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January 10, 2023 | Gold v Dollar

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

QUESTION #1:  Marty,
Thanks for your interesting post about gold and China.
Which do you think will perform better this year, gold or the dollar?
Thank you.


QUESTION #2: Marty, obviously the motive behind China buying gold is critical. I tried to explain that to a goldbug. It went in one ear and out the other.  Russia and China have separate motives from the rest of the world. Correct?


ANSWER: Absolutely. Only a goldbug thinks motives are irrelevant as long as gold rises. Short-covering is not buying buy squaring off positions. Then you have retail buying and institutional buying. I was helping the Japanese circumvent the US trade sanction threats by purchasing gold on COMEX and then selling it back in London. It did not matter what you bought. The trade statistics only measure money flows – not goods. So, I was using gold to reduce the trade surplus of Japan buying gold in NYC (as it it was a product) and shipping it out to London. The buying was irrelevant to the trend. Just because someone buys gold does not make them bullish at all.

What you need to understand is that China is not buying gold because they are bullish on gold. They cannot hold US or EU debt and therefore you will continue to see them liquidating Western sovereign assets. That will not be the case for others inside the West. They will remain holding debt that pays interest where gold does not. Those who have been brainwashed about fiat and gold and inflation are so entrenched in their thinking, they will never see that the difference in motive has nothing to do with gold at all, but geopolitical events as we head into 2032. So they keep looking at balance sheets at the Fed and inflation and miss the real trend altogether.


We have private interests that do NOT have the same motives as China or Russia. Those are high net-worth individuals and institutions who will prefer the more liquid assets of equities and short-term debt like T-Bills. We have NOT reached the point where there is a total collapse in the faith of the dollar or the US government as of yet. Keep in mind that 50% of Americans still believe in Biden somehow and are consumed with their hate of Trump which prevents them from seeing the real trend.

Society is being so dumbed-down by the media that we are sleepwalking into WWIII and cheering it at the same time. They think war is a video game. We bomb and kill people elsewhere and it never affects us at home.


The dollar is not finished. It is the most hated currency perhaps in history. But that is also because people have been manipulated into thinking that money is fiat and keep preaching the days of returning to some sort of gold standard. The problem with that theory is it demands fiscal responsibility and you will NEVER sell that idea to politicians. They cannot survive without bribing people for votes. That means they MUST end Democracy and that is the main objective of Schwab and the WEF.

The backing of the dollar has NOTHING to do with commodities. If that were the case, Japan and Germany should never have risen to the top tier in the world economy. I am NOT an academic. I have worked on every continent and actually visited more central banks than probably any analyst ever. What I have seen is how things work, not theory. That is why some people hate my guts. The TRUE wealth of every nation is its people and their productive ability. The more leftist the government, the worse the economic growth and the lower the standard of living. That is the power behind the dollar and it has NOTHING to do even with the quantity because 70% of paper dollars reside outside the USA.

Remember the Money Plane. Skids of $100 bills were being sent to Russia every week to satisfy the demand. When the new $100 bill took place, anyone flying internationally saw videos on planes telling them that the old $100 bills were still valid and were NOT canceled as they do in Europe.

Perhaps by 2028, you will see the dollar fade away into the sunset. But for now! These insane world leaders are pushing for war. Sweden has just announced a military draft. Europe is not going to survive this one.

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January 10th, 2023

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