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Portfolio Manager and President of Venable Park Investment Counsel ( Ms Park is a financial analyst, attorney, finance author and regular guest on North American media. She is also the author of the best-selling myth-busting book "Juggling Dynamite: An insider's wisdom on money management, markets and wealth that lasts," and a popular daily financial blog:

December 2nd, 2020 | Long Time Running

Juggling Dynamite - The US Dollar Index (DXY) is bobbing at a 52-week low in the $91 range this week, and stocks and commodities are similarly trading trends looking for direction. As I have explained previously, the risk rally needs further dollar weakness, and with the US Fed promising more QE and more fiscal stimulus soon, that could […]

Juggling Dynamite - Bullish equity sentiment at 59.2% was at an eye-watering 40 points above bearish sentiment (19.4%) in last week’s Investors Intelligence Data. Heavily indebted amid high unemployment and low yields, a desperate retail crowd has once more joined long-always managers and funds all-in on equities, gold and cryptocurrencies that have no security of principal, due date […]

November 26th, 2020 | This is Where We Are

Juggling Dynamite - With US equity markets closed for Thanksgiving, the US dollar index (DXY) continues to hover around the $92 long-term support level this morning–its lowest point since May 2018. A confluence of factors drives the benchmark currency one way and another, including trade and investment/speculative fund flows, hedging, fiscal and monetary interventions, relative global rates of […]

November 26th, 2020 | Why Are Stock Markets Booming? Radio - Long-term financial effects from Covid

November 25th, 2020 | All Eyes on the Greenback

Juggling Dynamite - After falling 7% since March 2020, the US dollar index has helped fuel a dramatic recovery in risk markets and push speculative sentiment back to record highs. As shown in my partner Cory Venable’s weekly chart below since 1996, $92 is now testing the dollar’s long term support. A bounce in this area is likely […]

Juggling Dynamite - For some time, I’ve described the climate and pollution challenges at hand as our generation’s war effort.  Seth Klein comes to a similar conclusion in his new book, A Good War:  Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency.  He joined CBC’s The Current last week to discuss.  Worth a listen; here’s a direct audio link. There is a […]

Juggling Dynamite - GMO co-founder Jeremy Grantham recently reaffirmed his assessment that the stock market is in a bubble.  One can own stocks in a bubble and lock in poor prospective returns, or buy them after prices burst and enjoy years of steady returns thereafter.  There is no cake and eat it too. “The more spectacular the rise […]

Juggling Dynamite - The energy sector in southern Alberta has over $2 billion worth of renewable energy projects being built in the region.  The related new jobs and tax revenue are much needed.  See: Southern Alberta witnessing ‘unprecedented’ surge in renewable energy projects. The renewable energy sector in southern Alberta is riding high with projects surging like never before. […]

Juggling Dynamite - Experience attests that life is full of risk, every day in every way. Ego and spending commonly rise with income, asset prices and debt.  But humility and personal discipiline are the attributes that most define our financial health over time. It’s not what we make–in terms of income and cyclical asset inflation–but what we retain […]

Juggling Dynamite - In our world of sub 1% interest rates on guaranteed deposits and government bonds, many people have moved their savings into principal-insecure assets in the hopes of picking up more yield nickels in front of oncoming steamrollers. In the process, corporate asset prices have been bid to record highs once more.  As in similar fateful […]

November 13th, 2020 | Pandemic and Sudden Income Loss

Juggling Dynamite - Pandemic and sudden income loss have made people more aware of their vulnerability.  Even as interest rates have fallen again since March, loan demand is weak and cash savings in bank accounts have risen sharply.  These are financial-health-restoring-trends in the right direction for individuals; not so much for banks and other lenders.  See Deposit interest rates […] Radio - People still getting poor financial advice

Juggling Dynamite - We cannot discern a person’s financial health based on their age or physical trappings.  Nor does a high income ensure financial security.  Many people figure this out with experience; some never do. As with our physical health, it is the avoidance of accidents, along with constructive personal discipline, that plays the largest role in defining […]

Juggling Dynamite - As I have noted many times, most people today have unrealistic expectations regarding what income their savings can ‘safely’ produce in retirement and, therefore, the amount of savings they need to sustain their spending once retired. A sustainable rate of withdrawal is one that can continue throughout our lifetime without consuming all of our principal […]

Juggling Dynamite - Meanwhile, regardless of who will be in the White House, Volvo Group, the world’s second-largest truckmaker, announced today that electric heavy-duty trucks with a range of up to 300km will go on sale next year and enter production in 2022.  Volvo is  aiming for half its truck sales in Europe to be battery powered by […]

Juggling Dynamite - A. Gary Shilling’s November Insight (subscription only) compares the recent FAANG mania with the Nifty Fifty mania of the 1970s and the last tech mania of the late 1990s.  His recent BNN article shares some of the highlights, see The Nifty Fifty Have a Message for the Tech Obsessed.  Historical perspectives are sooooo important when it […]

Juggling Dynamite - I’m working through Mark Z. Jacobson’s new text on the science and mechanics of migrating global power systems and transportation to 100% renewable water, wind, solar and storage.  Those interested in seeing where we are headed and what the opportunities look like should keep this book on their desk or coffee table as a daily […]

Juggling Dynamite - After bouncing 10% between March 20 and September 1, the Canadian dollar continues its allegiance with risk assets, dropping 1% against the US dollar today and rolling over at the 74.50 resistance range, highlighted in my partner Cory Venable’s chart below since 2007.  A restest of the March low in the .67 area (pink band […]

Juggling Dynamite - Large corps have long-lobbied for preferential tax treatment and government subsidies because they are ‘job creators.’  In reality, automation and off-shoring have been reducing their employment rolls steadily.  As globalization has allowed multi-nationals to position head offices in the lowest tax zones, countries, states, and provinces have raced each other to the death for the […] Radio - Corporate Tax Rates, Small Business

Juggling Dynamite - Cutting unnecessary operating costs is always smart, but being able to do so during a big hit to income can be the difference between survival and bankruptcy. Like most municipalities, the City of Kitchener spends millions on electricity each year.  In 2011, they invested in 2600 solar panels atop their operation facility at the site […]

Juggling Dynamite - As the second wave of COVID is shutting down large parts of Europe and Canada’s cases hit a fresh record, studies suggest antibodies may be short-lived. Not surprisingly, a study released today from FP Canada finds that 30% of Canadians surveyed worry they’ll never recover from the pandemic’s economic impact, and 42% say they can’t financially […]

Juggling Dynamite - Never before have so many companies with no revenue pursued a public market listing at such high valuations.  The froth is particularly evident in sectors like online gambling and nascent start-up companies.  See:  EV start-ups are Wall Street’s hot new thing.  No revenue? No problem: Companies at such a nascent stage are inherently risky and are […]

Juggling Dynamite - Living one hour north of Toronto, the COVID-19 home-buying frenzy is readily apparent.  Prices have appreciated more than 20% year over year, and “Coming Soon” signs turn into “Sold” within days.  Many properties don’t even make it to an MLS listing. A realty lawyer friend told me yesterday that she is having the busiest transaction […]

Juggling Dynamite - The Solutions Project at Stanford University has been pointing out for years now that improving energy efficiency and powering the grid with electricity from wind, water, and the sun dramatically reduces overall energy use.   In their blueprint for Canada, the reduction in demand is an estimated 63% below current levels. Already, wind and solar power are the […]
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