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July 13, 2024 | This Week in Money

  • Ross Clark: Stock Markets, US Inflation, High Tech, Small Caps, Russell 2000, TSX, Cocoa, Uranium.   Special Offer! 25% Off New Annual Subscriptions.
  • Victor Adair: (20:30) Stock Markets, Currencies, Yen, Oil, Inverted Yield Curve, Recession
  • Tony Mitchell: (1:20) Director of Marketing for RecycLiCo™ Battery Materials on Company Showcase – RecycLiCo’s Taiwan Joint Venture Generates Revenue Ahead of Expectations. The Difference Between Black Mass and Black Powder. Read the Latest News. Watch Roundtable Video with Sandy Munro, Jason Fenske and Norm Chow. Norm explains the difference between Black Powder and Black Mass: “RecycLiCo Battery Recycling Q&A with Engineering Explained & Kemetco Research“. View RecycLiCo’s Company Presentation.

    Watch – We upcycle cathode scraps and black mass into higher-value battery materials!

    Video  – The demonstration plant for the RecycLiCo™ Patented Process is now operational in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

    Questions?  Email or Phone: 778.574.4444

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Nuclear, Coal, Wind, and Solar Power

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UK PM Liz Truss resignation – when politicians hit the “real economy”

July 23, 2022 | This Week in Money

  • Ross Clark – Stock Markets, Commodities, Bonds, Gold, Currencies
  • Eric Hadik – Stock Market Cycles, Inflation, Interest Rates, US Dollar
  • Allan Mark Angell – Real Estate, Rising Interest Rates, High End Homes

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Grains, Soybeans. Special Offer! Receive 50% Off VR Trader Newsletters! Enter Promo Code 2021HALFOFF.

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Sanctions making stock picks tricky

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Governments keep encourage poor business practices

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Stock action reminiscent of 2000 dot com crash

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