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September 9, 2022 | The Time of Separation of the USA is Rapidly Approaching

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

QUESTION: Marty, is Steve Bannon another pre-election ploy to put a spike in the heart of Republicans for the elections?


ANSWER: Of course. Claiming that you raised money and then did not disclose you were paying salaries is really stretching it. You can put every charity in prison for the very same thing. How much really goes to the administration and not the people they claim?

The fraud claim is very ambiguous. I advised on so many takeovers and major corps they were sure they could have gotten me on insider trading. HSBC even came to me to ask me about buying Republic National Bank in April 1999. I told them to count their fingers and make sure they still had their arm.

Advising around the world meant I had to comply with everyone’s laws. My lawyers on every continent concluded I just could not have any personal accounts for trading. I had to give that up and that is why I was the highest paid in the world and could walk into all the central banks and government wealth funds BECAUSE they all knew there were no conflicts of interest.

It was so bad that if I had owned one share of Republic Bank and I advised HSBC on the takeover, I would have to disclose my entire portfolio, not just the one share of Republic, and then disclose by my advice to buy meant I could profit $10 or whatever the bid would be. It was totally insane. Our politicians should have to comply with the same laws they imposed on me.

It became a choice between being an investor and an advisor. I could not be both.

After my case began, the lead prosecutor Richard Owens just said, you are one smart SOB. They could not find anything. Instead of running a clean shop, I was just so smart they could not prove anything yet surely I had to have something hidden. For the bank, suddenly he told the truth that the notes were in yen. For me, he kept claiming they were in dollars to impose a higher penalty. He would use different theories all the time it would change and it got to the point I didn’t even know what the case was about.

That is the thinking process of any prosecutor. NEVER let your child ever marry one. They are trained to lie, deceive, and are genuinely dishonest in order to do the job.

I submitted a motion to compel him to explain even what my case was about it had become so confusing. They tried to claim I was pro see and I did not know the law to defend myself. I moved for dismissal because if I did not know the law to defend myself, then I could not knowingly violate any law. Judge McKenna smiled and ordered them to respond. He then went to the Chief Judge, had my case taken away from that Judge, and reassigned to Judge Kennan who immediately denied that motion. They sealed the docket so I cannot see how they did that, which violated my Due Process Rights. In his mind, the Constitution seemed to become just a “guideline” – not binding to these people.

He even had to admit to my face, well we know you didn’t take any money but still refused to drop the charges. I looked at them as idiots. How could you get $1 billion out of a bank and nobody knew where it was? There had to be a wire, a check some evidence of a withdrawal. They finally figured out that the bank lied. How idiotic to even start a case on such an absurd theory of the bank claiming they had no idea where the money was when they stole it, to begin with. The only reason the bank had to plead guilty, and not one banker went to jail, was because my clients listened to me and filed suits against the bank which they could not cover up.

That is the real world of law – it is as corrupt as you expect in China, Nicaragua, or Venezuela. As Thrasymachus warned Socrates even in a Democracy, justice will be only what the government says it is. This is what we are seeing with Trump and Bannon right now. They are desperate to criminally indict Trump BEFORE the midterms and they will then plaster all the headlines that these people Trump has endorsed are all criminals like him. He will be tried and convicted in the mainstream press all without any trial before the midterms. That is their goal and they will destroy the country in the process. Instead of He’s Not My President, we will see This is Not My Country.

Once the Rule of Law collapses, the end is not too far down the road. They are destroying our country right before our eyes. As I have said, the computer warns that we may not even see a presidential election in 2024. Next year will be the year from Political Hell. This quest to win at all costs here in 2022 will divide the country deeply and this WOKE agenda is destructive dividing everyone so there is no more We the People.

Our computer has NEVER been wrong. This was the computer forecast from 2018. It has been showing 2023 as the start and 2026 would be the Panic Cycle. I am not looking forward to 2023 in the least. The Democrats are desperate and they will NOT tolerate a Republican victory that might overturn their agenda that has been choreographed by the World Economic Forum.

This is the Array you can find on our old site with the Wayback Machine. In 1998 it projected a Panic Cycle in 2008, which was right on target. There are plenty of people who hate my guts. I really do not give a shit. This is NOT my personal opinion. They hate me because it projects something they usually want the opposite to happen like in gold. The markets are here to TEACH us how to read them and see what lies ahead. The past whispers to us quietly. We have to pay attention if you want to hear the message.

Scream all you want. Hate me all you want. What will be will be. I cannot stop that and silencing me will not change the future. I was in prison when the model peaked in 2007.15, which was the precise day of the peak in the Schiller Real Estate Index and then the Panic of 2008. That proved it was not me and personal influence.

Julius Caesar said long ago, that men are willing to believe what they wish. I know it is IMPOSSIBLE to argue with a fool or someone indoctrinated into whatever the belief. You can only help those with an open mind and willingness to look at the facts from an UNBIASED perspective.

Obama won the general election with 52.9% of the popular vote. I have said many times, that the only presidents ever elected with more than 60% were FDR, Johnson after the Kennedy Assassination, and Richard Nixon. Everyone else wins with typically less than 55%. This is NOT a Democracy. We live in a Republic. ALL republics collapse from within. There will be no enemy that defeats America, we are doing that quite well without the help of Putin or Xi. You cannot do what Biden is doing using a couple of percents to impose a dictatorship.

We are approaching that fateful day when it will be time to just turn out the lights on the American Dream than has turned into an American Nightmare. The attitudes in California, Oregon, and Washington State, are so foreign to those in the South, that they might as well be their own separate country. The time of separation is approaching, for that is the only way freedom to pursue your own happiness and live your life the way you want to instead of how someone else tells you you must comply with their ideas. Freedom will never be possible again. It pains me to be around on this planet when it is time to write the eulogy on the American Dream.

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September 9th, 2022

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