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March 15, 2024 | Soul of a Nation

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

Marx Religion Opium of Masses

QUESTION: You have said that a nation’s true wealth is not its gold but its people. Would you say that what makes the people different from nation to nation is their customs and culture? Is Soros’s Open Society destroying civilization by opening borders and undermining our culture? He is doing what Marx did and has no respect for people’s culture and beliefs.


ANSWER: Soros is absolutely destroying our civilization. The Democrats are cheering this idea of open borders to retain power. Allowing all of these people without skills to vote for them is declaring war against the very people they are supposed to represent. This idea is crushing real Americans/Europeans just to retain power with no concept of the damage to our civilization long-term. I should be able to vote in the European elections, and they should vote in ours if citizenship no longer means anything.


Our very identity and culture are rooted in our beliefs in every nation. That is what constitutes the very soul of a nation. This is what Soros is destroying. He is carrying out exactly what Karl Marx did for the Communists. The founders of the United Nations saw individualism as evil. They look down upon us like bugs to be stepped on if we do not comply.

Every nation’s soul harbors its people’s character, and the nation’s welfare lies in that character. That is why Marx got it all wrong. He called religion the “opium of the people.” He failed to comprehend history and only looked at wealth as the socialists do today in his footsteps. But there is so much more. People act based on what they believe. Socialists do not believe in God, for, like Marx, they believe they know what is best in how society should function. They are against individualism and personal rights. That is what WOKEISM truly is – the denial of personal rights to achieve EQUALITY, as was the case under Communism. The words mother and father are now offensive. Communism taught that the state was your parent – not your biological parent. Every civilization that has traveled that path has collapsed in utter pain. Its people are torn apart, children turn against parents, and brother against brother, until society crumbles to dust and exists no more.

Tutankamun Coffin

The Egyptians went to great lengths to preserve the body after death because they, too, believed in the resurrection – the story of Osirus. When the jackals would dig up the grave and devour the dead body, the people feared that they would be robbed of returning for the last judgment. So the priests decreed that if the body did not survive, the soul could enter an image of itself, which would come to life. So Egypt became a culture with many statues that have survived, in addition to mummified bodies, because of that religious belief.

The Celts would fight fiercely because they, too, believed in reincarnation. If they died, so be it. They would be reborn. That religious belief dictated their behavior.



The cult of Hercules, the son of Zeus, had been sent to Earth to help mankind. Because of that key BELIEF, Christianity was able to spread, for it was a familiar story of God sending his son to help mankind.

Christian Persecution

Because the barbarians were storming the gates of Rome, most Romans BELIEVED that the gods were angry because the Christians would not participate in community prayers and sacrifice to save the empire. That is why the Christian persecutions began because they offended the gods. So again, it was all driven by BELIEF.

Mexicans are hard-working, family-oriented, and generally deeply religious. But the vast majority of people pouring into the country are NOT Mexicans. Countries are tempting their prisons and sending them to America. Drug Cartels are charging $10,000 per ticket to get you into the USA. The majority are now coming from Africa and Asia – not from Mexico.

Soros one world government

I traded against Soros many times. I can confirm that I probably cost him at least $3 billion or more. Had I known this was what he would have done with his money, I would have been more aggressive.

1999 Solor loses 4 7 1999NYT Soros_s_Quantum_Fund_lost 2 billion

Armstrong Wealth of Nation

I have studied every civilization to ascertain what makes one rise and another fall. I went behind the Berlin Wall before it fell and witnessed the real horror of Marxism and the suppression of human individuality. Soros’ Open Society is against EVERYTHING that civilization is constructed upon. It leads to the decline and fall of the West, and I believe historians will remember him as a major factor in the collapse of Western Society. We must come to see the destruction that Soros has unleashed upon the entire world and learn how to rebuild after 2032 a society that respects the rise and fall of civilization. We are plagued by handing power to someone who then thinks they are god and are qualified to redesign society and human nature.

2032 Sixth Wave



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March 15th, 2024

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  • j hammond says:

    “Countries are tempting their prisons and sending them to America. Drug Cartels are charging $10,000 per ticket to get you into the USA. The majority are now coming from Africa and Asia – not from Mexico”
    WTF did IA write this?

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