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April 25, 2024 | Democrats Praying for a Trump Assassination?

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.


Thompson Bennie


COMMENT: I have been a Democrat all my life, and I am 72. I suppose I was a Democrat because my father was. Like you, after watching what they have been doing to Trump and the flood of illegal aliens that have resulted in my own neighborhood becoming no longer safe, I will vote for Trump. After Bernie Thompson put in a bill to strip felons of Secret Service protection and deny RFK Secret Service protection, it is becoming painfully clear these people will kill opponents just to retain power. That no longer reflects what my father believed in and fought in World War II to protect no I in Vietnam. I have always watched your political forecasts from Socrates with curiosity. Now I can see its forecasts are inevitable.

God bless you for your contribution to humankind.


JFK Willingboro Oct 1960

REPLY: Yes, I grew up in a Democratic house. My father took me to see John F. Kennedy in 1960 in Willingboro, New Jersey. He shook my hand, but unlike Bill Clinton, that did not inspire me to run for president. I was raised with the belief in being fair and against corruption. There is no way my father would be a Democrat today. The Democratic Party no longer represents what it once did.

Through my years, all I have witnessed is how handing ANY power to those in government becomes like a drug addiction, and they will stoop to absolutely anything to retain that power. This is our current crisis. The Democratic motto should be: We have defeated the enemy. We occupy the Hill. We have become the enemy. Walt Kelly, an American cartoonist (1913-1973), said: “We have met the enemy, and he is us!”

Civil Unrest 2023

We all have opinions. Yet, Socrates does not. It has taught me a lot about life and the evolution of society itself. Democrats are discovering that weaponizing the law against Trump has not been successful. The respect for them has collapsed internationally. There is NOBODY I have spoken to outside this country who does not view this as political and shocking. They thought the United States was the beacon of liberty in the world. This is not my personal opinion; these timing arrays have been produced long before our current political crisis. This election in 2024 will NEVER be accepted by either side. You will not have enough police or prison space to contain the civil unrest. Biden is doing everything possible to simultaneously create World War III as a distraction from the political corruption unfolding before our eyes.


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The LEFT is historically ALWAYS the most violent, no matter what country. The LEFTIST revolutions of 1848 and 1917, as well as Mao in China, all resulted in the deaths of OVER 200 million people. You never see this from the RIGHT, which tends to be based on you leaving me alone and me leaving you alone. The LEFT is always determined to control everyone, forcing them to conform to their ideas no matter what country they look at.

2024 Presidential Election by Popular Vote2016 PresElection Copy

We can see that both the 2016 forecast and the 2024 forecast show that Trump should win. This is all based on economics – not polling and asking people. Polls have been wrong so many times. If you asked if Biden would win and you only called people in NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC, of course, you would get a 70%+ poll. Even for BREXIT in London, our computer was correct, and ALL the polls in London were wrong. They manipulate the questions to produce the bias of the people conducting the poll.

2020 Election Forecast 6 Models

Was the 2020 election rigged? Absolutely! All the studies show that removing the mail-in ballots won Trump’s election. However, the computer showed 50/50 rates with three models for each side. The computer forecasts have been correct. They are by no means my opinion.

10 Decide Election

Normally, at most, 10% of the population decides the president. It is always the independent thinker. Obama won the general election with 52.9% of the popular vote. I have said many times, that the only presidents ever elected with more than 60% were FDR, Johnson after the Kennedy Assassination, and Richard Nixon. Everyone else wins with typically less than 55%. This is NOT a Democracy. We live in a Republic. ALL republics collapse from within. No enemy will defeat America; we are doing that quite well without the help of Putin or Xi. You cannot do what Biden is doing, using a couple of percent to impose a dictatorship upon the rest.

2028 Presidential forecastNow, look at the projections for 2028. I have NEVER seen a president get 70%, no less than 78.3%, of the vote. The footnote that Socrates is highlighting is that there may not even be a 2028 election. We are staring into the eyes of civil unrest that will tear the country apart at the seams.


