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John Rubino is a former Wall Street financial analyst and author or co-author of five books, including The Money Bubble: What To Do Before It Pops and Clean Money: Picking Winners in the Green-Tech Boom. He founded the popular financial website in 2004 and sold it in 2022.

John Rubino Substack -   Food prices are soaring, riots are roaring. What is driving the inflation? How long is this going to last? And how much worse will it get? What is the likelihood riots spread to the US and other developed economies? by Doug Casey on International Man: International Man: Recently, we’ve seen people riot over rising prices—especially […]

John Rubino Substack - by Justus R. Hope: How does one navigate when the traditional media all lie? How can an average person figure out who to believe? What is the truth? When you notice young, healthy athletes suddenly dropping from heart attacks, and Twitter de-platforms anyone who dares mention it, this tells you not to trust Twitter. Likewise, […]

John Rubino Substack - by Mark Nestmann: Over the years, we haven’t shied away from highlighting the threat to our privacy that our hyper-connected world poses. Whether it’s Big Brother spying on your smartphone, Google treating your personal data as its own, or Apple proposing a plan to automatically scan your iPhone or iPad for child pornography, both Uncle […]

John Rubino Substack - From Charles Hugh Smith: When the system can’t borrow more and distribute the insolvency, it implodes. I started writing about debt saturation back in 2011. The basic idea is we can continue to borrow and spend as long as one of two conditions hold: 1) real (inflation-adjusted) income is rising, so there’s more income to […]

John Rubino Substack - by Dr. Richard Curtin, University of Michigan: There is a high probability that a self-perpetuating wage-price spiral will develop in the next few years. Households have already become less resistant to paying higher prices and firms have become less resistant to offering higher wages. Prices and wages will continue to spiral upward until the cumulative erosion […]

John Rubino Substack - From James Howard Kunstler: Half the nation doesn’t believe anything it is told by those in authority and the other half revels in its reckless abuse of authority…. Isn’t it obvious by now that pervasive dishonesty is the foremost crisis of many crises in Western Civ generally and American life in particular? All our authorities […]

John Rubino Substack - From Jon Rappoport on No More Fake News:   Lately, I’ve been posting articles about elite power groups and their historical connections to Russia. Here is a piece that raises a problem these power groups have been facing—a problem that won’t go away. I wrote and posted this article On June 10, 2015. Here it […]

John Rubino Substack - From Charles Hugh Smith at Of Two Minds: Most people would be horrified by a 40% decline in their “investments.” When bubbles pop, speculative assets don’t drop 40%, they drop 90% or even 98%. The irony of the sudden panic about real-world inflation generated by rising wages is two-fold: 1. The status quo never mentions […]

John Rubino Substack - From Brian McGlinchey’s Stark Realities Substack: There’s much to despise about economic sanctions. Aside from the fundamental immorality of making innocent individuals suffer for the sins of governments, sanctions almost universally fail to achieve the goals of those who inflict them. Nonetheless, sanctions have become the knee-jerk U.S. government response to any real or claimed foreign misdeed. According […]

April 13th, 2022 | The Fed Is Scared $h*tless

John Rubino Substack - From Quoth the Raven “Commentary out of the Fed over the last few weeks indicates to me that our central bankers know they are doing far too little, far too late.” The events in monetary policy over the last few weeks have reminded me of an article I wrote almost 4 years ago to the […]

John Rubino Substack - From Charles Hugh Smith’s Of Two Minds blog: Clinging to delusional fantasies of “free wealth” won’t lead to positive outcomes, any more than swallowing handfuls of meds leads to “free health.” Under various guises, labels and rationalizations, “free money” has now been established as the default policy fix for any problem. Stock market falters? The solution: […]

John Rubino Substack - From the Wall Street Journal: As Washington attempts to get its arms around the rapidly growing cryptocurrency industry, policy makers in the Biden administration and on Capitol Hill have identified stablecoins as an initial target for tighter regulation. Often billed as one-to-one representations of a currency like the dollar, stablecoins have recently exploded in popularity […]

