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October 26, 2023 | Biden: If There Were Not An Israel We’d Have to Invent One

Martin Armstrong

Martin Arthur Armstrong is current chairman and founder of Armstrong Economics. He is best known for his economic predictions based on the Economic Confidence Model, which he developed.

For those wondering if the US is using Israel as a vassal state, simply look at what President Biden has been spewing since the 80s. “If there were not an Israel, we’d have to invent one,” Biden first said during a Senate session in 1986 after sending Israel $3 billion. Straight from the horse’s mouth, America funds Israel “to protect US interests in the region.”

Israel is a strategic military base for the West. It permitted America to keep an eye on not just oil but opium as well. America did not need to “create” an Israel since Britain basically did back in 1948. Israel is not a charity and the West does not fund it because of religion. Yes, Israel was zoned for those of Jewish faith after World War II, but the true reason it was created was to provide the Allies with power in the Middle East.

America alone has provided Israel with $158 billion since 1948, prior to the Hamas attack. This money was not a loan but rather an investment. The US is now sending the nation over $100 billion and counting. Without Israel, Western forces would have no reason to patrol the seas or surround the region. Power and money are the only aspects that motivate governments. No one is funding this war out of concern for the people.

This is why the West immediately began building up Israel’s military. France provided Israel with the ability to build nuclear weapons near Dimona in the Negev Desert. When this became public knowledge in 1960, Eisenhower feigned shock, and the media began reporting that the factory was being used to create textiles rather than nuclear weapons.

Former French Foreign Minister Maurice Couve de Murville admitted in December 1960 that France assisted Israel in creating a “replica of [the] Marcoule plant.” France needed to protect its colonies in North Africa at the time and relied on Israeli intelligence. France provided the raw materials and arms while the US aided with financing through tax-deductible charities. Egypt had nationalized the Suez Canal, and France and Britain considered invading to seize the area. Then the former Soviet Union threatened to intervene and the world was ready to use the Middle East as their battleground. Now Russia is funding a nuclear plant near that area on behalf of Egypt. And yet, Israel’s current policy is to neither confirm nor deny if they have a nuclear program. Look at history and you will see how everything has been unfolding in accordance to the war cycle.

So yes, Israel became a vassal state after the Second World War in preparation for the third.

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October 26th, 2023

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