Liberty Crying

The Democrats have been trying to bar Trump from running with the 14th Amendment BS. That has not worked, so they have Soros-backed Democrats prosecuting Trump in four forums, trying to bleed him dry financially while simultaneously keeping him off the campaign trail with outrageous court orders. Even this is not enough. They have utterly destroyed everything the Constitution was meant to prevent. LIBERTY no longer exists. Just look at what they are doing to Jake Lang. This is the treatment you get when they have no valid evidence.

Government never admits mistakes


The government lied to us about COVID. That has started the collapse of confidence in the government. Socrates warned the PEAK IN GOVERNMENT CONFIDENCE was 2015.75 on the ECM. Trump was elected in 2016, and the Democrats have been doing everything to defend the SWAMP.

Just look at the so-called terrorists in Guantanamo Bay. Why are they never put on trial and are still imprisoned without Due Process of Law against everything every nation has ascribed to for generations? Because those in government WILL NEVER ADMIT A MISTAKE! The Jury found him not guilty of 223 counts.  Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani was the BEST case they had. Obama reiterated his first campaign promise to close Guantanamo Bay and end torture back in 2008. That was a lie, and it is still open 23 years later. Why has nobody else been placed on trial? Because they have no case. When they tried to secretly release some prisoners, they sent them back in jeans and t-shirts. They were killed because others assumed that they had been brainwashed by the Americans. The government will not put these people on trial because they were WRONG! 

Despite these unprecedented and desperate measures they are now targeting against Trump, he still beats President Joe Biden in key battleground states. They have destroyed the rule of law for political gain, and this alone will destroy the nation because when the other side gains power, they will retaliate and do the same. This is an invitation to prosecutors in the Red States to start going after the Democrats for interfering in the election. We all know now that COVID was a lie, Epstein didn’t kill himself, and Biden didn’t win.

Mill John Stuart Legal Persecution

The unhappy reality is that their illegal campaign against Trump pretending to use law, relentless as it’s been, isn’t working out quite the way they had anticipated. When it comes time to redesign the government, we MUST strip the government of any right to prosecute crimes legally. In ancient Athens, if you killed someone, it was the duty of their family to prosecute you—not the state. The only state crimes were against the state or the gods—i.e., the trial of Socrates. The king of England used to fine people for anything. That was the Magna Carta insistent upon a jury trial.  He lost revenue and then inserted himself into private disputes, claiming the theory it “disturbed his peace.” Suddenly, the King became the prosecutor, and in so doing, he used the law for political purposes, which is what John Stuart Mill wrote in his epic book – On Liberty. He explained that the reform still had not freed the people from “legal persecution.”

Shakespeare Killl Lawyers

The Sixth Amendment to the US Constitution ensured the right to counsel. Why? Shakespeare’s account that the “first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers” meant the king’s prosecutors because the people had no lawyers. This is the damage that the Democrats have unleashed upon the United States once again. These trials of Trump are interfering in the 2024 election, and historians will remember it as the beginning of the end of the United States. They will tear our nation apart at the seams. This is all the evil that the American Revolution was about. History repeats.


Soros Calls for Assassination of Trump

As Democrats rack their brains to come up with new and more creative ways to destroy Trump and retain power, Alex Soros showed the way implying assassinate Trump. We now have Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS), ​​a ranking member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, who has turned his attention to Soros’s suggestion. Soros is not just funding prosecutors to overturn the United States; he is interfering in elections, desperately trying to turn Florida and Texas Blue.

Thompson is trying to set the stage for that assassination by removing Trump’s personal safety.  Thompson introduced a bill designed to strip convicted felons of Secret Service protection. Here is the issue. A felon can run for President – that is NOT a bar to holding office. In case you’re wondering just how many convicted felons are currently receiving Secret Service protection, the answer is ZERO. But all that could change in a New York minute if Trump, who is facing 88 felony charges, is convicted on at least one.

