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August 18, 2023 | RecycLiCo™ Battery Materials Inc. CEO Discusses Recent Collaboration with Nanoramic

RecycLiCo™ Battery Materials Inc.

RecycLiCo™ Battery Materials, is a battery recycling and upcycling company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada that developed the RecycLiCo™ patented process. The RecycLiCo™ process is a closed-loop, hydrometallurgical process with minimal processing steps and up to 100% extraction of lithium, cobalt, nickel, and manganese from lithium-ion battery waste. From waste to cathode, RecycLiCo™ creates valuable lithium-ion battery materials, with low environmental impact, for direct integration into the re-manufacturing of new lithium-ion batteries.

Update on company AGM and bonus giveaway!

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Fully Charged Show!

Watch – We upcycle cathode scraps and black mass into higher-value battery materials!

Video  – The demonstration plant for the RecycLiCo™ Patented Process is now operational in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Questions?  Email or Phone: 778.574.4444

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