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October 9, 2020 | Alberta, USA vs. Alberta, Canada

The Goddard Report

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The Goddard Report Archives October 9th, 2020

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  • Florette says:

    Wouldn’t a separatist movement decimate Alberta real estate which has already suffered from the oil and covid situation? BTW Great interview!!

  • John says:

    Al Gore made millions simply by stating CO2 constitutes 400 parts per million (PPM) of our atmosphere THREE decades ago. His statement means 999,600 PPM of our atmosphere is NOT CO2. Converting PPM to % gives us the fact that 99.96% of our atmosphere is CARBON FREE. People are JUST beginning to understand this. This mass realization is the reason why the NWO GLOBALIST order now has us locked down due to a flu-like virus in order to DESTROY the old economic order and replace it with the NEW GREEN ORDER, their order. Is that the real reason why Trudeau suspended the Canadian Parliament? The Anthropogenic Global Warming false narrative is NOT working because anyone with an elementary school education can show that our atmosphere is 99.96% CARBON FREE. So the globalist powers that be have decided to go full fascist totalitarian to implement their New Green Deal. A deal no one can refuse, or else.

  • Steve says:

    Can’t say as I would recommend going thru the pain of trying to leave CA and join the USA – for any reason. perhaps we are all doomed to go thru the same cycle of change-failure-change.

  • steve says:

    Re Martin saying states of Washingon, Oregon, and Calif. waning to separate – not really true. Oddly enough , the big northern cities in these states are the most liberal, and might want this. BUT – the southern and eatern portion of these states do not lean this way, and want to separate from the rest of their states. It’s all gettin weird but I’ll say this. Leaving the USA was settles long ago at great cost of blood and treasure and odds of states leaving are very low.

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