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March 16, 2024 | Georgia Needs to be Expelled from United States – with NY & Calif – NOW to save Society!

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

Willis Scott_McAfee_Judge_Assigned_to_Trump_Case

The absurd decision that Fani Willis is not disqualified after meeting with the Vice President and having her lover appointed the prosecutor over Trump, who was also meeting with the Department of Justice, demonstrates that the legal system is just a political charade. A judge is supposed to be recused when a reasonable person might question their impartiality. This is all political, and the entire world knows it. The emails I get from overseas have been thoroughly disgusted at how the Biden Administration has weaponized the legal system to ensure its policies influenced by the Soros Conspiracy have waged war on the people of the United States.

The United States has lost any credibility in the eyes of the world. It is no longer the land of the free and home of the brave. The new interpretation is that the government is free to do as it likes and intimidate private enterprises to censor free speech, which they are prohibited from doing by the Constitution directly. There is no longer any question. The United States will be unable to survive this as a union. Political corruption has stooped to a new low, and when any nation has gone that far down the slope of corruption, it cannot stand.

Lucilla AE As RIC 1752

Historians agree on one point. The reign of Commodus (180-192AD), who followed his father, Marcus Aurelius, is where the line is drawn for the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. He abused the law just as the Biden Administration is doing currently. Commodus ordered his sister Lucilla’s execution after a failed assassination and coup attempt when she was about 33 years old. Commodus was eventually assassinated. Like the Biden Administration, Commodus also targeted the rich and targeted anyone who had been aligned with his father, as the Biden Administration has done to Trump supporters. Edward Gibbon wrote of Commodus in his Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire that:


Didius Julianus Aureus 6.8 grams

What followed Commodus’s death was another Civil War. The Praetorian Guard proclaimed Pertinax emperor, the son of a freed slave. He attempted to root out corruption by restoring discipline among the Praetorian Guard. They did not accept his attempt to drain the swamp, so Pertinax was assassinated by the Guard. After that, the Praetorian Guard actually auctioned off the throne to the highest bidder. Two rival bidders presented themselves – Titus Flavius Sulpicianus (father-in-law of Pertinax) and Marcus Didius JulianusDidius’ bid was 25,000 sestertii per man, which was the highest bid, and he was duly declared Emperor. That led to such outrage that other generals marched on Rome to overthrow Julianus and the corruption that consumed Rome.

Roman Legions At War Pencil

The Year of the Five Emperors was 193AD, during which five men claimed the title of Roman emperor. Rome was plunged into civil war again after the death of Nero in 68 BC, the assassination of Caesar in 44 BC, and Caesar’s crossing of the Rubicon to drain the swamp in the Roman Senate in 49 BC.

Will History Repeat Again?

When the Rule of Law Collapses – Nothing can Possibly remain Standing

Commodus proved that Maxim is True

Biden & his Climate-Wokeness are doing the same!

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March 16th, 2024

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