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Steve Saretsky

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Steve Saretsky is a Vancouver residential Realtor and author behind one of Vancouver’s most popular real estate blogs, Vancity Condo Guide. Steve is widely considered a thought leader in the industry with regular appearances on BNN, CBC, CKNW, CTV and as a contributor to BC Business Magazine. Steve provides advisory services to banks, hedge funds, developers, and various types of investors. Radio - When is a mortgage a debt vs. an investment? Radio - Building costs per square foot Radio - July Stats, Interest Rates, and Mortgage Credit Radio - Vancouver sales better than a year ago but still slow Radio - Real Estate industry employment Radio - Hong Kong, Canadian Dollar, Mortgage Rates Radio - Mortgage Rates, Bond Yields, and Recession Radio - Foreign Buyers, Rising Inventories, and Australia Radio - April Stats, Foreclosures, Psychology, and Low Bids Radio - Housing Sales, HELOCs, and Foreclosures Radio - The question in Vancouver: How low can home prices go? Radio - Lower interest rates unlikely to have immediate impact on home sales. Radio - Are Foreign Buyers back in BC? Radio - Could lower interest rates cause banks to lend more? Radio - New Government Rules just making housing collapse worse. Radio - Are Government taxes and regulations good for the housing market? Radio - Where did BC Real Estate bubble start? Radio - Psychology of Buyers and Sellers Radio - Pre-Sale Condo Market, QE, and Building Cranes. Radio - Can policy makers slow or change Real Estate market conditions? Radio - Real Estate and ‘Why people do what they do’. Radio - Psychology playing big role in Real Estate downturn