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Rick Ackerman is the editor of Rick’s Picks, an online service geared to traders of stocks, options, index futures and commodities. His detailed trading strategies have appeared since the early 1990s in Black Box Forecasts, a newsletter he founded that originally was geared to professional option traders. Barron’s once labeled him an “intrepid trader” in a headline that alluded to his key role in solving a notorious pill-tampering case. He received a $200,000 reward when a conviction resulted, and the story was retold on TV’s FBI: The Untold Story. His professional background includes 12 years as a market maker in the pits of the Pacific Coast Exchange, three as an investigator with renowned San Francisco private eye Hal Lipset, seven as a reporter and newspaper editor, three as a columnist for the Sunday San Francisco Examiner, and two decades as a contributor to publications ranging from Barron’s to The Antiquarian Bookman to Fleet Street Letter and Utne Reader.

Rick's Picks -   With gold’s gratuitous, 4% plunge on Friday, bullion has once again affirmed its reputation as one of the nastiest, most frustrating assets an investor can own. Its chief enemy is a global network of shamans, thimble-riggers and feather merchants who make their living borrowing bullion from the central banks for practically nothing, then lending […]

Rick's Picks -   [Note: This essay ran earlier in the week but I am re-running it because Copper broke out today on the long-term chart, hitting a so-far high of $3.71. RA]  Copper prices are up 75% since cratering in March at $1.97 a pound. Since ‘doctor’ copper, with a supposed PhD. in economics, has a reputation […]

Rick's Picks - Interesting times, for sure, but apparently not quite interesting enough to dampen the ardor of wildly exuberant buyers on Wall Street.  With patriots storming the doors of the Capitol and a reported shooting inside the building, the Dow Industrials still managed to finish the day with an immoderate gain of 438 points. Do the institutional […] Radio - Gold, Inflation, Robinhooders

Rick's Picks - Copper prices are up 75% since cratering in March at $1.97 a pound. Since ‘doctor’ copper, with a supposed PhD. in economics, has a reputation for accurately predicting growth trends, does this mean a global boom is at hand?  This seems most unlikely, given the vast expansion of public debt used to temporarily counteract the […]

January 1st, 2021 | Happy New Year!

Rick's Picks - To all of my subscribers and readers, warm holiday greeting and best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.  It begins with many troubling issues unresolved, most particularly the question of who will be the next U.S. president. Various vaccines promise to ease the pandemic, but possibly not in time to prevent many […]

Rick's Picks - The broad averages have been lapping at some long-term rally targets this week, although not so voraciously that bears should dive for cover quite yet. A 304.07 target for DIA has been exceeded so far by 1.63 points; a 312.29 target in QQQ by 2.35 points; and 12,829 target in the E-Mini Nasdaq by 89 […]

Rick's Picks -   With the post-Christmas resumption of trading Sunday morning, bitcoin tacked on an insane $3,000 in the blink of an eye. Even more preposterous is that a correction one might have expected to last for at least three to five days appears to have run its course in mere hours. This has raised the prospect […]

December 22nd, 2020 | Why Are Small Caps Soaring? Radio - Will deflation become a major concern?

Rick's Picks - Statistical and anecdotal evidence suggest that if you are elderly and want to survive Covid-19, you should move to a red state.  Here in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis has imposed few restrictions, and yet somehow we are not dropping dead like flies. The state in fact is well down the list of places where the […]

Rick's Picks - I’d be lying if I told you I smell a top. That would be like noticing a fart in a coffee roasting plant. With exuberant expectations of stimulus until kingdom come, the aroma of Kona dark is all that investors detect when they sniff the air for the scent of trouble. After all, what could […]

Rick's Picks - Here was a reassuring headline last week from Forbes online:  Airbnb’s Higher Valuation Is Reasonable.  What a relief! We can always count on the financial news media to provide a list of reasons why a stock is not overvalued no matter what its price. The trouble is, the story appeared before ABNB went public last Thursday. The IPO had been […]

