so that people are too afraid […]

November 25, 2021 | Interest Rates Do Not Reflect Inflation

We got a string of new data this past week confirming inflation in consumer goods, and housing are proving to be more than transitory. Canada’s consumer price index continued to drift higher with prices hitting an 18 year high, up 4.7% from last October. The recent floods in BC are already creating significant food and […]

November 25, 2021 | Leverage on Leverage on Leverage…

The reckless obsession with maximizing capital risk and indebtedness under the guise of “investing” is sure to end in financial carnage.  Historical precedents are unambiguous.  When this carbuncle blows, we will be trying to patch financial holes for years to come.  Cautionary evidence is everywhere.  The recent Calpers decision is just one more egregious example, see:  Leverage […]

November 25, 2021 | Global Warning on the Greatest Financial Mania in History

The first step is to identify what the key market action really is. With America’s change from a pro-business to a socialist administration, the popular alarm has been that “Inflation is back!”, as in the 1970s. Even more hysterical is that some “name” hedge fund managers have been calling for “Hyperinflation”, as afflicted Germany in the […]

November 25, 2021 | Will There Be a Santa Claus Rally This Year?

Should the world look at using Bitcoin like El Salvador?  Special Offer! Receive 50% Off VR Trader Newsletters! Enter Promo Code 2021HALFOFF.

November 25, 2021 | Biden Getting Into an Oil War With OPEC

Is the forecast of $100 a barrel crude realistic?

November 24, 2021 | Shipping Container Price Surge Will Result in Increased Prices on Consumer Goods

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) announced that we should expect consumer prices to rise 1.5% on average over the next year due to the global shipping crisis. Inflation, fuel increases, and labor shortages are among the many factors that have caused shipping costs to spike. “UNCTAD’s analysis shows that the current […]

November 24, 2021 | More Consequences of the Fed’s Actions

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – A news flash. You’ll recall that it was only 18 months ago that the world had so much oil, its price fell below zero. CNN Business: US crude finished April 20, 2020, at minus-$37 a barrel, blowing past the zero mark that few imagined would ever be crossed. Negative oil is the […]

November 24, 2021 | Erosion Beneath Euphoria

Treasury yields rose initially on news that Fed Chair Powell has the nod for a second term.  Apparently, Powell–who’s endlessly sought to boost animal spirits and his portfolio at every market yip–is now a hawk that will raise rates through a global downturn and tanking risk markets in 2022.  LOL indeed. With the five most […]

November 24, 2021 | Financial ETF Sector XLF Pullback Sets Up A New $43.60 Upside Target

The recent downward price rotation in the Financial Sector ETF (XLF) may have frightened some traders. My research, however, suggests this move is setting up a future bullish price target near $43.60 – a more than +11% move. The end of the year Christmas Rally phase of the markets should drive spending and Q4:2021 expectations […]

November 24, 2021 | Today’s Inflation Not “Organic” Like 70’s Inflation

Supply chain problems could last decades

November 24, 2021 | Should Canada Let Policies Be Set by Eco-Terrorists

Tersa Earth leading environmental sound battery metal mining

November 24, 2021 | BC Government Inept at Dealing With Disasters

  • Jordan Bateman –  Supply chain and inflation problems impacting construction industry

November 23, 2021 | Is Australia Preparing Concentration Camps for the Unvaccinated?

Rumors are swirling on the internet that the Australian Army is herding the unvaccinated population into “quarantine camps.” The army is not currently hunting down the vaccinated, yet, but there is a suspicious amount of funds going toward these quarantine facilities. The Guardian has reported that $130 million was recently invested by the Northern Territory […]

November 23, 2021 | McKinsey: Inflated Asset Prices Leave Economy and Net Worth Vulnerable

A McKinsey report published this week examines how productively we are using global ‘wealth,’ and the conclusion is, not very. While global net worth (asset prices- liabilities) has tripled since 2000, the increase mainly reflects financialized gains in assets, especially real estate, rather than investment in productive activities that expand economic momentum and well-being. As financial assets […]

November 23, 2021 | Will Rising Interest Rates Lower Home Prices?

Are speculators responsible for higher house cost?

November 23, 2021 | Market Charge Higher Likely to Last Into New Year

Gold, Silver and miners could be ready to move higher

November 22, 2021 | Most Americans Will Die Penniless

It is a depressing reality, but around 73% of Americans will die with debt, according to a 2016 poll by The average amount of outstanding debt at the time of the report was an alarming $61,554.00 per person. Around 68% of those studied had credit card debt, 37% had mortgage debt, and 6% died […]

November 22, 2021 | Congress Passes Biden’s Latest $1.2 Trillion “Infrastructure” Deal

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – Sit down. Remain calm. Let’s try to figure this out… The big news on Friday was that the House got together and passed Joe Biden’s social spending program. Nancy Pelosi congratulated herself: [The package] is a spectacular agenda for the future, with transformational action on health care, family care and climate that […]

November 22, 2021 | Leland: China Slowing More Than People Think

China’s economy is slowing more than people think and the outlook is for weaker growth going forward as the government is unlikely to step in with significant stimulus, according to Leland Miller, chief executive officer of China Beige Book. “The third quarter was particularly brutal” for China’s economy, Miller said Friday on Bloomberg Television in […]

November 21, 2021 | Millennials Priced Out of Home Ownership

Why do 20% of Millennials (25-40-year-olds) in the US believe homeownership is completely unobtainable? To start, rentals across the US are on the rise. The Fair Market Rents (FMRs) compile data every year to determine the cost of the 40th percentile gross rents for typical, non-substandard rental units. This means that the majority of rental […]

November 21, 2021 | The Emerging Alt-Economy: “Buy Nothing”

Most of us own too much unnecessary stuff and have borrowed waaayyy too much money to buy said stuff. Meanwhile, all that debt is boosting inflation, making things that actually matter harder to afford. But free people have a way of self-organizing solutions to their problems, and one of the more inspiring examples is the […]

November 21, 2021 | The Old ‘Flight to Safety’ Story

  Did you notice last week’s tone change? The whole, eternally benighted world of pundits, economists, Bloomberg news producers, forecasters et al. has been disbelieving the bond rally as the Fed’s ultimately unredeemable portfolio of Treasury debt has grown from merely massive to intergalactic in size. Now the talking heads are having to change their […]

November 21, 2021 | Shortages Are Relative

n some simplistic economic theories, shortages never happen. Supply and demand for any particular good are always perfectly balanced in a given time and place. If you can’t get what you demand at that moment, you pay a higher price or you demand something else. But that’s theory. The real world doesn’t respond instantly, so […]

November 20, 2021 | This Week in Money

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