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June 20, 2023 | When Will the World Wake Up?

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; It makes no sense for Poland to support Ukraine when they refused to ever apologize for their slaughter of 100,000 of us in their ethnic cleansing under Bandara. The rumor is that Poland had hoped that Russia would defeat Ukraine and take the Donbas and that Poland would retake the Western part of Ukraine. Have you heard anything about that?

Thank you for your truth in the middle of a war.


ANSWER: There has also been an underlying resentment in Poland against the Nazi-Ukrinians who have never apologized and have never changed. They simply still cling to their idea of ethnic cleansing and the only people acceptable in their new country are Ukrainian by pure blood. Bandera remains a national hero and he is of the same vile character as Joseph Stalin – enjoyed washing his hands in the blood of others.

Bandera’s philosophy was pure hatred. In 2014, they were out in force showing Bandara’s photo and preaching hatred of Russians. Still, to this day, even Hungarians and looked down on in Ukraine. The hatred of Bandara is deeply embedded and it is against everyone who is not Ukrainian – Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Greek. In Macedonia, the people support generally Russia and view Ukrainians as always troubling seeking war.

As one Ukrainian wrote to me:

“Despite my upbringing for some reason I never held this hatred for Russians or any other people but the Ukrainian diaspora around me has generally taken the bait.

If I hate anything it’s more the ideology that seeks to limit and enslave us with lies.  An endless battle!”
What the Ukrainians overlook is that Stalin’s seizure of the food from Ukraine and their starvation have two MAJOR factors they do not want to acknowledge. (1) Stalin was not Russian, he was from Georgia. (2) Stalin’s right-hand man was Ukrainian Kagan who was in charge of taking the food from Ukraine. Some say he was Jewish and sought retribution against the anti-Jewish attitude in Ukraine.
Others say that he is an ancestor of Victoria Nuland’s husband Robert Kagan. I cannot verify that he is a blood relative of Lazar. His family dropped “ovich” at the end of the name. The sister-in-law of Nuland is the one that started the Institute for the Study of War, which strangely never seems to advocate peace. Even the NY Times commented on this family and their connections. Ron Paul commented that their family business is always a war against Russia. So when a family member dies in battle in their endless wars, remember who has been cheering this death and destruction. Even Europe is taking note of how this family pushing for war. And now, Nuland is #2 at the State Department in the Biden Administration. This is a coup!
Warsaw is indeed considering submitting restitution demands to Kiev for the 1943 Volhynia massacres, which saw over 100,000 Poles killed by the Nazi-allied Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists led by Stepan Bandera. Germany has apologized as well as Japan for their atrosities during World War II – not the Ukrainians.
This is the problem, they were parading around with banners and still supporting Bandara and his ethnic cleansing. So how could they possibly apologize when they still follow Bandara’s philosophy of only pure-blood Ukrainians allowed?
As I said, Kiev currently considers the Nazi collaborator Bandara a national hero.  If Germany still considered Hitler a national hero and built a monument to him, or Italy did that with Benito Mussolini, would that not cause many people to question Germany or Italy?
Victoria Nuland, the #2 in the US State Department, was not only there in Kiev in 2014 egging on the revolution and starting the civil war against Russia, her family is Ukrainian. Her hatred of Russians is legendary and she has infiltrated the United States with the very same philosophies.
Ukraine sought to separate from Russia and that was fine. But when the Russians in the Donbas wanted to separate from the Ukrainians, suddenly they were terrorists and Kiev launched a civil war against them. It was NOT the other way around with the support of the American Neocons.

When will the world wake up? We are being manipulated and this time we are on the side of the Nazis that our fathers fought against.

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June 20th, 2023

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