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January 20, 2024 | The Fix is In – Trump Goes to Prison

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

Soros Trump prison

Let me explain something very important. George Soros’ son has come out and said that Trump would not go away unless he is in prison. I am not at liberty to say at this time, but the FIX IS IN and Trump will be imprisoned in the Washington, DC case. That is the plan.

Fix is In

Soros has funded the case in Colorado to kick Trump off the ballot. This is a war for the very soul of the United States. I have had to look at these forecasts projected by the computer, and it is certainly not my aspiration in life. People keep telling me it is my destiny to bring independent forecasting upfront. Perhaps so. But I do not relish laying out these forecasts, for I wish I could prevent the outcome, but I cannot. No protest can be mustered to prevent this. We have to crash and burn. Only then will the blind finally see, and those who have understood these forecasts will get to perhaps spread the word.

Atty General calls for Speedy Trial

They have done everything they possibly can to stop Trump, for they KNOW he will do his best to prevent their agenda. Yet, unfortunately, the computer has warned that either side will NOT accept the 2024 election. They are outright pushing to put Trump in prison. The Attorney General has now come out pushing for a speedy trial in DC because they think throwing Trump in prison will be the only thing that will stop him.

Civil Unrest 2023

My deep concern is that we are approaching the 19th cycle of 8.6 from the American Civil War. This only adds to the rising tensions, which will escalate into 2026. These people are so desperate to impose their totalitarian state that they refuse to back off. If they cannot imprison Trump, they will assassinate him. We are approaching the last 8.6 years in this 51.6-year cycle, and they will be the darkest days of our lives.

My concern is if the Supreme Court yields to this conspiracy to imprison Trump, it could be like the Dread Scott decision, where they tried to reduce the tension by claiming blacks could not be citizens of the United States and that they were, in fact, property. They thought they were cutting the baby in half to prevent a civil war. But that decision led the people to vote for Abraham Lincoln, who, by the way, was also taken off the ballot in several states. If they buy this argument that Trump was acting as a candidate and NOT as President, then they probably will think that putting him in prison will lower the tensions. That will not end well for them or the nation.

Intl War Index 12 30 22

World War III is already in motion. There will be no state of peace, and Zelensky was put in that position to facilitate this war. I warned when he took office that this would be the guy who started World War III. Zelensky is nothing like what you think. In the EU, another crisis is brewing. The EU has extended permission for Ukrainian refugees to live in the EU. The Council agreed to extend the temporary protection for people fleeing Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine from March 4th, 2024, to March 4th, 2025.

However, Zelensky’s general mobilization and a state of war has been in effect in Ukraine since Feb. 24th, 2022, with all men aged 18 to 60 considered eligible for military service and subject to conscription. Men are prohibited from leaving Ukraine, and now the EU is recording the refugees, thereby documenting those who are avoiding Zelensky’s draft. It has been said that documents exist showing Zelensky himself refused to show up for the draft before he was president several times.

During a state of war, travel abroad for men in Ukraine is restricted. All military-eligible individuals are forbidden to leave Ukraine, except in cases specified by Cabinet Resolution No. 57. Some military-eligible individuals, lacking the right to leave, have illegally crossed borders and sought asylum in the EU, the United States, or Asian countries. Ukraine lacks a system for holding such individuals to account, but that is rumored to be in the works. Zelensky wants all men returned to die on the battlefield. At this time, Russian soldiers outnumber Ukrainians 4 to 1.

Trump would indeed end the war in 24 hrs. Cut off all funds for the Ukrainian government employees whom Biden is paying their salaries and pensions. Insist that Zelensky honors the Minsk Agreement and the war is over. Those in power right now want war, and they have no intention of ending anything.

2024 Presidential Election by Popular Vote

Here are the computer projections for the 2024 election. Trump should win, as you can see on 4 out of 6 models. But Models #3 and #4 are shocking. These show such a landslide with 61% to 35% and 59% to 37% projections that this scares the hell out of the globalists. Of course, everyone and their career prostitute at Davos tunes into our political forecasts because they have been correct, are purely unbiased, and are the only REAL Artificial Intelligence with a 40-year track record. They may not like what they see, and they certainly do not like me. The prospect that the next presidential election in 2028 will NOT EVEN TAKE PLACE is a very high probability, according to our computer.

Trump Coin

I am NOT putting this out here as some Trump supporter. Personally, I cannot see how they can possibly allow him to win under ANY circumstances. If they put him in prison, they can always claim he committed suicide to get rid of the mess. Since they will be terminating all physical money, replacing them with CBDCs, they won’t ever have to put his picture on a coin where they will constantly be reminded of their treason.

The Computer Says Trump Will Win

Personally, I Cannot See How They Will Allow a Fair Election with that Result.

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January 20th, 2024

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