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July 3, 2024 | The Reason Biden Was Permitted to Debate Trump

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.


Biden Secon Term

The first presidential debate of the year was a humiliating moment for our nation. Does one even need to bother discussing the questions mentioned when the public was in utter shock at the current president’s physical and mental state?

Joe Biden was sent to the podium as the sacrificial lamb of the DNC. His handlers knew his condition, and no amount of preparation, layup questions, or alterations from the liberal media could have improved his performance. Even Donald Trump seemed concerned that Joe Biden would keel over at any moment. There is a reason the Democrats agreed to this debate — they are setting up the stage for a candidate swap.

Biden was struggling to speak coherently and mumbled through most of his answers. As directed, he began EVERY answer by saying his candidate was a liar and anything Trump said was malarky. The world now knows that the emperor has no clothes. Public officials have long known Biden’s condition as we see a preview of it in the media, with Biden wandering on stage or struggling to communicate with other world leaders. The lie that Joe Biden is of good health has been exposed.


The lamb has been sacrificed. The media would be cherry-picking words to praise Joe Biden, but they are in panic mode. Every channel is discussing Biden’s health, with some saying he simply had a cold. If a military member, pilot, doctor, or anyone in a position of power had a cold, would you expect them to act robotically and lifelessly? This man has arguably the most powerful job in the world, and tens of thousands of people believe it is OK for someone in his condition to have the nuclear codes. That 8% approval rating likely went down to next to nothing.

Trump strategically kept a cool head during the debate. He has long been accused of bullying Uncle Joe, as the media likes to call him, but Biden’s current state is too pathetic to mock. Every media consultant and journalist, even those on the furthest end of the spectrum, is taking to the airways today to say that there is still time before the convention to swap in another candidate.

Trump vs Hillary 2024

Joe Biden is physically and mentally unfit to run the country – period. No one wants a Harris presidency. The Democrats will swap out Joe for someone whom the public is already familiar with and knows. They began the debate by discussing their favorite topic to sway one-issue voters of abortion. A female candidate with experience who the public already knows will be there solution. Hillary Clinton will have her day once again to face off against Donald Trump. She is practically the face of the establishment. People may not find Clinton relatable but those who dislike Trump will vote for her.

Trump skirted around the question of whether he would accept the election results before saying he would only accept the results if the election were fair. What measures are in place to ensure that the next election is fair? The host did not bother to ask Biden whether the Democrats would accept the results of the election, as they have been able to cry “interference” without rebuke. Neither side is going to accept the results this November. Socrates indicates a Trump win if all is fairly counted. I do not see how the establishment could permit that to occur.

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July 3rd, 2024

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