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May 5, 2024 | Capital Gains Taxes Loom Over Blue States – Welcome to the Great Reset

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.


Eleven states may face capital gain taxes to comply with the Biden Administration’s 2025 budget, in which the government must hunt the people for taxes to pay for a fraction of their spending. The concept of capital gains was not within the original Constitution.  The Founding Fathers established a completely new nation in an attempt to flee government tyranny, but yet again, Democracy has fallen into a Republic where the people have no say.

Capital gains were introduced in 1913, The 16th Amendment granted US Congress the power to levy income via taxation, which remained at around 7% until 1921. Congress quickly determined that they needed to extort citizens for more money and created two brackets. The 7% tax became a standard for income tax, but investors who held for over two years, an insignificant amount of time, were punished for saving and forced to pay 12.5% to Washington. Fast forward to 2025, and we are looking at the top marginal rate rising to up to 57.9%! The current capital extortion rate is around a quarter of one’s capital.


This idea of hunting down the rich is utter nonsense as it becomes an excuse to eliminate the middle class. The big money can take the risk, but the average investor cannot. This will deter small business investment and entrepreneurs who greatly contribute to innovation as they bring creativity and imagination to business.

Naturally, the 11 states are primarily blue. Californians really destroyed their state by voting for Gavin Newsom, and now they may face a top tax of 57.9% to cover the state’s excessive spending and growing deficit. New York and New Jersey, two states that should have stayed red, will face the second-highest capital gain taxation at a rate of 55.5%. These states already pay astronomical taxes on things such as property. Minnesota is looking at a tax of 55.45%, Oregon 54.5%, and Maine 51.75%, with the remaining states (Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Georgia, and Idaho) all facing capital gain extortion rates above 50%.

2032.95 World Ends Here scaled

Why on Earth would anyone want to conduct business in these states? If Biden remains in power, it will be a wonder if major corporations continue to choose to do business in the United States at all. Businesses could go literally almost anywhere else and face lower rates of taxation. Additionally, the American consumer has been stretched so thin through dollar devaluation, inflation, and taxation that they are not spending the way they once did. Capitalism is under attack; success is a punishable offense.

Schwab 2030 Overthrow USA 1

America’s consumer economy will continue to decline while places like China see their middle class grow and the consumer economy rise. China is not creating worthless spending packages on climate change. Remember, they told us clear as day that the goal is to destroy America’s standing as the world’s leading superpower. Klaus Schwab has been aiming for 2030, but the computer has been honing in on 2032 before Schwab released plans for Agenda 2030. Unfortunately, this is all precisely on schedule as America enjoys its final time in the spotlight as the world’s financial capital.

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May 5th, 2024

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