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Tim Wood

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Is author of the newsletter Cycles News and Views and his site which provides investors with a place where they can obtain truthful, non biased, factual information about the financial markets. Tim's primary focus is on the stock market, specifically the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500, the Gold market, the Dollar and T-Bonds. The information presented in his website,, is based on technical analysis and not on the Hope and Hype heard by the so-called mainstream "analysts." Radio - Will the Dow set new records in the near future? Radio - Government data deceptive about true state of the economy Radio - North American markets only higher due to manipulation Radio - US Dollar, Gold, Crude Oil Radio - Crude Oil, Interest Rates, Inflation, Cash Radio - Gold, Commodities, Supply Chain

February 23rd, 2023 | Real US Economic Numbers Radio - US Dollar, Inflation, Crude Oil, Gold Radio - “Gougeflation” a major factor in higher prices Radio - Can the US Economy withstand Fed efforts to destroy it? Radio - Oil, Inflation, Interest Rates Radio - Crude Oil, Gold, Supply Chain Radio - Crude Oil, Gasoline, Commodities Radio - Energy crunch already hammering European businesses Radio - Is inflation curing itself? Radio - Is Stock Market bleeding close to stopping? Radio - Deflation brewing despite current Inflation Radio - Russia vs. Ukraine, South Seas Bubble Radio - Is it too late for the Fed to start hiking interest rates? Radio - Supply chain shortages from dog food to pickups Radio - Cracks starting to show in the bubble of everything

December 16th, 2021 | The Real Cause of Inflation Radio - Why isn’t the Fed hiking interest rates now? Radio - People still confusing healthy stock market with the actual economy Radio - Could supply chain problems trigger a US civil war? Radio - EV’s great in theory but…. Radio - The bubble of “everything” won’t end well
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