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Josef Schachter

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As a 40 year veteran of the Canadian Investment Management Industry, Josef Schachter has experienced several exceptional and turbulent global economic and stock market cycles. With his primary focus on the Energy Sector, Josef is able to weave global political, economic and monetary issues with current energy data into a compelling story of what's going on in the sector, what is to come, and why.

December 22nd, 2022 | Cold Snap Energy Demand Radio - Future Electric Vehicle Energy Needs.  Special Offer! Enter Promo Code Holiday2022

November 24th, 2022 | China Slowdown and Crude Oil Radio - Possible US rail strike and supply shortages Radio - Schachter Calgary Energy Conference jam-packed

September 22nd, 2022 | Energy Super Cycle Underway Radio - Schachter Calgary Energy Conference October 22nd.  Get free tickets to Schachter energy conference! Enter Promo Code SERGUEST22 Radio - Short term Oil prices Radio - Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Coal, Nuclear Radio - Is Alberta surplus 90% luck? Radio - Quebec remains a roadblock to helping Europe with Canadian energy Radio - Churchill, Manitoba could ship Canadian LNG to Europe Radio - Will energy pressures lead to more or renewed pipeline construction? Radio - Could a recession be around the corner? Radio - Energy stocks strong now but that could change Radio - Asia and Europe would love more Canadian LNG Radio - Is the forecast of $100 a barrel crude realistic? Radio - The short, medium, long term outlooks for Crude, Natural Gas Radio - Ironic Biden now pleading with Saudi’s for more oil Radio - Oil Sands, Hydrogen, Bitcoin Mining Radio - Quebec vs. Alberta, Biden vs. Canada Radio - Will Canadians vote to have their living standard lowered? Radio - Heat wave powering Natural Gas prices higher Radio - Eastern Canada doesn’t want Canadian oil Radio - Africa and Asia will keep increasing demand for fossil fuels.  Special Offer For New Subscribers! $100 off regular price for the first quarter (Note: automatically renews unless canceled) Offer ends April 30, 2021.  Enter Promo Code HSR21. Radio - Oil and Gas Exploration

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