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Bob Hoye has been in investment business for some 50 years, making him one of the more experienced researchers. His historical work has been thorough providing the first recognition of the fascinating transition from speculation in commodities to speculation in financial assets. It was controversial when Bob observed that “No matter how much the Fed prints, stocks will outperform commodities”. In January 2000, the research team concluded that the Dot-Com Bubble would peak in March 2000. In early 2007, the team outlined that the credit markets would reverse in May-June 2007. They did and the stock market followed. The latest was the call in early October for the Bitcoin Bubble to complete in December. Bob’s essays and speeches on political change and on actual climate change have been widely circulated. Radio - Gold, Copper, Crude Oil, Cryptos, Cotton Crash Radio - Global food catastrophe warning Radio - Biden the Author of US Oil Under Supply

Charts and Markets - Bob Hoye - Before getting to the price action in Crude Oil and Gasoline, it is worth emphasizing that once a great financial mania completes the business cycle almost immediately turns down. This combined with the usual strength in the senior currency forces a bear market for most commodities. Radio - Russian Bond default problem just starting? Radio - Turkey, Russia, Real Estate

May 27th, 2022 | VSE Vignette

Charts and Markets - Bob Hoye - The old Vancouver Stock Exchange started in 1907 and has been the focus of Western Canada’s speculative financial market. It generated a lot of “stories” as well as some important mines, that otherwise might not have been discovered. While the trading floor is long gone, some of the characters that floated around Vancouver’s financial center […] Radio - Biden cancels Alaska oil leases during record high gasoline Radio - Day traders when markets turn Radio - Stock Markets, Interest Rates, Inflation

Charts and Markets - Bob Hoye - Broker/Dealers (XBD) is an index representing the mechanics of the financial markets. After an outstanding run it has rolled over and is breaking down – taking three months. Radio - Is China’s economic downturn everyone’s problem? Radio - No matter how you sell it, inflation not good Radio - Inflation, Inverted Yield Curve

Charts and Markets - Bob Hoye - “Green Radicals Claim Humanity Has Only 3 Years Left To Stop ‘Climate Apocalypse’: Fast Track To Disaster” Radio - Biden wants more Canadian oil but still against pipelines Radio - Will Canada nationalize Gold production?

Charts and Markets - Bob Hoye - Political Calculation has been overwhelming sound Economic as well as Science Calculation and dictatorial distortions are leading to widespread hardship. This contrasts with the Platonic notion that government being run by the genius of a philosopher-king can know what you need tomorrow and can provide it. Radio - Promised Fed half point interest hike no big deal Radio - Russia, China, Nickel, Copper

Charts and Markets - Bob Hoye - To begin, Russia’s stock and bond markets that were vulnerable to any financial setback have suffered a remarkable crash, as a reformed country in an instant becomes a lesser country. Due to a rogue leader.

Charts and Markets - Bob Hoye - For thousands of years, voluntary markets have provided basic needs at economical prices. Otherwise, when authoritarians impose their will in inflating the price of everything while denying goods and services results in hardship. Let’s call it enforced hardship. Such intrusion occurred into the early 1600s when veteran merchants in London called it Tyrannical Duncery and […] Radio - Russian Ruble now rubble, debt now rated “junk”

February 28th, 2022 | Climate Update: March 2022

Charts and Markets - Bob Hoye - The best way to refute ardent but unfounded belief systems is with the reality of solid evidence over a long time, best presented by charts. Charts that have not been altered to fit today’s powerful political persuasions. Actually today’s trashing of science has been unseen since the Vatican condemned anyone who showed that the Universe […]
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