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July 26, 2023 | The CDBD Crisis of 2025

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.



1. Due to the draconian rules the US digital currency shall operate under, would you consider the coming US digital currency to be the worst form of currency—worst store of value—worst asset to hold, and if so would it be better to get entirely out of cash before the US Dollar is canceled and the digital currency introduced?
2. When the US Dollar is canceled, will the entire value of all bank and brokerage accounts be automatically converted by banks and brokerage firms to the new digital currency?
3. Do you think there will be draconian rules, such as digital ID’s, instituted to be able to access the internet in 2025 to be able to access and cash out of bank and brokerage accounts?
4. What use will it be to invest in anything post 2024 if money in brokerage and bank accounts automatically becomes digital currency subject to draconian rules with draconian rules to access or take possession of the funds in one’s bank or brokerage account?
5. In the interview you did on May 20th you mentioned “they” are talking about bank bail-in’s. Aside from bank accounts, could bail-in’s be done from people’s brokerage accounts?
6. If one does not “opt in” to the new digital currency and if every legal financial transaction from the point the US introduces the digital currency must be made via the new digital currency, how will one be able to pay their taxes and property tax and will such a person lose their house and their assets be confiscated for not paying their taxes and property tax if they choose not to take part in the digital currency, digital ID and digital health pass?
7. Do you think inheritance will come under rules so draconian that sane children would prefer to forgo their inheritance rather than opt into anything that could harm their health and limit their freedom? Or do you think “they” will just abolish inheritance altogether?
Would you recommend putting all assets and accounts in one’s children’s names now, to avoid this possible scenario as far as it can be avoided?
8. During World War 3, if the US gets nuked or if at any time in the future there is an EMP attack or a severe cyber-attack and the grid goes down for an extended period of time, what shall become of bank and brokerage accounts?
Thank You Sir



ANSWER: Undoubtedly, this entire scheme of digital currencies will be the death of Western Civilization. The Founding Fathers prohibited Direct Taxation which was repealed during the Marxist movement toward creating the Income Tax. Once the income tax was imposed, the government then needed to know everything you did. That is why the Founding Fathers prohibited any form of direct taxation. Now even a journalist, if he fails to comply with the demands of the government, is targeted by the IRS. This allows them to go after anyone unless you are the son of a senile president who does as he is told. So yes, this will be the WORST currency in human history and it will be the final nail in the coffin of freedom.


They will most likely cancel all currencies AFTER the US 2024 election. It will need to be coordinated to prevent capital flight. Whatever is in bank accounts or brokerage accounts will be re-denominated in the new digital currency. The IMF is pushing hard to replace the dollar with its version. The likelihood of the collapse of the IMF and world institutions will probably arrive in 2031.


Big Tech will comply. They are already stripping us of our freedom of speech. This will become IMPERATIVE to oppress all freedom in hopes that they can establish this new totalitarian state which is the dream of Klaus Schwab and his band of merry thieves at the World Economic Forum. So the Internet will be highly monitored and restricted.


The point of investments post-2024 will be to hold on to tangible assets. They will make the transition from one currency to the next.


As far as bail-in’s being applied to people’s brokerage accounts the answer is yes. That was already done by Judge Martin Glenn who presided over M.F. Global bankruptcy and created the first BAIL-IN without Congressional Authority. He was the first one to engage in FORCED LOANS by abandoning the rule of law to help the bankers and protect Corzine from losses by taking client accounts to cover M.F. Global’s losses. That is no different from what we saw in Cyprus. He simply allowed the confiscation of client funds when in fact, the rule of law should have been that the bankers were responsible and M.F. Global’s losses, and it should have been reversed. Never should the client’s funds be taken for M.F. Global’s losses to the NY Bankers.


You will have NO “opt out” avenue. Taxes and commerce will all be digital. This is why they are pushing 5G in order to create instant transfers to enable them to replace cash transactions.


Regarding inheritance, the LEFT is also ready to push behind the curtain that upon death, everything should belong to the state. I fear this will only unleash civil war. Nevertheless, there is the crazy leftist in Australia proposing just that. It is unfair for one person to have wealth and another nothing. Concerning putting all assets and accounts in one’s children’s names now, avoiding this possible scenario as far as it can be avoided carries tremendous risk. It all depends on your country. When I bought a house 30 years ago, I simply added my children’s names. Today, you can’t do that, for it becomes taxable to them.


While we cannot rule out tactical nuclear weapons, the risk of an EMP attack will be devastating. That will wipe out the economy and take down the internet. The prospect of whatever you have in an account could simply vanish. That is one primary reason I am against the whole crypto-CBDC agenda, for in times of war, an EMP could devastate an adversary. I think this simply warns you should have some old silver coins pre-1965.

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July 26th, 2023

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