Let me explain something here. THIS IS NOT POLITICAL GRAND STANDING-people are really saying kill Trump! The word behind the scenes is the Democrats are so fearful of losing their control that there are far more people taking that Trump needs a bullet. Even Alan Dershowitz has now come out and publically stated what many of us are hearing behind the headlines. The media would cheer if Trump is assassinated. Never in my entire life did I ever expect to see how low the politics have fallen into pure hatred. There was a guy who said he would put a bullet in Trump’s head, and the Department of Justice can’t find him – clearly because they don’t want to. Democratic Rep. Jason Crow said on CNN, of course:

“Donald Trump is a very violent and dangerous man,” Crow said, speaking on CNN this afternoon. “He is unstable. He is not well … he is a danger to … the domestic security of our nation and the security of individual Americans.” 

Statements like these are inciting violence on the opposite end of the political spectrum. The Democrats are so desperate to change the very fabric of the United States with their WOKE agenda seeking to destroy the family unit and divide groups, pitting them against one another, that we are dangerously cascading into a banana republic where heads of state are just assassinated to win elections. This is not the country I grew up in, and it is not what I wish to leave to my grandchildren.

Lenin Stalin

CENTRALIZED governments are authoritarian, and these decrees from Washington to rule from above are the very same usurpation that Stalin pulled off in Russia. Most assume he poisoned Lenin, who envisioned Russia as a confederation of independent states retaining their sovereignty, as was the case once upon a time in the United States. Lenin has even left a letter warning DO NOT ALLOW STALIN to follow him. When a federal government seeks dictatorial power over everyone, imposing a one-size-fits-all agenda, it cannot possibly survive. God help us! It was Khrushchev who began the de-Stalinization of Russia when he came to office. He tried to return Russia to the vision of Lenin. But the powers that be would not have that, and they staged a coup to remove him from office and replace him with Brezhnev. History repeats because HUMAN NATURE never changes, no matter what country you look at. We are in the midst of a coup to retain centralized power.

This New York Judge Merchan wants to imprison Trump, hoping that will secure the victory for Biden to complete the destruction of the United States as we know it. In this contempt hearing, the prosecutors said they are seeking a fine. “We are not yet seeking an incarceration penalty,” Assistant District Attorney Chris Conroy said. Many have been cautioning about imprisoning Trump. That would divide the country like never before, and there might not be enough police in NYC to protect this judge and prosecutors.  Thus, many have been warning not to imprison Trump, but some have proposed putting him in a holding cell in the courthouse rather than on Riker’s Island. This would create a real nightmare for the Secret Service, but sources confirm they are planning contingencies. This, no doubt, is the support behind Thompson stripping the Secret Service from a felon so Judge Merchan can imprison Trump.

Bidin is pushing a 44.6% capital gains tax plus your state tax, which will devastate investment. Undoubtedly, our computer shows a recession into 2028, which can be achieved by undermining investment. The Democrats did that to real estate and created the Savings & Loan crisis by raising taxes, and they created a sell-only market. Whatever wealth you thought you had in your home will be destroyed under this Democratic proposal. They view us as the enemy, and they decide what we are allowed to keep from our income because the LEFT always sees us as economic slaves, and they own everything. Schwab is saying that when you will own nothing, but you will NOT be happy – I went behind the Berlin Wall before it fell.

Representative Dan Goldman, a New York Democrat and former prosecutor who worked on Trump’s first impeachment inquiry in the House, has been a particularly outrageous Democrat who has vehemently hated Trump, claiming he is a threat to Democracy. But that is minor. He said this during an appearance on MSNBC‘s Inside With Jen Psaki.

“It is just unquestionable at this point that that man cannot see public office again. He is not only unfit. He is destructive to our democracy, and he has to be eliminated.”

The end

If these people assassinate Trump like they did in arranging Epstein to protect his political clients, we are looking at serious civil unrest and the end of the United States. The computer will be correct – there will be no 2028 election.

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April 25th, 2024

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