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Stewart Muir is founder and executive director of the Resource Works Society, a Vancouver-based group open to participation by British Columbians from all walks of life who are concerned about their future economic opportunities. He is an author, journalist and historian with experience on three continents including a financial editor of The Vancouver Sun responsible for mining and markets coverage. Since Resource Works was established in 2014, the group has gained international recognition for its practical approach to the public challenges of responsible natural resource development and use.

Resource Works - This opinion article from our Stewart Muir was published by The Globe & Mail on Sept. 16, 2020. Stewart Muir (pictured) is executive director of Resource Works based in Vancouver and convened the recent Task Force For Real Jobs, Real Recovery. This article can also be read at this link by Globe & Mail subscribers. Back in May, […]

September 20th, 2020 | Mass Timber Becoming Must Timber

Resource Works - We’ve kept an eye on mass-timber buildings since the Tallwood House student residence at UBC was topped off (in 2016) at a world-record 53 metres and 18 storeys. Resource Works catches up on the latest trends. Tallwood was an early leader in some other strengths of “plyscrapers.” It met LEED Gold environmental standards, and it used sustainable […] Radio - Carbon related taxes not reducing emissions, why pile on more?

Resource Works - Calling for objective reporting about British Columbia forest management, the old growth study is a call to action for educational efforts to bring context and build understanding. Much of the public is not well informed or engaged regarding old forests and forest management, according to a provincial study released Sept 12. “This appears to be […]

Resource Works - NEWS ANALYSIS: Residents of dozens of British Columbia forest communities are on edge. Will the province’s most renewable industry be allowed to continue after the release of a new provincial study? Stewart Muir looks at the facts. While there’s no telling what the Gorley-Merkel report on old growth forestry management will say when it is released in the […]

Resource Works - The Real Jobs, Real Recovery initiative brought together 36 organizations from across Canada to show a leadership path for decision making at the national level. Resource Works served as the convening platform for the project, marking the first time the BC-based organization has stepped up to a national mandate. “The timing was right for the […]

Resource Works - British Columbia municipalities including Prince George are declaring National Forest Week Sept. 20-26 locally as the commemoration celebrates 100 years. Resource Works is partnering with the Canadian Institute of Forestry / Institut forestier du Canada to support British Columbia forest communities in marking National Forest Week, Sept. 20-26. Prince George was among the first municipalities […]

Resource Works - One of many things for Ottawa to address as it drafts Canada’s post-pandemic economic recovery: red tape. Red tape – the elaborate and time-eating processes of application, review, public input, hearings, evaluation and (if lucky) final approval of major natural-resource projects in Canada. One oft-cited example is the $11.4-billion Pacific NorthWest LNG project in BC […]

Resource Works - Building backward, not building back better, is the risk of shunning innovation in the four-fifths of global energy that comes from fossil fuels. A recent opinion piece in The Globe and Mail said that “Canada shouldn’t spend to revive a dying dream” – another shot at the country’s largest industry – the natural gas and oil sector. […]

Resource Works - Fresh hope for a pandemic playbook for 2021 that will help guide the Canadian energy sector out of today’s doubt and uncertainty. Canada’s most valuable single natural resource asset today is the Athabaska oil sands. Since the identification during World War II as having strategic economic potential, they have led to a positive transformation in […] Radio - Innovation will use our Natural Resources in a responsible way Radio - Is Chrystia Freeland up to the job of Finance Minister?

Resource Works - The Real Jobs, Real Recovery is a national project drawing on the input of organizations representing more than 3 million Canadian workers. Resource Works was convenor for the Task Force for Real Jobs, Real Recovery, a Canada-wide 36-member coalition of industry, business, labour and Indigenous groups from mining, construction, forestry, labour, chemistry, transportation, oil & gas […]

Resource Works - It turns out that industries producing the materials at the centre of modern life can be a driving force for economic recovery after the pandemic. Stewart Muir looks at how the new Stronger Tomorrow strategy looks to leverage, and evolve, longstanding job and GDP pillars in the natural resource sector. Timely ideas Released July 29 […]

Resource Works - In the COVID-19 recovery phase, natural resources are well-positioned to step in to assume their traditional leadership role in creating wealth and jobs for Canadians, writes economist Philip Cross. Natural resources are the largest industry in Canada outside of government, generating $262 billion or 13.9 percent of GDP in 2016. Their relative importance has only […]

August 6th, 2020 | Old Growth, New Beginning

Resource Works - The province of British Columbia’s Old Growth Strategic Review tackles head-on an issue that has bedevilled the government for decades: ensuring that the seemingly polarizing values of forest protection and public prosperity can somehow be harmonized. Stewart Muir looks at the issue.   “A new approach” The review was struck one year ago reporting to […] Radio - Does BC have the infrastructure to support zero emission vehicles?

Resource Works - Strategic assessment of climate change says new Canadian mines, power plants, pipelines and railways will be covered, but lacks details on how changes to them – and the global energy system – will be measured or enforced.   Overview of changes In an article here in June, we wondered how our federal government plans to get […] Radio - Is Canada viewed internationally as easy to manipulate?

Resource Works - The one-word answer is: Jobs. Jobs of all kinds, but most of all we need to see the kind of high-paying, long-lasting jobs typically associated with investments in economic growth potential, writes Stewart Muir. Thinking big in the quest for change Well remunerated, permanent jobs are associated with high skill levels and often have a […]

Resource Works - Wishful thinking and empty promises aren’t helping with the needed energy transition. It’s time to turn our minds and our will to the hard work of transformation by mid century based on the realities of our society and our economy, writes Mike Cleland. Canada’s two energy economies Most Canadians today agree that Canada and other […] Radio - Billions still wasted because of interprovincial trade barriers

Resource Works - We have a social-media follower that we can count on to tell us, frequently, that the real “fuel of the future” is hydrogen. We can understand his thinking: What better than a zero-emission fuel that, when burned, leaves behind nothing but water? No greenhouse gases or noxious particles; no pollution, no problem. Hydrogen also burns […] Radio - Aboriginal communities must be included in economic recovery

Resource Works - The last crystal ball we had was a kid’s marble from a Christmas cracker. So we’re not about to make our own predictions about the fate of oil. We’ll ignore Green MP Elizabeth May’s silly claim that “oil is dead,” and will look instead at what professional predictors are seeing in their digital crystal balls. […]
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