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April 18, 2021 | Agorism in Japan

James Corbett

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James Corbett is indeed a force to be reckoned with in alternative media, with his prolific, rigorous, and eye-opening work at The Corbett Report garnering much deserved respect and attention across agorist and anarchist circles globally. Even outside of these spheres of influence, he’s making a big impact. Agorist Nexus contributor Graham Smith recently tracked him down for a digital interview, asking James to weigh in on agorism, the covid psyop, libertarian life in Japan, and more.

Agorist Nexus: When did the term “Agorism” first come into your sphere of awareness, and what was your initial impression? How would you explain agorism to someone who’s never heard the concept before?

James Corbett: I don’t recall precisely my first exposure to agorism, but my first exploration of the topic on the website is from 2015, so it would have been before that. Following Konkin, I define agorism as the use of counter-economic theory to undermine the state and achieve the peaceful revolution required for the creation of a truly voluntary society.

AN: We’re now seeing the introduction of potential vaccine passports and the ‘WELL Health Seal’ for businesses, essentially rendering one class of individuals and businesses ‘unclean’ in the eyes of the new normal, medical dystopia. How can individuals fight this, and is there any hope of overcoming this powerful global authoritarian power?

JC: Depending on your locale, there are any number of legal and political challenges to the introduction of vaccine passports, but as a practicing counter-economist, the only viable long-term solution is to create grey and black market spaces for those who wish to peacefully transact outside the mandates of any centralized authority.

AN: In your view, what are some agoristic or anarchistic elements, if any, present in Japanese culture?

JC: Japanese families still generally have a connection to family farms/rice paddies/gardens and still idolize rural “hometown” spaces, which means there are at least some (admittedly dwindling) avenues for alternatives to centralized food production and distribution mechanisms. This also implies opportunities for community gardens / farmers markets to arise (or gain prominence) in times of food supply disruption. This is a leverage point that could be used to build out a counter-economic resistance in Japan that could incorporate community or alternative currencies, etc., including crypto, which already enjoys relatively wide adoption in Japan (at least compared to many other countries). Having said that, there is very little philosophical understanding of (or interest in) counter-economic activity here and the feudal conditioning (currently manifesting as corporate feudalism) of the Japanese people makes an agorist revolution here unlikely barring massive economic disruption.

AN: Why do you think Japan has yet to issue full-on, state-enforced lockdowns as are currently happening in places like Canada and the UK? Will such restrictions eventually hit the land of the rising sun?

JC: In a word: the Olympics. Japan is still attempting to put on an air of normalcy to allow the increasingly inaccurately named Tokyo “2020” Olympic Games to take place in whatever neutered form they are going to take place in. Once that happens (or the games are canceled altogether), the kabuki show will end and more severe restrictions will likely be introduced. The government has already passed new legislation attempting to put enforcement (in the form of fines) in the hands of prefectural authorities to mandate store opening hours, etc., so the legal challenges to those new emergency powers will determine how far and fast Japan “normalizes” (i.e. implements draconian lockdown rules) once the Olympics are out of the way.

AN: There are many examples of politicians, health officials, and other well-known individuals not following their own recommendations and warnings about masks. Joe Biden disobeyed his own executive order mandating mask wearing on federal property. Here in Japan, the national women’s soccer team ran the Olympic torch relay packed together and unmasked. Why aren’t the masses taking more note of these obvious discrepancies?

JC: Let’s be careful not to allow mainstream media to shape our perception of what the public is or is not noticing or does or does not believe. There are signs of great frustration among large sections of the public and just because that anger is not being reflected in most mainstream media does not mean it is any less potent (see any number of videos circulating social media of Governor Cuomo or other officials being confronted on the street by irate citizens, for example). The real problem is that politicians and others have been so completely insulated from accountability of any kind that the average person feels powerless to do anything when these obvious acts of hypocrisy are pointed out.

AN: Where do you see the world in the year 2025?

JC: The future is not yet written. If we allow the Great Reset agenda to roll on unchecked, then, by 2025, we will be well on our way to the institutionalization of the biosecurity state, where participation in public life will be contingent on compliance to government and health authority dictates. This system will be facilitated by vaccine passports tied to biometric ID and social credit scores that will be tied to central bank digital currencies and “Universal” Basic Income stipends. If there is mass civil disobedience, it is conceivable that this agenda could be set back, or, under a best-case scenario, derailed for the time being, but unless and until the counter-economic revolution carves out a space for truly free trade among peaceful voluntary individuals using decentralized currencies, the agenda will not be truly thwarted.

AN: Your coverage of the covid psyop since it was launched on the public in early 2020 has been phenomenal. The exposés on Bill Gates are remarkably in-depth and eye opening. What drives you to dig so deep, and spend the countless hours compiling and presenting this critical information to your fans and followers?

JC: I try not to take myself too seriously, but at the same time I take the information I am trying to present extremely seriously. It is not even a question of self-preservation or caring for my family, but the palpable sense that, with genome editing technologies, brain chips, central bank digital currencies, and other technological advancements increasingly within the grasp of the eugenicists, the very future of humanity is on the line. Anyone who has truly grasped the nature of the agenda that we are facing and who fails to do everything within their power to raise the alarm and head it off at the pass has already forfeited their humanity.

AN: If you could give one message to the world in just three words, and everyone would hear, understand, and act on that message, what would it be?

JC: You. Are. Free.

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April 18th, 2021

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