December 11th, 2020 | Why Trump Will Win

Rick's Picks - After watching 50 hours of Giuliani hearings, here is my connect-the-dots summary: The plot to steal the election was brilliant, elegant and well-financed, probably by Soros. It required only a relative handful of precincts and mid-to-high-level planners to succeed – as few as 30 people in all, including foot soldiers. The fixers trained their efforts […]

Rick's Picks -   The yellow flag is out now that the obsessively owned Russell 2000 Index has topped 14 cents from a long-term Hidden Pivot target.  IWM, an ETF proxy for the small-cap-heavy Russell index, has rolled down from 192.81, slightly beneath a 192.95 Hidden Pivot resistance I’d drum-rolled in the Rick’s Picks chat room Wednesday morning and on Facebook and […] Radio - Interest Rates, Deflation, Food Prices

Rick's Picks - Although no one can predict when the dam will break, plunging the economy into hard times to rival the 1930s, we can be quite certain that a day of reckoning is drawing near. Speculative mania across a wide swath of assets is at a millennial peak, stoked by out-of-control fiscal and monetary stimulus. To further […]

Rick's Picks - You need only watch Giuliani’s hearings on election fraud for an hour or so to understand how the computer geeks could overturn Biden’s win. It’s like having a seat behind the scoreboard for Bobby Thomson’s “shot heard ’round the world.” Forget all the supposed right-wing-conspiracy stuff, including charges that Dominion, the voting-machine company, shares DNA […]

Rick's Picks - Even with Covid-19 fear-mongering ratcheted to-the-max, the stock market continues to defy gravity and common sense. A Dr. Andre Campbell warned over the weekend that “we could be facing an apocalypse by Christmas” due to the growing number of hospitalizations. Does he mean apocalypse in the Biblical sense, implying the final destruction of the world? […]

November 24th, 2020 | Why is Gold Falling So Fast? Radio - US Dollar taking it on the chin

November 22nd, 2020 | Time to Sell the News

Rick's Picks - The stock market is under heavy distribution, and for good reason: Even if the vaccines we’ve been reading about lately are as effective as claimed, they will be too late to prevent tens of thousands of U.S. business from going under. Supposedly, vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna are nearly 100% safe and 95% effective. This […]

November 19th, 2020 | A Tough Year for Santa

Rick's Picks - The smell of distribution is as strong as wood smoke these days, but you’ve got to give DaBoyz credit for keeping a million-ton garbage barge airborne while they work their special brand of magic and deception. Usually, Wall Street is pushing the ‘Santa rally’ narrative hard at this time of year, leavened by urgent speculation […]

November 17th, 2020 | Scampering Up the Wall of Worry

Rick's Picks - Rick’s Picks has tracked the Russell 2000 ever since it became apparent in mid-summer that the chimps paid to throw your hard-earned money at a relative handful of stocks and invented themes had agreed to shovel most of it into small-caps. It should be obvious by now even to hard-core permabears that the ballistic skew of […]

November 15th, 2020 | Whose Facts Do You Trust?

Rick's Picks - Biden, schmeiden. On Wall Street, it would seem, no one cares. Stocks are up substantially since the election even though the unsettled presidential race remains one of two unusually large elephants in the room. The other is the pandemic, which appears close to going out of control in some areas of the U.S. This, too, […]

Rick's Picks - Tech stocks hit a wall Tuesday, unable to remain afloat on a tide of stressful news. Although Wall Street would have us believe investors shouldn’t care who wins the election, the idea is preposterous.  There is simply no way that a takeover of Capitol Hill by the Democrats could be perceived as good for business […]

Rick's Picks - The acrid aroma of voter fraud has grown so strong that even Biden supporters must smell it. To them, however, it undoubtedly has a fragrance as sweet as lilacs in August. Unfortunately for America, no matter how deep, wide and ugly the scandal might become, it may not be enough to overturn the election result. […]
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