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April 30, 2022 | This Week in Money

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March 24, 2020 | What Trump Should Do…

To My Readers: I have sent the following note to Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Holman Jenkins of the WSJ Journal. It is a MUCH better idea than squandering $2 trillion sending out checks to…EVERYBODY. Here is what the President needs to do. Forward this to your Congressman if you agree: President Trump needs to […]

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  • Bob Hoye –  Market Growth Unsustainable?  Is the Bubble Ready To Burst?
  • Rick Ackerman –  Death of the Shopping Mall?
  • Larry Reaugh, President & CEO of American Manganese on Company Showcase – Cobalt Exploration Deal and Patent Update. Read the latest News.  Read INN  Article “Battery Recycling Technology Essential to the Electric Vehicle Revolution”  View AMY Powerpoint. Questions?  Email Larry or Phone: 778.574.4444
  • Penny Green, President & COO of Glance Technologies on Company Showcase – Glance Announces Blockchain Strategy –  to Launch Rewards Based Cryptocurrency for Glance Pay. Read the latest News. View the Corporate Presentation.
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May 15, 2022 | Ready to Get Sucked In?

We’ve had four months to observe and analyze the bear market that began a single tick off January 4’s record high. What might be said about it so far?  Mainly that it has been far kinder and gentler than we should expect. Realize that the biggest financial bubble in U.S. history has popped. Although this […]

May 8, 2022 | How High, Interest Rates?

Last week’s commentary asked how high the dollar can climb before it snuffs inflation and the increasingly shrill hysteria that has accompanied it. Inflation is supposed to cheapen the dollar, but that is not what has been happening. Instead, it has been climbing steeply relative to all other currencies. The experts have not been able […]

May 1, 2022 | Rampant Dollar About to Undo the Fed’s Best Plans

A lone deflationist on the lunatic fringe of economics 30 years ago, I wrote in Barron’s and the San Francisco Sunday Examiner that an out-of-control dollar eventually would do us in. Specifically, I asserted that a short squeeze on dollars would send their value soaring, making it difficult or impossible for anyone who owed dollars to repay them. I’d […]

April 24, 2022 | What If Crude Has Topped?

  If you’re a permabear, it might be refreshing to view Friday’s thousand-point Dow avalanche as the start of a wholesome new trend. My gut feeling, however, is that the plunge will reverse before midweek, ideally at Hidden Pivot targets featured in the latest list of ‘touts’ on the Rick’s Picks home page. I’ll keep an open […]

April 17, 2022 | Musk Should Conserve His Ammo

For many of us, as pleasurable as it might be to picture Twitter in the hands of Elon Musk, and to imagine a despairing Jack Dorsey committing seppuku, Musk should save his billions for more useful purposes. He could start by building a competitive platform for a hundredth of what he’s offered to pay for […]

April 10, 2022 | The Wizards Cannot Hold Down the Dollar

  For more than a year, I’ve recommended what my friend Doug Behnfield calls the ‘barbell strategy’ to secure one’s nest egg against the deflationary hard times that lie ahead.  As formulated by Doug, a wealth-management advisor based in Boulder, the barbell portfolio is constructed with gold and bonds as offsets. Try to imagine the […]

April 3, 2022 | Demographics Is Destiny In More Ways Than One

[Counting on the Fed to ride to the rescue when the bubble finally pops?  You had better have a Plan B, and for good measure a Plan C, since America could be in for something far worse than mere recession when the asset boom ends.  In the commentary below, my friend Charles Hugh-Smith spells out […]

March 27, 2022 | Another Setback for Permabears

  Last week’s commentary was skeptical that the short squeeze begun two weeks ago in the broad averages would prove to be just a bear rally.  Based on the latest technical evidence, it now seems likely that stocks are headed to new all-time highs. This is despite the fact that the world is going to […]

March 20, 2022 | Just a Bear Rally?

With the supposed bear rally about to enter its fifth week, I am reminded of Gideon Drew, “the thing that wouldn’t die” in the 1958 horror movie of that name. Like Drew, the stock market has become a disembodied monster, able to command loyalty and teacherous obedience with just a creepy movement of the eye. […]

March 13, 2022 | A Precise Forecast for the Coming Blowoff in Crude Oil

  Considering the size of the crude-oil market and its geopolitical importance, the rally begun two years from $6.50/bbl amidst fears of a Covid-caused Depression ranks as one of the most spectacular and consequential in history. Consumers are coping at the moment with speculative excesses brought on by the curtailment of Russian petrofuels, and by […]

March 6, 2022 | Inflation’s Last Fling

Economists, particularly those who specialize in monetary theory, generally agree that inflation is an increase in the supply of dollars, and deflation a decrease. In practice, however, this theory is far too vague to be of any value for making predictions, since no one has a clue how much money is out there. There are […]

February 27, 2022 | Playing Ukraine Forward as a UFC Fight

Few expected Ukraine to put up such a fierce fight, least of all Vladimir Putin. Despite his overwhelming advantage of firepower and troops, he and the rest of the world might have known better, given the reputation Russian soldiers of all stripes earned in battle during the last century. Setting ethnic Russians against one another […]

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