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Portfolio Manager and President of Venable Park Investment Counsel ( Ms Park is a financial analyst, attorney, finance author and regular guest on North American media. She is also the author of the best-selling myth-busting book "Juggling Dynamite: An insider's wisdom on money management, markets and wealth that lasts," and a popular daily financial blog:

Juggling Dynamite - The all-electric Mercedes SUV is expected to be available in North American by 2020 and will help legitimize EV technology in mainstream thinking.  Thanks to Tesla for leading and sharing its patents for free in 2014 in order to help other manufacturers evolve into the 21st century. The Mercedes EQC brings a new level of competition to […] Radio - Paying off debt good way to prepare for economic downturn

Juggling Dynamite - Apparently, the new rules requiring that people have a reasonable chance of repaying a mortgage before advancing the loan are now depressing home sales and prices in Canada.  Who would have thought… See Sharp drop in home sales portends stagnant year ahead: Year-end statistics published Tuesday by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) show 458,442 homes […]

Juggling Dynamite -   While many commentators are calling on central banks to stop tightening and start increasing monetary slack once more as the global slowdown deepens, the fact is that current financial strife has been purchased by years of central bank slack that drove overcapacity and mal-investment through the global economy.  Economist Daniel Lacelle explains truth well […]

Juggling Dynamite - Further to my article last week Highly coupled global growth engines slowing all together, weaker economic data out of China and Europe this morning are roiling world markets. Chinese trade slumped in December, sending regional stocks and the Australian dollar lower, as an unexpected fall in both exports and imports underlined the impact of the trade war and […]

Juggling Dynamite - As I have explained frequently, asset prices that went up on the same low rates, lax lending, speculation and foreign capital flows the past decade are now coming down together all around the world.  In the process, the assets, markets, cities and holders that rose the most, now have the most to lose–it’s pretty straight […]

Juggling Dynamite - Even though the Bank of Canada paused in hiking its policy rates in December and yesterday, many Canadians are already contending with a doubling of interest rates on their unsecured lines of credit in the past year. At the same time, realty prices are falling,  making it harder to refinance unsecured debts into a lower rate […]

Juggling Dynamite - As shown below, just released German industrial activity fell for a third month in November 2018 and raised the risk that Europe’s largest economy is slipping into recession. See: Trade hopes trump dismal German data for European equities. At the same time, the Chinese economy–the world’s second largest and another important barometer of global demand–is also […]

Juggling Dynamite - Years of undisciplined monetary and fiscal policy have enabled the worst financial habits and highest debt abuse the world has ever known, and the payback period is now weighing on the world economy and asset prices. International Monetary Fund executives are warning that the world is unprepared for the slowdown, and yet it’s here all […]

Juggling Dynamite - About a year ago, we realized that sorting plastic waste into recycling bins was mostly a farce as some 80% of plastics were piling up in landfill and waterways around the world.  In reality, just 9% of the total plastic ever generated has been recycled. For many years, developing countries accepted the plastic waste of […]

Juggling Dynamite - Some recent mail from blog readers has reminded me of an important topic always worth repeating. Many financial sales firms recommend that their customers/clients borrow money either against their real estate (HELCOs or mortgages) or against their security portfolios (margin debt) as a way of increasing the firm’s fees. This is predictably devastating for their […]

Juggling Dynamite - Because real estate is the most widely held asset in the world, its cyclical moves tend to be the most economically impactful.  After a fifteen-year upcycle, Canada’s two most populous metropolitan areas–Toronto and Vancouver–entered 2017-2018 with the dubious distinction of having some of the most over-valued real estate in the world.  But real estate has […] Radio - The revolt against plastic

Juggling Dynamite - Wolves devour sheep when shepherds are sidelined and wolves left to run rampant. This is an epidemic today. Reforms and enforcement are coming because the pendulum has swung too far in favor of the few at the expense of the many.  See: As a grocery chain is dismantled, investors recover their money. Worker pensions are short […]

Juggling Dynamite - We are in a bear market, and a bear market is not just going to end in a couple of months considering the ten years of a bull market,” the chief investment officer at Bleakley Advisory Group said Thursday on “Futures Now. ” Boockvar, also a CNBC contributor, acknowledged the market has been grossly oversold. […]

December 28th, 2018 | The Late Cycle Lament

Juggling Dynamite - GMO’s December letter The Late Cycle Lament is a must read for anyone with savings they would like to keep and grow going forward.  There are many excellent charts and clear-eyed insights on the present state of equity valuations, probable price paths and the capital-destructive myopia of most financial advisors and managers.  You can read the whole thing […]

Juggling Dynamite - Over the latest upcycle starting in 2009, we have noted that participants were increasingly value-indiscriminate, trend-chasers, buying–not based on security analysis or investment prospects–but because prices were going up. Indeed, recent data confirm that some 85% of trading volume in the past few years has come from computer-driven models, high-frequency traders, so-called ‘market makers’, passive […]

Juggling Dynamite - Excellent article from Economist Stephen Roach on 30 years of destructive monetary policy and the short-term asset pain that is necessary in order to restore longer-term strength and stability.  See: In defense of the Fed. Here! Here! Predictably, the current equity market rout has left many aghast that the Fed would dare continue its current normalization campaign. […]

Juggling Dynamite - What went up together on ‘easy money’ the world over, is now going down together.  This was always the devil’s bargain made when policymakers chose to bail-out high indebtedness and speculative activites with even more debt and speculative activities. Nick Brooks, head of economic and investment research at Intermediate Capital Group, discusses how an economic […]

Juggling Dynamite - While November and December have historically been a slow time for trustees in bankruptcy, with business picking up in the New Year, this holiday season Canadian trustees are reporting a boom in new inquiries and filings. It’s worth noting that this financial strife is showing up even as interest rates remain near the low end […]

Juggling Dynamite - As gratifying as it is has been to watch the portfolios we are managing gain in 2018 while everything else is dropping, we should also expect strong counter-trend rallies to keep punctuating the downtrend–for days, even weeks at a time.  That is how bear markets typically move, and mental preparedness is critical. A change to […]

Juggling Dynamite - The Keynesian thesis is that central banks and governments can help smooth financial cycles by adding liquidity and enabling spending when downturns come, and then working to rebuild savings and reduce debt through the economy when times are good. Suffice to say, for many years now, politicians and policymakers have focused on just half of […]

Juggling Dynamite - India’s nearly 1.3 billion population is running a close second to China’s nearly 1.4 billion in terms of the world’s largest.  Both economies averaged a fast 7% in annual GDP growth over the past decade and both are now weakening. Even before rising trade tariffs however, lax lending, excessive domestic debt and ‘hot’ investor flows […]

Juggling Dynamite - Sydney has been an epicenter for speculative fervor in the Australian property market over the past decade, much like the greater Toronto and Vancouver areas in Canada. As shown in this chart, price declines over the past year have now been about 10%.  This is larger than the previous four declines since 1989 but still […]

December 11th, 2018 | Bubble 3.0

Juggling Dynamite - The below segment is a worthwhile discussion of the interconnection between central bank repressed interest rates and the simulateous rise in real estate and financial assets over the last decade, leading to the first ever ‘everything bubble’ globally.  Naturally, what went up together is now coming down together, and it’s important to note that recoveries […]
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