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March 7, 2024 | And Here Comes April/May 2024

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.


IBEUUS W 3 6 24


The Supreme Court has set April 25th as the oral argument for the decision on whether Trump has immunity. I do not know why events will always show up with our cycle targets. I have come to believe that the PRESSURE in the system compels actions to take place on these cyclical targets. Our turning point in the Ukraine-Russia War is April 19/20th. Then we have May 7th for the ECM, which was calculated back in 1977, and it turns out to be the precise day the president of Russia will be sworn in.

ECM Ukraine 8.6 R

I cannot predict what the fundamentals will be during April—I can only make a human guess or speculate. What I find most curious is how events keep aligning with our cyclical model ascertained by Socrates as well as the Economic Confidence Model frequency.

1 ECM 2032 Pi Turning Point 1 Annotated

For those who constantly claim this is just a coincidence, this 51.6-year Private Wave began in 1985.65. For this turning point to be the inauguration day of the President of Russia after the March 2024 elections coming in as Mary 7th, 2024 (2024.35), I would remind you that at the start of this wave, I laid out that the 2016 election would be the FIRST time a third party president could win. That was Donald Trump since the RINOs were just as hateful of Trump as the Democrats. Why? Those in Marxville DO NOT LIKE outsiders.

Trump inaugeration 2017.05 sworn in

Trump was inaugurated on January 20th, 2017. That was also the PRECISE day from the start of this wave, 1985.65 + Pi (31.4 years).  Add that together, and you end up with 2017.05. Take 365 days x .05, and you get 20 days into the year – the precise day Trump was inaugurated.

1929 Wave Hitler on Pi1998 911 Pi Target

The Pi target during the 1929.75 Wave was 1932.89 (Nov 20th/21st) – the precise day that Hitler was offered the Chancellorship of Germany. Even the 9/11 attack was precisely the same Pi target (2001.695). I can go on and on; I will write a book on the ECM this year.

New Yorker Secret Cycle

The New Yorker called it the Secret Cycle. There is a hidden order to our very existence that is simply the rhythm that answers the question of everything. It is why no nation has ever endured, for they always crumble to dust. Empires, nations, and city-states have all been buried in a common grave for more than 6,000 years.

ECM LogoDJIND Y Array 2 2 24

The ECM is NOT included the timing arrays that Socrates produces. The computer analyzes the time ENTIRELY on its own, and there is no human intervention. It uses 72 different timing models – not just one. So, when the Timing Arrays correlate with sowing 2032, I take that as a CONFIRMATION because it is NOT included in that Timing Array.

Someone put an array into Microsoft’s Copilot to see if it knew what it was. This was its response.

Timing Array in Copilot R


Pattern Recognition

Then, Socrates does Pattern Recognition completely differently than anything out there. It catalogs patterns, and it has over 100,000 possibilities and counting. I have not yet released the analysis of when a specific pattern appears and what pattern comes next.

DJIND Y GMW 1 8 2016


I created separate Chaos Models that reveal there is no such thing as a RANDOM WALK. That is the excuse used by people who only see the world in a linear, straight line. They cannot see the dynamic world around them or connect the dots. Unfortunately, this is the danger of politicians making decisions in the immediate self-interest and NEVER once considering the next step. Here is Tony Blair’s apology for the Iraq War – they were wrong.

Here is MacNamaria on Vietnam – also saying we were wrong.

This is the REALITY of human society. We are again heading into World War III, and it appears they are completely STUPID and once more never considering what happens if Ukraine defeats Russia in Crimea. What is the next step? Or is this really a plot to reduce the world population by 50% because of CO2? I thank God I am not 18 years old. Humanity is its own worst enemy. We do not need aliens to invade the planet to wipe out civilization. We are doing quite well on our own.

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March 7th, 2024

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