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September 23, 2020 | Canadian Dollar

It is a red flag when the Canadian Dollar underperforms commodities.

September 20, 2020 | DBA Agricultural ETF

This classic Wyckoff accumulation structure has served us well since the monthly Capitulation at the end of June. It is now approaching our initial target around $15.40. October $13 call options are up 100%, 14’s are up 50%.

September 3, 2020 | Silver Exhaustion Alerts

Silver continues to mimic the classic action of previous extreme Exhaustion Alerts (1974′, ’79, ’80, ’87, ’06’; 11 & ’16). We are looking for a test of the 50-day exponential moving average.  

August 28, 2020 | DBA Agricultural EFT

The monthly Capitulation in the DBA in June coupled with a well defined base is seeing prices push steadily towards our minimum target at the 20-month ema.

August 27, 2020 | Us Ten Year Treasury Yield

The US 10 and 30-Year Treasury yields continue to build a base.

August 21, 2020 | US Dollar Index

Daily and weekly Capitulations in the US Dollar at the end of July. Now a ‘Spring’ of that low with a nice intraday accumulation pattern.

August 11, 2020 | Silver 2020

Silver is rolling over from only our sixth Extreme Exhaustion reading since 1970. We have parameters for this correction and the ensuing bounce.

July 26, 2020 | Gold

A great run in gold to the July 24th target and $1888+ 2.618% Fibonacci measurement. COT tracking positively since June 12th buy signal.

July 22, 2020 | Gold

Having broken through the $1817 resistance, gold is moving nicely towards our targeted time window around July 24th for an interim high and a measured objective of $1888.

June 14, 2020 | Island Tops

Island tops in Dow, SPY, QQQ, NYSE Comp and Russell. A review of the last three decades provides clues as to what to watch for now.  

May 28, 2020 | Canadian Banks

Breakout from consolidation with expanding volume in Canadian banks.

May 17, 2020 | S&P 2020

Eleven of the last twelve presidential election years have experienced downward pressure in the markets from April through mid-summer. Resistance is generally at the upper Bollinger and Keltner Bands during that period.

May 11, 2020 | Gold and Crude Oil

Gold and oil bottoms. Overhead resistance in gold for three months within 1.5% of its high, after the six-week period surrounding oil’s low (05/19, 06/16, 12/11, 04/09, 7/03, 1/02, 4/94, 4/86, 12/80, 9/74 and 8/73).  Charts & Markets Special Offer for New Subscribers: 50% Off Annual Subscriptions through May 16th

May 6, 2020 | Gold and Crude Oil

Gold typically bottoms before crude oil, but has difficulty advancing further in the three months following the oil bottom.

April 16, 2020 | US Treasuries

US Treasuries up-ticked from minor oversold “Springboard” dip. Now at resistance and registering a Sequential 13 Sell. Likely to move into a trading range similar to July-Aug 2016.

April 12, 2020 | Gold

Continued bullish numbers in Gold’s COT data following 14% break in March. Details in this weekend’s report.

April 8, 2020 | S&P Futures

Be cautious. Any loss of upside momentum should retrace 62% of the rally from the March low. Our analysis of eleven similar Downside Capitulations in the last two decades shows a 55% chance of testing or taking out the March low.

April 6, 2020 | Gold

The RSI readings of the Commercials and Non-Commercials in gold futures are back into neutral territory. The 14% decline in price is close to the 15% – 18% breaks seen following the bearish divergences in 2008, ’09, ’14 and ’16.  

March 25, 2020 | Spy

38% retracement rallies to 20-day ema become important resistance after a Downside Capitulation

March 21, 2020 | Dow Industrials

Our Capitulation model works in all time frames (hourly, daily, weekly and monthly). We are always on the lookout for short-term, long and short opportunities, as seen on the bounces since February. But a long-term Capitulation and tested low is most likely months away.  

March 12, 2020 | S&P Futures – Charts


March 6, 2020 | T-Bonds

Treasuries approach the top of the forty-year channel with a quarterly RSI(9) at 70.  

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