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January 6, 2024 | The Epstein Interview

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

In this interview, you will hear the efforts of Jeffrey Epstein’s brother to get answers. During this interview, he was told that the doors were open. This is the hole. They throw you in there to cut off your communicates. When they went after my lawyers, suddenly, I was thrown into what the inmates call the “HOLE,” and in this photo, I was in the second cell on the left. Back then, this tier was full of the terrorists from the First World Trade Center attack. When my family went to visit me, they were told I was not in MCC. They informed my lawyers, and they said that was impossible. They went to the Judge to inform him I was missing. He ordered the government to find me. They acted like I strolled down to the most secure facility in the country, knocked on the door, and asked if I could play with the Terrorists.

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Epstein was in the first cell on the right. Based on where they put him, I knew he would be found dead. It was not a question of “IF” but WHEN. As I wrote before his death, “No high profile case is EVER allowed to go to trial where things the government does not want to be revealed could ever become public.  The Death in Custody Reporting Act of 2000, which collected similar data from states, expired in 2006.” When they tried to kill me, my cell was magically left open. To their dismay, I survived after being in a coma.

The fact that the Attorney General Bar lied in this Epstein affair is only confirmation to me that his comment about Trump was also the Deep State protecting itself. I maintain that Epstein was NOT a pedophile. He was using underage girls as blackmail. His list of people was all high profile. If he had this fetish for a 17-year-old girl rather than an 18-year-old, I defy any guy to be able to tell the difference by just looking at them. Introducing high-profile people to underage girls was a classic honeytrap. That is standard operational procedure in espionage. Russian spies infiltrate Tinder.


I will not mention the name of the country, but I was asked to open an office there and stock it with women so a certain royal head of state could visit the office and pretend it was for economic advice. I declined, even though I would have received more than $10 billion to manage the office.

Anna Chapman was a Russian Spy caught in New York City. She was swapped for American spies in 2010 and made headlines in New York. She was stunningly beautiful as well as stunningly successful. Well, if you are going to betray secrets, this is far better than the rubber hose treatment. She scored with politicians.

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January 6th, 2024

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