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Hints on how to “recession proof” yourself

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Would you move to Alberta for Five Thousand bucks?

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US Bitcoin ETF, Interest Rates, Car Theft, Arson

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Is the Canadian Government hurting the Canadian Dollar?

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Inflation the biggest threat to US Economy

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High mortgage rates keeping housing inventory tight

August 24, 2023 | Will China’s Real Estate Crisis Reach North America?

Can you expect more housing on the market this fall?

July 7, 2023 | The Rich and Their Money Fleeing China

Is Canada backing a dead horse with battery plant subsidies?

March 30, 2023 | Is it Really a Break If The Bank Extends Your Mortgage?

Canada in a great position to profit from green transition

March 2, 2023 | How Banks are Preventing Mortgage Foreclosures

BC Real Estate data missing in action

March 2, 2023 | Will Canada’s Poor Economic Outlook Stop Rate Hikes?

Commercial properties struggling to stay afloat

February 1, 2023 | CPI Doesn’t Measure Pain of Higher Mortgages

One of the richest people on earth facing financial collapse

December 9, 2022 | Crypto Exchanges Not the Only Ones Limiting Withdrawals

Apple trying to move production out of China

April 14, 2022 | Inflation, Real Estate Bubble, Mortgage Rates

Banks, Bonds, Baltic Dry Index

October 5, 2021 | Spillover from Evergrande Crisis, Home Prices, Mortgages

Junk Bonds, Tesla Sales, William Shatner Into Space

September 21, 2021 | Could Evergrande Crisis Crash China’s Economy?

Election result will do little to help Canada’s housing crunch

September 17, 2021 | Evergrande Becoming Grand Crisis for China

Are there warning signs of a major Fall correction?

August 24, 2021 | Canada’s Missing 843,000 Backyards

Will GTA and GVA diverge this fall?

August 19, 2021 | How to Help Yourself in a Deflationary World

The Pitfalls of Helping Children With Home Purchase

August 17, 2021 | What Can Politicians Do to Make Housing Affordable?

Why can’t CMHC get housing start information right?

August 10, 2021 | The Scam of Secret Fees and Taxes on Home Purchases

Is it a good investment for parents to provide mortgage money?

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Would lowering land transfer taxes boost the economy?

July 6, 2021 | Have Mortgage Affordability Rules Really Changed?

Is Canadian farmland threatened by foreign buyers?

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