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October 13, 2023 | Gold, Gold Miners, Gold Stocks

Bob Hoye has been in investment business for some 50 years, making him one of the more experienced researchers. His historical work has been thorough providing the first recognition of the fascinating transition from speculation in commodities to speculation in financial assets. It was controversial when Bob observed that “No matter how much the Fed prints, stocks will outperform commodities”. In January 2000, the research team concluded that the Dot-Com Bubble would peak in March 2000. In early 2007, the team outlined that the credit markets would reverse in May-June 2007. They did and the stock market followed. The latest was the call in early October for the Bitcoin Bubble to complete in December. Bob’s essays and speeches on political change and on actual climate change have been widely circulated.

Canada’s Supreme Court tells Feds to Butt Out of Provincial Mineral Development

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  • Michael says:

    Hi Bob and Jim. Marketwatch headline: “Citibank analyst fired after lying about extra coffee and second order of pasta”. Bob, I’m confused. Is Citibank trying to cut expenses, possibly due to potential loses in the derivatives market, or are they trying to return net cash flow to shareholders via stringent auditing of senior expense accounts? My second question for Bob. A growing number of financial pundits are predicting an “October surprise” similar to 1987 when the market crashed 50% in just a few days. They say the Hindenburg omen has been triggered. Bob, is this possible in the age of the Fed’s “Plunge Protection Team”?

  • Kathleen says:

    Hi Bob and JIm. A story headline from Zerohedge: “U.S. Prepping to Deploy American Troops to Middle East, Israel Demands $10 Billion MORE in Subsidy” . Sounds like an impending black swan event to me. But financial commentators say that it’s all priced in since the markets are “forward looking” and point to the fact that the S&P is is still up 12% for the year! Nobody seems to be listening. This reminds me of the following chorus line of Barry Mcquire’s 1965 song, “Eve of Destruction”: Quote: “And you tell me over and over and over again my friend, Ah, you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction”. Bob, could this be the “Eve of Destruction” for the financial markets and the global world order? Is there anywhere to hide – maybe under a rock with some gold?

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