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June 13, 2024 | IMF Digital Currency to Replace the Dollar

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

Bitcoin Fiat Currency

Years ago, when I wrote that Bitcoin was created by the CIA/NSA, some Bitcoiners attacked me and insisted that Satoshi Nakamoto was the creator of Bitcoin.  Yet someone who created such a product never stepped forward and would have been a billionaire on royalties. But this fictional character was not much different than Lee Harvey Oswald, who the CIA has insisted killed JFK with his magic bullet. At least with Oswald, there was a real man who they cleverly ensured he would be killed to deny any trial. Then, the CIA refused to release files to cover up the entire affair.

Tiberius Aureus Genuine India Imitation

Bitcoin was presented as an anti-government creation that would defeat central banks, and some claimed it would become the new reserve currency. I laughed at that because such claims were absurd and demonstrated that it was a sales pitch for no government to arbitrarily create a reserve currency. I have illustrated many times how the currency of the major economy is always imitated, proving that it always was not gold or silver; there was a premium because of who they were. As illustrated above, Southern India issued gold imitations or Roman coins rather than their own because the coinage of Rome was seen as the power on earth.

Gordian III Aureus Indian Imitation R rotated e1624916896889Trajan Decius Aureus Indian Imitation

Trajan Decius (249-251AD) was the first emperor killed in battle by the invading barbarians in 251 AD. What is interesting in this is where the Indian Imitations end with Trajan Decius. The power of Rome was starting to decline, and with it, the imitation of its currency.

Financial Capital World Economy

The Financial Capital of the world has always migrated, and the United States, in the arrogance of the Neocons, WEF, UN, and Bill Gates, who all think they can dictate to the world, are in their lust for importance and power are destroying this nation, and that title will pass to China.

The pure stupidity of believing that Bitcoin will replace the dollar was remarkable to me, for it illustrated what Julius Caesar observed long ago—people believe what they want to believe. They never consulted history, much less the facts. They celebrated a fictional Japanese character, while those who created Bitcoin at the United States National Security Agency laughed at how easily it was to fool people all the time. Of course, the Bitcoin believers argue that this is ridiculous claiming that there’s no solid evidence to support it.  Neither is there a real Satoshi Nakamoto. They may celebrate Bitcoin as an alternative to evil central banks, but they fail to apply that distrust of government to the NSA and CIA.

As I wrote years ago, just look into Bitcoin’s source code. The key to Bitcoin is its use of Secure Hash Algorithm 256, or SHA-256, which is used for everything. This mathematical formula jumbles data into a string of seemingly random text, making it nearly impossible to crack. Those of us in the world of programming are familiar with this algorithm, for it is the direct work of Glenn M. Lilly, who is a mathematician under the direction of the NSA. He designed and eventually published the algorithm back in 2001. Lilly later became the NSA’s chief of mathematics research. All you have to do is look into the NSA and you will discover that it was THE FIRST to even describe a Bitcoin-like system back in 1996. That paper was titled:

How To Make A Mint: The Cryptography Of Anonymous Electronic Cash.

                                                                                                                 The NSA’s 1996 plan to create anonymous electronic cash. ( this paper, you will discover the proposed system that uses public-key cryptography to allow users to make anonymous payments without revealing their identity. If we look at the very name Satoshi Nakamoto, in Japanese, “satori” is a mythical creature that can read minds. Satoshi in Kanji is 覚, which generally means “wisdom,” so if we look at 中本聪,

 中 is the “middle”, 本 the “root”.

聪 means “cleverness”

The name of Bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, can be interpreted as a reference to the U.S. spy agency as a reader of minds and cleverness.

IMF Coin

The general talk has been that the end of the fiat monetary system is imminent. Central bank digital currencies allegedly threaten the US dollar, according to some very shallow reasoning and a total lack of understanding about why the dollar is even the reserve currency. Beyond that delusion, these people claim that cryptocurrency will end fiat currency. However, private cryptocurrency is not backed by anything, either.

There is also serious talk behind the curtain, including the United Nations trying to become a one-world government that will be a dictatorship with no democratic process whatsoever. There is some argument that the central banks’ digital currencies will not displace the dollar, and that title will go to the digital “IMF Coin,” which will become the new reserve currency.

Reserve Currency 1024x493

The dollar is the reserve currency, just as was the Roman silver denarius, because it was not just the financial capital of the world. Still, they both represented the major economy, and everyone was trying to sell to the core. Rome conquered most of the Western World at that time, and most found it beneficial to be part of Rome. They often received capital investment into emerging markets, and they produced local goods to be sold to Rome. For example, Egypt was a major supplier of wheat to Rome.

Huxley JulianHuxley 1024x506

Today’s transactions are mostly digital, so converting paper dollars to cryptocurrency will not dramatically alter the economy. The UN and IMF are simply trying to take over the world for a power play. They do not have armies or economies to qualify for the world’s financial capital. They are drunk with this delusion of power that they can rule the world by sheer decree. From the very beginning, the elite saw in their vision that they would dominate the world and end democracy. Huxley was against the United States and believed that “unrestricted individualism” was equally wrong as a total dictatorship as in communism.

Schwab WEF End of Democracy 1024x581

Kalus Schwab’s 8 points for 2030 end the threat of “populism,” as was the case in electing Trump, by eliminating the people’s right to be heard. Schwab, the UN, and the IMF see retaining some basic human rights but removing our right to even say what kind of government we want. In their world, only the elite know what is best—not the people.

Cryptocurrency bitcoin

This is the real agenda behind cryptocurrencies to lay the foundation for the ultimate power being handed to the UN and the IMF. This folly will not succeed. For such entities are like men and even corporations — they are never immortal. I will celebrate the day the flags of the UN are lowered forever. It has always been a very dangerous and lustful entity drooling for supreme power.

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June 13th, 2024

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  • Norm says:

    If as I believe bitcoin was developed by the NSA and or their fiends it is also not believable they would not have a way to break the security

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