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June 2, 2024 | World War III by 1st Week of September 2024?

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

2024_06_01_Macron France_leads_initiative_on_sending_military_trainers_to_Ukraine

Macron faces a serious collapse in confidence among the French and he too desperately needs to create war. He is pushing NATO to send in troops. They already have “advisers” there and Russia knows that the Brits are in Ukraine firing the missiles for Ukrainians are not competent. Likewise, Ukraine is incapable of sinking Russian ships in the Black Sea without US satellite intelligence.

We are on the edge of World War III because Western nations are nearing default on national debts. They NEED war as a distraction. The West has already declared war on Russia to try to prevent civil uprisings of a debt crisis of historic proportions. China sold $53 billion of US debt in the first quarter. They would be INSANE to buy any debt from any Western government at this stage. Zelensky is selling out his own country for a handful of silver. They cannot conquer Russia and break it up as Estonia is telling people.

We must be concerned about the 1st week of September both domestically as well as internationally. Even the Telegraph Newspaper wrote about the Trump verdict:

“A politically motivated prosecution by Democrat prosecutors presided over by a politically connected Democrat judge in a politically Democrat jurisdiction against the likely Republican presidential nominee in an election year. It smells rotten because it was rotten. The whole thing stinks.

Whether you love or hate Trump, this conviction should appall you. This is not about Donald Trump. It’s about the weaponisation of the criminal justice system against a political opponent. It’s the type of prosecutorial and judicial conduct we expect in Putin’s Russia. Prior to this case, America was deeply divided. Now it’s tearing at the seams.”

World War III

The ONLY hope we have is that RFK joins Trump either as health-czar and/or head of the DOJ. That would be an overwhelming ticket. This is the only shot we have at reducing the destruction on the horizon from this insane march into World War III.

Our staff in Germany have personally confirmed that a friend who is 59 years old was just drafted. Throughout Europe, the draft age will be up to 60 and that is coming to the USA no matter what BS the press tells you. They also intend to draft girls this time.

All of this because of the Sovereign Debt Crisis. The Ukrainian people are viewed as expendable. Those Ukrainians who have send me hate mail should get out ASAP. The West has its agenda and they do not care about you or your future. Zelensky says he is fighting for democracy and suspends his election because he would be voted out – that is not democracy – it is a dictatorship as a vasal state of NATO.

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June 2nd, 2024

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