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August 12, 2022 | Argentina’s Central Bank Ups Rate to 69.5%

Europe’s Energy woes see record power prices

August 5, 2022 | Crypto Blockchain Quite Hackable

Could ditching neckties save energy?

August 4, 2022 | Bear Market Rally, US Recession, Inflation

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July 21, 2022 | Could China’s Economic Downturn Hurt Canada?

Rare Euro Bank Hike Affecting Currencies

July 8, 2022 | Why Oil Could Triple in Price?

When might Gold stocks be a good buy?

June 29, 2022 | Roe vs. Wade, SADS, New Q Posts

Restoration of the Republic

June 29, 2022 | Gasoline Price Relief by Fall?

Is Alberta surplus 90% luck?

June 23, 2022 | Bear Rallies, Interest Rates, Inflation, Gold

Will a stalling economy stop inflation?

June 3, 2022 | Post Bubble Contraction. Inflation, Deflation

Turkey, Russia, Real Estate

May 25, 2022 | China’s Economic Meltdown Spreading

Crude prices paving the way to recession

May 19, 2022 | Inflation vs Interest Rates

Deflation brewing despite current Inflation

May 19, 2022 | Gold Producers, Miners, Explorers

Could Growth Stocks be a hedge against inflation?

May 14, 2022 | This Week in Money

  • Ross Clark – Stock Markets, Gold, Silver, Agricultural Commodities, Bitcoin
  • John Rubino –  Central Banks, Inflation, Food Shortages, Geo-Political Conflicts, Globalization, Mining Stocks
  • Steve Saretsky –  Vancouver Real Estate, Property Prices, High Cost of Housing

May 12, 2022 | All Asset Classes Connected To Market Downturn

Why Stock Buy Backs Should be Banned Again

May 7, 2022 | Recession vs. Depression

Stock Markets, Interest Rates, Inflation

May 5, 2022 | How To Control Rampant Inflation?

Interest rates could skyrocket

April 30, 2022 | This Week in Money

April 29, 2022 | Is Recession Just Around the Corner?

Is China’s economic downturn everyone’s problem?

April 23, 2022 | This Week in Money

  • Bob Hoye – Stock Markets, Sell in May Go Away?
  • John Kaiser –  Junior Mining Sector, Bottom Fish Favorites, Gold, Junior Money
  • Eric Hadik –  Cycles, Dow, Inflation, Interest Rates, Gold, Cryptos

April 13, 2022 | Misery Index, Russia/Ukraine

Inflation, Inverted Yield Curve

April 2, 2022 | This Week in Money

March 17, 2022 | Why Gold and Treasuries Are Best Long Term Bet

Out of control world events making the markets hard to predict

March 3, 2022 | Strong US Dollar Biggest Threat to Markets?

Could Inflation kill itself?

February 25, 2022 | The Fed Probe Finds It’s the Culprit for Risky Investments

Twitter raising $1 Billion from junk bonds to buy back shares

February 17, 2022 | Trucker Freedom Convoy, Cryptos, Inflation, NFT’s

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