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Stewart Muir is founder and executive director of the Resource Works Society, a Vancouver-based group open to participation by British Columbians from all walks of life who are concerned about their future economic opportunities. He is an author, journalist and historian with experience on three continents including a financial editor of The Vancouver Sun responsible for mining and markets coverage. Since Resource Works was established in 2014, the group has gained international recognition for its practical approach to the public challenges of responsible natural resource development and use.

Resource Works - Two MPs who defied a judicial order using the excuse of “social justice” forgot their role as political leaders. Ian Binnie spoke out on the practice at the Law Society of BC’s Rule of Law lecture. When Green Member of Parliament Elizabeth May and Burnaby South New Democrat MP Kennedy Stewart defied a court order […] Radio - Should BC be worried about escaped fish farm Atlantic salmon?

Resource Works - Funding the transition to the green economy is possible, but it will cost money. First in a series on the economic impacts of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion project. By Don Hauka. There are a lot of reasons why a new pipeline project has been described as necessary to our shared prosperity as a country, […]

Resource Works - Sharing a vision for the future is the way forward for coastal aquaculture, writes Stewart Muir. First Nations elder James Walkus of Port Hardy at June 1 Vancouver event speaking out in favour of responsible salmon farming. Simple answers are rarely available to complex questions. This is a fact that resource people are particularly aware […]

Resource Works - As I see it, writes Margareta Dovgal, the greatest challenge in facilitating a constructive dialogue across Canada on the role of natural resources is in bridging knowledge and perspective gaps. One on hand, resource enthusiasts are accused of being blind to the reality of climate change – of putting short-term, “trivial” concerns about jobs front […] Radio - No conspiracy, Vancouver has always paid high gasoline prices

Resource Works - Margareta Dovgal shares her thoughts on a weekend roadtrip from Vancouver to Smithers, and back again. Picturing the vastness of British Columbia is a challenge unless you’ve been out there, have seen it by road, by air, or by boat. Even then, there will always be pockets of this massive province that are out of reach, […]

Resource Works - Residents of several British Columbia communities will rally on Saturday, May 26 in defence of a strong Canada. Details here. Without a supportive attitude to natural resource development, including the badly needed Kinder Morgan pipeline, Canada will fall down on its duty to provide for its citizens. These Saturday, May 26 events are open to all: […]

Resource Works - A record trade deficit shows Canada is not keeping up. Can we get our crude oil to new markets in time to reverse this growing trend? Maybe, but it will take a pipeline. Canada’s crude oil exports were worth $342 billion over the past five years, which is why economists like Patricia Mohr like to […]

Resource Works - Although you might not know it from outbursts in the media of late, salmon farming is one of the greenest and most sustainable rural industries that British Columbia has going for it. Stewart Muir looks at the situation. As a researcher and former journalist who goes beyond the headlines to study the benefits and challenges […]

Resource Works - There are rare moments when Canada’s federal government must step outside its normal way of doing business for the good of the nation. Now is such a moment. The Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project is too important to our national interests to allow it to fail due to political posturing by British Columbia’s NDP-Green Government […]

Resource Works - Improve Canada’s energy project process as needed, argue these experts, but be cautious with federal legislation that puts energy security at risk. Hydrotechnical expert Wim Veldman, a 40-year veteran of project approvals, has argued that the government has not made its case for dramatic changes contained in Bill C-69. Among other questions, in a new paper […]

Resource Works - Stewart Muir, Resource Works executive director, delivered this talk at Mining Week 2018 in Whitehorse, Yukon.   Canada is preparing to embark on a national carbon pricing program that has already provoked some serious regional divisions. Provinces are tinkering with the goalposts – or making plans to do away with them altogether (though Ottawa says […] Radio - Comparing Alaska pipeline to proposed BC pipeline

Resource Works - Resource Works met the founder of a B.C. family business, Surerus Pipeline, that is tooled up and ready to proceed with twinning a section of the Trans Mountain Pipeline. Brian Surerus arrived in British Columbia’s Peace River country with 20 bucks in his pocket as a 17 year old. Over the subsequent decades he built […]

Resource Works - An authoritative and comprehensive source of relevant information about oil tanker safety and spill response on the south coast of British Columbia. Resource Works has developed a plain-language guide to oil tanker safety and spill response on British Columbia’s coast. There is a lot of confusing information, often without any basis in fact, being offered to […]

Resource Works - In a nutshell, taking care of the environment and ensuring that we have a strong Canadian economy are not contradictory – in fact, they can go hand in hand. Being a progressive that wants our society to deliver on social commitments, like poverty eradication, requires also understanding that without economic growth – growth that hinges […]

Resource Works - The twinning of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline, the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, has generated considered discussion and debate. You’ve probably seen your fair share of handwringing, whether about the project or the delays it has encountered. Much of it has, unfortunately, been premised on a poor understanding of the risks as they stand. […]

Resource Works -   Extensive research shows that diluted bitumen behaves much the same way as other heavy oils. Here is an excerpt from the Citizen’s Guide to Tanker Safety and Spill Response on BC’s South Coast, published earlier this month. EDMONTON JOURNAL Read about and download the full Citizen’s Guide here Better ability to predict behaviour of […]

Resource Works - The BC Greens, who hold the balance of power in the province’s Legislature, have revealed just how contemptuously they view resource people, and how little they understand the basis of Canadian prosperity. Canada and British Columbia are “resource colonies” according to BC Greens deputy Adam Olsen, supplying the world with raw resources. Speaking in the […]

Resource Works - Environmental, social and economic questions abound when considering major energy infrastructure investments that have aided humanity’s recent gains. We should take care not to thwart the innovation that can be the defining thread of humanity’s progress over the next century. From no vaccinations at all for tetanus, diphtheria, and whooping cough, today 86 per cent […] Radio - More First Nations Support for Alberta-BC pipeline than many would suspect

Resource Works - Greenpeace UK is known for its outrageous stunts to capture media attention, but by lying about the Canadian oil sands it is not only misleading Britons – the group is harming global climate progress. This week Greenpeace UK erected a mock oil pipeline in front of London’s Canada House, claiming the oil sands would “use […]

Resource Works - It’s another sign that indigenous leaders have recognized the need to stand up and be counted when it comes to projects that can help them break free of the poverty trap. It came as a surprise to some when Vancouver’s Musqueam Indian Band came out in support of a “reasonable solution” that recognizes the “vital […]

Resource Works - It seems like a common sense argument to state that a raw resource becomes more valuable if it is manufactured into a refined product. Yet this assumption remains a controversial one in 2018, especially when it comes to crude oil and pipeline politics. British Columbia’s premier, John Horgan, has been arguing that oil pipelines are […]
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