John Rubino Substack - From David Stock via International Man: International Man: Whether we like it or not, the reality is, the Federal Reserve has an enormous influence over the dollar and the stock market. And right now, the Fed has an urgent and fateful decision to make. It can keep printing trillions of dollars, let inflation skyrocket or tighten […]

John Rubino Substack - From Zero Hedge: While it is traditionally viewed as a B-grade indicator, the February consumer credit report from the Federal Reserve was an absolute stunner and confirmed what we have been saying for month: any excess savings accumulated by the US middle class are long gone, and in their place Americans have unleashed a credit-card […]

John Rubino Substack - From Of Two Minds: Those trusting the Fed to be visibly weak, corrupt and incompetent forever might be in for an unwelcome surprise. When even the crash test dummies are nervous, it pays to pay attention. Being in a mild crash isn’t too bad if all the protective devices inflate as intended. But in a horrific […]

John Rubino Substack - From Reuters:  Sri Lanka’s collapse is front of mind for many. Protesters fed up with crippling shortages of essential food and fuel items are on the streets, prompting multiple members of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa’s cabinet to offer to resign late on Sunday. Social unrest will probably accelerate a restructuring of some $44 billion of […]

John Rubino Substack - From Wolf Street:  The Fed’s own data on the distribution of wealth in the US is a quarterly report card on the Fed’s official policy goal of the “Wealth Effect.” It has now released the data for Q4. The Fed uses monetary policies, such as QE and interest rate repression, to create asset price inflation […]

John Rubino Substack - From David Brady at Sprott Money News: The two primary drivers of the markets in general from my perspective were and are the following: The ongoing situation in Ukraine and the escalation of tensions between the East and West Inflation and monetary policy tightening in response by the Fed, BoC, and BoE to name a […]

John Rubino Substack - From Of Two Minds: Sealing the USD’s coffin requires conjuring up a replacement reserve currency, and that turns out to be a lot more challenging than many understand. You know the scene in movies where the body-bag is being zipped up or the coffin lid slid into place when the recently deceased startles everyone by […]

John Rubino Substack - From The Carson Report: Policymakers are trying to achieve a benign economic outcome, a soft landing similar to 1995. But unfortunately, history shows that soft landings are rare. Since 1960, there have been three soft landings but nine recessions. Soft landings happen when the Fed acts early and often, and recessions occur when the Fed […]

John Rubino Substack - From Daily Gold: Gold mining stocks as a whole have underperformed Gold since 2007. The GDX to Gold ratio from its 2007 peak to its 2015 bottom declined 80%. The Gold price peak in 2008 was about where it bottomed at the end of 2015. That’s over seven years of a flat market coupled with […]

John Rubino Substack - From Economic Prism:  Do you own a house?  Do you rent? How you answer these questions likely influences your perception of inflation and the economy. But what if the forces driving your perception are about to reverse…thus, standing your perception on its head? We believe big, earth-shattering changes are under foot in the credit market.  […]

John Rubino Substack - From Bloomberg: Traders and investors are rapidly cutting exposure to the London Metal Exchange after this month’s nickel-market chaos, driving open interest to a 15-year low and leaving key metals exposed to wild price swings as liquidity shrivels. The number of open positions across the LME’s six main metals fell more than 8% in the […]

John Rubino Substack - From Bloomberg:  Global bond markets have suffered unprecedented losses since peaking last year, as central banks including the Federal Reserve look to tighten policy to combat surging inflation. The Bloomberg Global Aggregate Index, a benchmark for government and corporate debt total returns, has fallen 11% from a high in January 2021. That’s the biggest decline […]

John Rubino Substack - From Mark Nestmann: A few months ago, I received an invitation to attend a lecture with the mind-numbing title, “The Transformation of Tax & Customs Law into the Digital World of Processes, Automation and Predictions.” I wasn’t able to attend, but it reminded me that like the android hosts in Westworld, the IRS was developing […]
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