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Stewart Muir is founder and executive director of the Resource Works Society, a Vancouver-based group open to participation by British Columbians from all walks of life who are concerned about their future economic opportunities. He is an author, journalist and historian with experience on three continents including a financial editor of The Vancouver Sun responsible for mining and markets coverage. Since Resource Works was established in 2014, the group has gained international recognition for its practical approach to the public challenges of responsible natural resource development and use.

Resource Works - POLICY BRIEF: Should corporations be sued for supplying fuels to local residents? Stewart Muir, Resource Works founding executive director, takes a look at a campaign imported from the United States where it has met with little success in the legal system. Executive Summary Over the past two years, environmental activist groups in Canada have lobbied municipalities […] Radio - Washington State may be illegally interfering in BC affairs

Resource Works - British Columbia’s 2019 got off to a positive start on Feb. 12 when natural resources were acknowledged as the bedrock of the province’s economy. “British Columbia’s traditional industries — forestry and mining, oil and gas, fisheries and farming, and renewable electricity — power our economy and form the bedrock of our communities. This government is […]

Resource Works - HOMELAND JOURNEY: More than 20 First Nations are actively supporting the LNG Canada project. Many of their members are choosing to speak out about their personal views. Meet Diane Lukasser of Kitsumkalum First Nation. Diane Lukasser, an employment and training counsellor with Kitsumkalum First Nation located near Terrace, B.C., describes the occupational challenges in her region, where she […] Radio - LNG a job making machine

Resource Works - Groups hacking Canada’s regulatory system to stop projects through technicalities find a rage-fuelled ally to help them throw a wrench in the works. Dave Johnston and Steven Simons of The North Matters take a look at the situation. On November 22, 2018 anti-oil and gas activist Mike Sawyer, speaking via live stream and in person at a Sierra Club function […] Radio - US funded environmental groups interfering in Canadian resources

Resource Works - A few observations about LNG’s brusque rite of passage into resource radicalism, from Stewart Muir of Resource Works. For those who watch these things closely, the sudden arrival of a previously innocuous gas pipeline into media prominence wasn’t that big a surprise. Although it’s true that nobody expected to see protestors as far away as […] Radio - Canada sending message it’s not open for business

Resource Works - VIDEO: The Canadian economy is based on free markets, competition, capitalism, and the rule of law. Should we drop this model in favour of imposing high costs onto business resulting in merely symbolic benefits? Bruce Pardy is a professor of environmental law at Queen’s University. Our Stewart Muir caught up with him at the University of […]

Resource Works - Canada’s debilitating inability to gain fair market value for its largest export commodity – crude oil – has become the top economic story of 2018. It will likely dominate headlines in 2019, writes Stewart Muir. This article appeared in the Calgary Herald on Dec. 29, 2018. Link It’s so bad that heavyweight energy investors with large […] Radio - Referendum Rejecting Proportional Representation a Positive for BC

Resource Works - How divided is the public conversation on carbon taxes? A hint comes from the reaction to a recent report by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce on the subject. On Dec. 13, the chamber issued a thoughtful new report entitled A Competitive Transition: How smarter climate policy can help Canada lead the way to a low carbon economy. […]

Resource Works - Whistler mayor backtracked, vowed to focus on local actions where municipal efforts can actually make a difference Trial lawyers are pitching cities on climate lawsuits against energy companies in a bid to score massive payouts as part of the largest corporate shakedown in history. Recently, watchdog groups and journalists have uncovered evidence of trial lawyers […]

Resource Works - The results of the CleanBC plan, should they be achieved, will have “zero effect” on the level, pattern, or growth of global greenhouse gas emissions, states a new commentary from leading business group. The Business Council of BC comment article, published on Dec. 12, found the CleanBC plan entitled Building a Low Carbon Economy: Industry in Action to […] Radio - 2019 to be a great year for LNG

Resource Works - There are easy ways and hard ways to pay for the things we need in everyday life, such as vaccines. The easiest thing we can do is simply ensure that our largest export commodity, crude oil, trades for a fair price. The chart below shows the value of exports versus imports for Canada’s high-value trading […]

Resource Works - Government moves to restrict wealth-building resource activities have grave consequences as the automotive industry sheds jobs. For Canada’s top 10 export products in 2017, results were mostly positive as 7 of the 10 recorded an increase in exports during the year. According to federal government publication Canada’s State of Trade: Trade and Investment Update – 2018, […] Radio - Super bright future for BC, Canadian LNG

Resource Works - VIDEO: Economist Bryan Yu from Credit 1 Credit Union shares his research findings at a Resource Works gathering in Vancouver.

Resource Works - Natural gas, liquefied so it can be shipped to distant markets, will be produced by the LNG Canada terminal in north west British Columbia. This new study sets out to find out what impact is created by building the unprecedented, $40 billion project. Philip Cross, Resource Works senior research fellow and 34-year veteran of Statistics Canada […]

Resource Works - As British Columbia prepares to be a true global player in clean natural gas, we’ll be providing information that provides context and meaning for the transition.     Radio - BC Carbon Tax Ineffective, Just a Tax Grab

Resource Works - On November 14 in Vancouver, economic experts will share their insights into how Canada’s largest-ever private sector investment will stimulate economic growth. CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

Resource Works - On November 14, Resource Works hosts experts who will discuss the economic impact of liquefied natural gas exports to Asia. The lunch event, in downtown Vancouver, is open to the public. We still get the giggles about BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver’s statement in March this year: “I’ve been saying for four years, there is no […]
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