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November 23, 2023 | The Shift to the Middle is Coming

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.


Netherlands Dutch_Election

All the media is so anti-common sense that anyone who dares to take any contrary view is called “FAR RIGHT” ads if they are Nazis. Never in all my years have I ever witnessed the mainstream media so FAR LEFT that they are destroying the very foundation of civilization, and they do not care. The position MUST be their view, and anything to the contrary is evil. This is NOT a free society, nor is this how civilizations are maintained. When you divide the nation in such a manner and impose your will by sheer dictatorship, the end is near.

TIME Magazine characterized the Dutch election as a “FAR RIGHT” victory. They want to exit the EU and retake their sovereignty. They are flooded with immigrants, and crime has soared all because Merkel opened the borders unilaterally. The EU was never asked to vote on this policy – NEVER. But if you dare object, you are the dangerous and evil FAR RIGHT. Friends there will not allow their daughter to walk to the bus station for fear she will be raped.

What the EU has done to the Dutch farmers is insane, and they are so braindead they fail to understand that the planet goes through cycles and reducing food production as we head into solar minimum risks food shortages and rising disease as well as starvation. But if you oppose that, you are now the evil FAR RIGHT. As they told the people, and they agreed, the Netherlands “has been seriously weakened due the ongoing asylum tsunami and mass immigration.” They also pledged to stop sending aid to Ukraine. Their country is being transformed into an Islamic State, and they called for a ban on the Koran and for shutting down mosques.  France is generally projected to be an Islamic nation within 40 years. Our computer shows that can happen as soon as 2032, thanks to an 8:1 birth rate in favor of Muslims. But if you want to retain Europe as a Christian continent, you are the dangerous evil FAR RIGHT.


The violence has already begun, from attempts to burn down Christian churches in Southern Europe to killing a 16-year-old boy, stabbing him to death, and injuring 17 others. The assailants declared, “We are here to stab white people’ before the rampage, according to a report. ” Mobs in Eastern Pakistan target Christian churches. In Jerusalem, extremist Jews were chanting, “Death to Arabs … Death to Christians.” Then, in Europe, there has been a surge in Quran burning in response to the influx of Muslims. We are looking at the beginning of a religious war brewing everywhere. This contributes to our Civil Unrest Model, which turned up here in 2023.

Argentina_election_results_Milei_wins 11 20 23

CNN also called Javier Milei the “FAR RIGHT” who won Argentina’s presidential elections. They reported that was “wrenching his country to the right with a bombastic anti-establishment campaign” and said that he was comparable to Donald Trump. They admitted that this was against the backdrop of one of the “world’s highest inflation rates.”

AfD_wins 6 26 23

In Bavaria, the press also reported that “FAR-RIGHT” Afd won back in June. So unless you are for lockdowns, the war against Russia, high inflation, and lowering of our living standards, then you are one of those loathful, FAR-RIGHT dangerous people who must be eradicated and suppressed.

Anyone who wants to return just to normal life is now disgusting FAR-RIGHT. You have to support World War III, high taxes, end of lifestyle for climate change, and if you do not tell your son in 1st grade that maybe he is really a girl then you are guilty of child abuse, and your children should be taken from you by force.

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November 23rd, 2023

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