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Tim Wood

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Is author of the newsletter Cycles News and Views and his site which provides investors with a place where they can obtain truthful, non biased, factual information about the financial markets. Tim's primary focus is on the stock market, specifically the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500, the Gold market, the Dollar and T-Bonds. The information presented in his website,, is based on technical analysis and not on the Hope and Hype heard by the so-called mainstream "analysts." Radio - Trillions in Quantitative Easing Radio - Manipulated Markets and Sucker Rallies. Click to View Chart Radio - Is this a burst bubble or just another buy the dips opportunity? Radio - Is it right to blame Corona Virus for giant market drop? Radio - Payroll stats show shaky underpinning of US economy Radio - Debt loads around the world unsustainable Radio - Where is the $60 Billion in non-QE money coming from and going? Radio - Non QE costing hundreds of billions

December 12th, 2019 | US Dollar, Gold, Interest Rates Radio - Non-QE QE and Job Growth Radio - Manipulated markets and safe havens Radio - How long can manipulation keep US Stock Market together? Radio - Fed Rate Cut Like Titanic’s Bilge Pump Radio - Can the Fed stop the most anticipated recession ever? Radio - Is Gold a safe haven if markets plunge? Radio - Is Gold or anything else a ‘safe haven’ in a volatile market? Radio - Gold Stocks not confirming latest rise in price of Gold Radio - Even Gold may not be immune from a major crash Radio - Markets on very thin ice

July 25th, 2019 | The Great Deception Radio - All major indicators predicting major market bubble pop Radio - Myth that Gold will go higher if markets collapse Radio - Fed can influence but not stop major market moves Radio - Do Banks turn conservative when economy slows? Radio - The myth that gold will be safe in a market downturn Radio - If Equities crash, everything else goes with them Radio - Will This Be a Sell in May, Go Away Year?
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